Friday, July 31, 2009

Views from CHA

I must confess, I took a lot of pictures, but they didn't all turn out. So here are a few that did.


No guessing who did this....Wendy of course!
I'm in the Maya Road house here....I found these are from Lia. Great stuff!!!

This is Lia's fabulous work, too.

None of my pics of Suze turned out. But this is the adorable make and take I did with her. So sweet. And Suze is such a warm and wonderful person. Love her!

Graphic 45 booth highlights!!!!

I love the altered art you knew that!!!!

Many, many items to drool over....

I want this clock!!!!

One of the new lines this year. Stunning.

And now the Ranger booth.....Tim doing his demos.

Don't you love the look on this gal's face?!?!? "You say what?" Wish I could remember what Tim was talking about. Ha!

Keychain's FABULOUS flowers! This gal is amazing!!!!!!

Loved this the most of almost everything....isn't it toooooo cool?!?!?!?

Idea-ology stuff. MY ultimate favorite stuff!!!!!!

Wendy's things with the Idea-ology. WOW!

Sorry but I didn't blog from CHA. You'll have to look at things a few days after the fact.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flower Centers!

I found a new center for Tim's Idea-ology flowers. It was a snap...literally!
This is the back of the business card wallet. The brown metal from TSS is in the bookplate.
The snap is punched to make the hole larger for the flower. Kinda cool!
No more from me until I get back from CHA....I've got to get serious here!
Go Create some ART~to show me!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Day

Up and out the door to appointments today...the dentist, the beauty shop, then the grocery know the drill.
But tonight I had a few minutes that turned into a couple of hours...never satisfied, must redo this or that.
But I finally got the thing to hang right for the spine decoration on the Blue Metal Book.
I especially like the flower on the tinket pin. That's the second picture. Hard to get a good shot, but I tried.
Lots of Idea-ology pieces here. I'm sure you can recognize them all.

Teresa!!!! You must go to the TSS videos and watch them emboss!!! It is soooo easy. If you need help send me your email address.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dijon Embossed Metal

Here's the last of the new colors of metal from Ten Seconds Studio....Dijon!

The rub-ons are from KaiserCraft the green Pesto paint is Adirondack Acrylic from Ranger. The box is just paper mache'.

The little accents on top are Espresso Dimensional Pearls. REALLY love them!

Got some new walking sandals today and a wallet for CHA.
I have got to quit playing in the studio and get serious about what I'm going to take to wear.
Orlando in JULY....I can hardly wait!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blue Grungeboard Coin Purse

Inspired by Jennifer McGuire's tutorial using Alcohol Inks on paper flowers, I tried them on Heidi Swapps orange Florals that are made of cloth...I believe.
Anyway they took the inks a bit differently I think, using the Metallic Mixatives and two colors of Alcohol Ink.
I added some of the silver to the Idea-ology leaves, and green to the larger flower for contrast.
The Idea-ology embellishments adorn the side with a few additional punched holes to add even more delightful pieces.
Go Create ART!
AND the blog had 371 page views the day Mario was on with his hoodie...imaging that! WAAAAYYYYY more than I usually get. Fun!!!
You all come back now!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hoodie Scoop! UPDATE

UPDATE: now this is too funny. I've had well over twice as many hits before 4PM today as I do all day long! Mario and his hoodie must be one "hot item" here!

Better get 'em while they're hot...the hoodies!

Remember this shot I took of Mario at Ranger U with the cool hoodie?

Well, I've had several of you bloggers ask, beg, and almost demand to know where they can get one! HA! Hey, we NEED these things, right?!?!?!
So here's the scoop. If you want one, they are available. They are men's sizes and I got a large. Perfect, warm, roomy, and I've worn it the last 2 days here in the Midwest July, low temperature, record breaking weather.
It's actually kind of a khaki color and VERY nice quality with raglan sleeves and heavy duty cuffs. YOU WILL LOVE IT!
So if you want one, email Mario at and he'll set you up. Tim creates and Mario ships! What a team!
Get them while they're hot....or cool....and believe me they are VERY COOL!
So for those of you who asked....get typing. The rest of you start thinking about fall and a nice gift for yourself!
Be Well!

The Rest of the Story.....the back

Here is the back of the book....actually like it better than the front now!

The thing here is that I've used the wire brush and sander on the large blue spots. It was too bright for me. SOOOOO...out comes the wire brush.

It tones down the color and makes it look more vintage. And then, I did it to the front, so it looks entirely different now!

It's a woman's prerogative, right?????

I'll upload this later, going to a Vintage Car show uptown if it doesn't rain.

It's like October here! I'll wear my Tim/Mario hoodie to keep warm! Tim designs it, and Mario ships it out. What a team!!!

Kids came to town and we went and saw Harry Potter. Not very true to the book in spots. Liked the Quidditch match and Luna. Ron was good. Always enjoy Snape. I guess I enjoy more magical parts like the 1st ones.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brr-Blue Metal

I got some of the new colors of metal from Cheryl and Megan at Ten Seconds Studios. Isn't this a really "cool" color?????

I LOVE it! My new favorite!! And I used the wheels, ball and cups, and molds.
This shows a combination of 3 molds. Love doing that.

This is a paper mache' book box that caught my eye the other day. The papers are the new and WONDERFUL 7Gypsies! Beautiful....Distress Inked with Broken China. Adds a bit of depth.

And I told you I had a bunch of Tim's Book Plates. Well here's one more. The cover just was screaming for something else, but not too much. And the green metal inside it is subtle.

Tune in tonight at midnight and I'll show you the back of the book!

Friday, July 17, 2009

An Epiphany!

You know how you get those great thoughts late at night just when you're trying to fall asleep? An Epiphany?
Well here was mine from last night. This is my worktable...see the BrrBlue metal in the background? For another day.
But I love the Tim Holtz Bookplates....have a box full of them...needed a place to put one...the back of my wallet needed something to jazz it here I am!!!
Literally, that's one of my favorite pictures of me on the front porch steps holding mom's hand. I'm a spy you see. In my undercover duds. No legs. Just shoes and a trench coat.
Have a great weekend. Be safe.
~Create ART!~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cornish Heritage Farms Scrapblocks!

I LOVE background stamps. As you know, I think most everything needs one, even if it's suble. These are on manila paper with lots of Distress Inks.
These 4 are from Cornish Heritage Farms and they are called Scrapblocks. I especially love the Old Typewriter one that we will use in the Make it Your Own Collage class. Cool, huh?
The others re Stitches, Astrology and Vintage Text. They are perfect for many things as they are 6x6 blocks. Nice, so you don't have to try to match up a pattern on a project.
Must go play now. No supper tonight as we pigged out at a buffet at lunch with SIL and BIL on a small roadtrip. Ya gotta eat, as they say in Peoria!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Order Me a Mocha!

Can you believe this new color of metal from Ten Seconds Studio????? Yes, it's a bit hard to tell, but it is a creamy coffee with lots of cream. Just the way I like it!!!
Sorry for the bad photo, but this little guy is going to my SIL tomorrow for her
I got the 3 new colors Mocha, Dijon, and Brrr-Blue from Cheryl today! And all I can say is WOW!!!! LOVE them. And the new blue is fabulous!!!!
The roof is just painted a red metallic and stamped with Tim stamps. That's the reflection on the side coming down from the roof edge.
Want to see some projects with the new blue? Go over to the right and click on Linda Brown's blog Your's Artfully. She has some great little frames done with the blue and a terrific tutorial!!!
Just do it! You will not be sorry!
More projects with the new metal to follow!!!!!
Thanks TSS!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

MORE fun in the Studio!

Hey everybody! First of all, this was not my idea. I was so inspired by Eileen the Paper Queen's fabulous swap that I had to try my adaptation of this little purse.
You MUST go see her little art pieces on her blog!!!!
She used Grungepaper and I used Grungeboard, but the concept is the same. One piece of this stuff and NO glue!
Ran it through the Cuttlebug, Distress Inked it to the hilt, stamped with Studio 490 stamps, and adorned with Idea-ology wonders! The hitch fastener closes it perfectly!!!!
AND you can put your credit card, driver's license, and a few green backs in it....and you're off!!!
FUN~ FUN~ FUN!!!!!
Suppertime.....what a waste of good daylight!

Friday, July 10, 2009

OH! Now this was FUN!

Since I got my box of goodies from Ranger....aka Idea-ology Tim Stuff...I needed to make a dangle on a pin I'd made in a demo.

I thought a bit of Alcohol Ink on the Ten Seconds Studio metal would be really is nicer in person. Don't we always say that?!?!?!? HA!

Gonna put it on my Ranger apron collection for classes.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adding Layers

Just adding a few things to the empty spots.

These papers need so little Distress Ink...but the bit you add really makes them brighter and richer.

Drilled the holes for the Ten Seconds Studio metal class at Scrapaganza. They said the classes are filling up....half the seats are taken and we still have over a month to sign up! AND they got all the TSS supplies in yesterday!!! YEAH!

Got my stash for the class from Ranger today. Whoo! Hoo! Christmas in July!!! All those wonderful Idea-ology pieces to organize. "It's a sickness" Wendy says....ha! Go check out her new stamps on her blog!! WOW!

I suppose I should go down and try to figure out something for supper. Eating is such a waste of time. We did have our 1st of the season BLT's from Bill's tomato plants though. VERY good.

Create something....even if it's just a BLT!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Black Metal TSS Book

I thought this was going to be the back cover, but I ended up liking it better than the other it's on the front. This is a 7 x 6.5 Cover-All book
(6x6 actually to them).

This is the back. It is very hard not to get a big glare when photographing metal. But this Kabuka plate is FABULOUS! A Ten Seconds Studio mold.

Back inside slider page for pages. AND these were all done by hand with the stump because they're too large for the Cuttlebug. Just to let you know why you can't use it sometimes. And YES, my arms are aching tonight!

Inside front cover. Still have to get some pages bound and put in. But it's easier to photograph without the insert. So I'll pick some up tomorrow before having lunch with an Artist friend. Graphic45 papers here...of course.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Little Time in the Studio

We've been kind of lazy here. Really enjoying the cool weather and the garden. Had to watch Wimbledon today....great match.

But here's what I decided I should work on today, after dead-heading the lilies.

It's going to be the cover of a Cover-All book. Originally I was going to put some Graphic 45 images over the the top. NOW I'm not so sure I want to cover any of it up....

Trying to decide what color metal to use for the slider tins in Davenport in August. If you have any favorites let me know in an email or comment.

They are all so pretty, it's hard to choose!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!