Sunday, July 31, 2011

7Gypsies Tray..........Finally Done!

If you know me, you know I'm slow......I have a VERY hard time making up my mind. The hardest thing for me to do is to FINALLY get the nerve to GLUE!

I overthink, and change things a LOT!

BUT, I took yesterday.....and night..........and early this AM to finish this baby up...once and for all!

And I LOVE IT!  So, mission accomplished.

These 2 faces will be incorporated into one of the new fall classes coming up. We'll make plain photos look like old picture booth photos. Most everything here is from the OUTSTANDING 7Gypsies class I was lucky enough to attend at CHA.

Great products, great project.....fantastic teacher. Not an easy task when you're limited like you are at CHA. My hats off to all involved.

LOVE the Bottles and the Rub-ons here. Papers, hangers, chipboard pieces, corners, and trim studs.

This has several pieces I added, of course, one being the Bauble from Tim Holtz and some stamps from the Papillon set. I used several different colors of Alcohol Ink to color the pearl.

To add to the great Rub ons theme, I used Tim's Tissue Tapes around the tray as well. And Glossy Accents to most of the numbers and letters.

I used lots of Distress Inks, well I had to, it's just what I do.

And more Tim stamps.

I had to do something with the great heart we made in the Melt Art class with Tim and here it is on the end of the Balloon or Kite string. You decide.

And a wonderful flower from KaiserCraft!!!!!

I LOVE this section. Layers of Rubons on a tag and then a piece of Shrink Plastic I made with one of my favorite ATC stamps from Stampers Anonymous and Tim. And some vintage measuring tape with stamps (of course).

Just one more Shrink Plastic piece that was sitting on my desk. The bird stamp needed to know how lucky he was to be free and not in a there ya go!

This last section is a book that opens when you undo the elastic hook across it.  Brilliant design by the teacher here! I may have to take some pix of it later...

I love it, it was fun, and it puts a smile on my face.

Great stuff from the Gypsies.

They were WAYYYYYY ahead of their time. And I've always, always loved everything they come out with. 

Let me know what you did with yours, if you were in the class, or just send pix of what you've been doing with 7Gypsies.

Be well and be good to each other!!!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Classes Half Full!!! YAY!

First I have to show you the FABULOUS bracelet Michelle (my oldest and talented daughter) brought me when she was here last weekend! She makes the greatest bracelets!!!

ISN'T IT FUN!!!! I just LOVE the ME!

I really love the combinations of Turquoise, Bronze and Gold. These beads are just Too Stinkin' Cool!


Moving on....the classes for Aug. 27th at Scrapaganza in Davenport Iowa are already half full!

I REALLY love these 2 classes. They are so much fun. We've had so many people make them "their own" and walk away with a SMILE!

They do, they just put a smile on your face.

So give them a call...and come and join us.

We'll be looking for you!


And thanks for all the positive input on the Stop the Snarky post yesterday. I got lots of emails.  People really are tired of it, and want to keep ALL the shops open. They each have their own niche, so be kind to each other, heh?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a Note...........

..........I know I told you earlier that my computer crashed a while back.

It was not pleasant. I did not realize even a backup required soooooooooooooo much work to restore things. Even now it's difficult to find certain pictures.

Anyhow, I also remember a few requests for kits that I got. One in particular for a the Artful Dwellings to make for her dad for Christmas.

Emails were lost also..............SO, if you wanted a kit, please email me again. PayPal is set up now. Man, how easy was that????????

And I've changed the color of the Embossed Metal in the Chunky ATC class!!! Don't you just LOVE this red??????????? It's sooooo cool when it's sanded down!!!!!

Thanks......Be Well....and for Pete's Sakes Be GOOD to each other. This nasty crap between stores has got to STOP. It's rampant, and it's evil. Is this the way you would want your grandkids to remember you????

That's my thoughts for today, and I'm sticking to it.


Too many of my friends all the way from Canada to the UK have a story they could write.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who wants to play with METAL?

Want to see how to create this cool embossed metal????  This was in Tim's booth at CHA-W.

Well, we're getting ready to go to Shawnee Kansas and Stamper's Ink to teach fun classes and I'll bring this along to show you how. You will be EXCITED  about metal when I leave!

Lots of very fun things to make with metal and 2 classes have embossed metal in them! We'll talk, we'll hand out samples to play with, we'll learn.

You will be amazed at what easy, fun, projects you can create.

So click on the link, and see the projects, and come and join us in the fun.

Tim Holtz said his time there last month was "flawless"....what more could you ask for???

Must kit up today. Judy and I will be there in about 2 weeks.

Yes, it was HOT in Chicago!

You will love talented and fun.

Can't wait to see all of you.

Let's CREATE ART together!!!!

And here's a few pictures of the absolutely fantastic booth for Canvas Corp! BOY was it great.

Making a class now with some soon to be released papers you will LOVE!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Few Random Shots of Ranger Booth

Hey everybody! Can't show you the whole project just yet, but I can show you a few Random Shots from the floor in the Ranger Booth.

The one above is one of my favorites! It has the Shrink Plastic AND the new Perfect Pearl Mists used on it. The metal butterfly is from Vintaj...with the Mists!!!!!

I have a fantastic new idea for a class with Vintaj metal and embossing!!!! Can NOT wait!!!

Here mine is in the middle. I thought you'd like to see everyones, but I'm not sure what all was used here except to say, I used the new #5 Kraft Tag with the smashing new Picket Fence Distress Stain and some of the other newly released colors.

Here is mine in the middle on the new larger Kraft Tag.  I LOVE the Industria look here with the Picket Fence on the Grungeboard as well.

HARRY POTTER in Digital 3D was amazing. I have to see it again!

Got to go swimming in the pool again was 92 degrees! Emma and I had a great time.

Michelle and I made 210 Wedding tags today. Punched, stamped, and Distress Inked.....didn't get all the inking done. Tomorrow is another day. They are for a Wishing Tree at the reception. Cool new idea.

That's it for tonight.

Be Well,


Friday, July 22, 2011

More from CHA-Graphic 45

This is a piece that didn't make it into a is so stinkin' cute. I just LOVED it.

But alas, time ran out and that's all I can say. See the previous post on how I did this.

Can't wait to show you the ones that were in the Ranger booth!!!!

Remember the Tim Holtz Bookcovers Stamp???? This is the largest one on Shrink Plastic. I use white gesso on the plastic before I heated it to shrink.

Then I colored it in with Distress Inks on a brush.

Notice the difference in size when shown next to a Tim Accoutrement. Ha! Is that AMAZING!

(and if anyone knows how to stop all the garble that this shows up with on FB notes, please let me know)

As promised, here are pics of the Fabulous Graphic 45 booth!!!!!

The new collections are wonderful....sorry for the shadows.  They are me.

Loving everything here.

Always a sensory treat.

The new Oz papers were used in some wonderful pieces.

More from the Primer collection.

Lovin' this Christmas collection.

I was going to work on this post a bit more, but I got an invite to go see HARRY POTTER!!!!!
So I'm off to Hogwarts!!! YAY!

That's it for today. Enjoy.

More to come.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

CHA Pictures

Here's the deal. I can show you pictures from the floor, but I have to wait on my projects until I hear from Patti @ Rangerink.

So I'll waltz you around the floor a bit and show you what I loved!

Now, this takes me a lot of time to do, so I waited until I got home to work on the big screen. So please let me know what you think.

Here is my new BFF, Lynne Forsythe!!! She is a bundle of amazing talent, love for the ARTs, laughter, and the strength of a woman!!!  If you've ever met her, she is never without a smile, and an upbeat look at the coming day. I cannot say enough about her. Love her to pieces!

First and foremost, CHA is about FRIENDSHIPS! You can make them close to home as with the wonderfully talented and big-hearted Judy from Prairie Art Stamps that I got to do classes with. THANK YOU so much for everything Terri and Judy! You are the BEST!

And then there are those you've never met, but have bonded with through the internet for a long time...sharing ideas, projects, thoughts and just enjoying the knowledge that you "get" the same things.

Then there is Jess Italia with Vintaj....AMAZINGLY talented young lady. WOW can she come up with ideas for Vintaj...and then there's the SISTAS...Wendy and Jeannie. Brilliant pairing of the minds! Here is Jess demoing.

Here is Jeannie demoing at the Ranger booth using Vintaj and Ranger Melt Pots to add Embossing Powders. WAY COOL. And wait until I get my hands on the new Embossing Folders they have from Sizzix......CLASSES!!!!

Having said that, here is what they did in the melting pots at the demo.

This piece goes from this on the left, to that, on the right with some powders and other elements!

And you can make it shiny, too!  I mean is this GORGEOUS or what??????

Last are pictures from the Melt Art Class with Tim Holtz. WHAT A GREAT CLASS!!!! Here is a pin we made.

A Memory Frame and a Necklace.

And a Collage piece below is using Shrink Plastic. FUN TIME!

If you want to see the Grand and Glorious Booth from Graphic 45, let me know.

I have 3 classes to plan for the fall......going to Elmhurst and Creative Cuts and Crafts (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Linda and Claudia and their Peeps!)

And back to Memory Bound in Ankeny, Ia....what a fantastic group there. I saw Kellie and Dawn at the show!!!! LOVE teaching there. And WHAT A STORE!!!! Everything you need.

So talk to me, let me hear what you think. It's no fun talking to yourself.....I'm always open for suggestions and thoughts!

Can't wait to see Tanya and all her Peeps at Stamper's Ink next month!!! It's just around the corner! Time really gets away from you.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Kraft Tags from Ranger and Stickers

Here's one of the new #8 Kraft Tags from Ranger. I LOVE working on the kraft colored paper. It takes the Distress Stains so well. A pretty simple tag to make.

Here I used the Fired Brick Distress Stains in the middle of the tag. Added some Tissue Tape-Marketplace to the sides and layered up some Salvage Stickers onto black chipboard from Tim's Lost and Found Collection.

The At the Movies stamp was used in the center of the tag with Jet Black Archival Ink.

I added the bottle cap stickers to round chipboard and colored the edges with the new Frayed Burlap Distress Stain.

Add a Locket Key and a Bingo Game Piece just for kicks with a Ribbon on the top.

Done...add it to a card, a layout, or put it on a tiny easel on your desk to show it off.

I've had so much fun, seen soooo many people, and learned sooooo many new things! I am full of ideas.

Vintaj!!!! OMG!!! What great new to follow!!!

Too much fun!


Black Tags from Ranger

Anyone who's worked with Perfect Pearls knows how totally cool they are.

Anyone who's tried to get a good photo of a project working with them knows what a difficult task that is as well.

So here on the new #8 Black Tag from Ranger....these are extremely fun to work with and brilliant.... I used a mini-mask Florets and the new Blue Patina Perfect Pearl Mist.

I stamped the clear stamp  Hippy Girl from KaiserCraft onto a piece of black cardstock, embossed with Lettuce Adirondack Embossing Powder, and then painted in the whole piece with various Perfect Pearl Powders and a brush.

The Butterflies are Tim's Nature's Discovery set with Pearl Blue Embossing Pearl Powder from Ranger.

The gold flower at the bottom was the hardest to get a good shot of as it always seemed to look unfinished...but it's not. Honest. The color shows up really great on the black cardstock with the Lettuce embossing powder around it.

So, get some new Tags when they come won't be sorry!!!


Off to the show soon! Had a great time yesterday in class and stayed up having a few laughs and drinks with a great group of ladies.

Here we go!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blogging from CHA - RANGER CLASS!!!!!

Ok everyone, I have 10 minutes to blog this and then leave for another class.  The next one is with Sally Lynn McDonald. WHOO HOO!

I know you only look at the pictures anyway, so I won't have to say much! HA! KIDDING!

THIS is the fantastic project we made today with Ranger!!!


This was Jennie Bowlin and her fun and fantastic things.........buttons, rubon butterfly wings, stickers and a Curio Knob from Tim. So Stinkin' Cute.

This is Claudine's magic with the Metal Foil tape and her stamps. I had some left over buttons from Jennie I put on back in the room,  And her the colors.

And then of course, the Master, with all the wonderful pieces here, Kraft Resist paper, Tissue Tape, Corners, Knob, Crackle, Plaquette......I could go on, but you get the picture...literally! OH, and the Distress Stains on everything!!! WHOO HOO.

So that's it for today. Check out the Ranger blog here.

LIVE from Chicago, I've got to run!!!



Friday, July 15, 2011

A Lady with Class

I am a lover of ART, great color, composition and metal....that having been said, this piece really speaks to me.

I LOVE Alphonse Mucha. His gorgeous works make him my all-time favorite ARTIST.

The colors in his pieces are second to none. He created pieces around the early 1900's and developed the Art Nouveau style. I just love his work. 

Graphic 45 and their brilliance made my day when they came up with the Steampunk line using his ladies. My fav from them.

The METAL that I said I love, means I always have to have a bit of it in almost all my pieces.

This one is no exception....the pieces are from the hardware store, the scrapbook store, the jewelry store, and the computer recycling shop.  It all works for me.

The 3 frames around her are cut with the 2 Tim Holtz Dies, Movers and Shapers Mini Cabinet Card and the Vintage Cabinet Card sprayed with the new Perfect Pearls Mists Perfect Bronze, Pewter, and Sour Apple.

I really had fun doing this piece. It's on a canvas board and the gold German Scrap is painted with Gold Paint Dabber.

Try something like it yourself. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cool new things from Ranger on Ribbon and Wings

I really had fun with the new colors of Distress Stains from Tim Holtz and say the least.  I'm sure you've heard the news that all 24 PLUS one are on the way. 

Here is Crushed Olive, Pine Needles, and Chipped Sapphire on a piece of Lavish Trimming ribbon.
It turned out soooooo cool, don't you think???

The Picket Fence is will have to have it. And will LOVE it!

And what more could you ask for wings than the new Blue Patina Perfect Pearls Mist along with some Sailboat Adirondack Color Wash and Sunflower Sparkle PP Mist.

These guys are headed for Kansas when I get back from CHA. Hope to see you there at Stamper's Ink!!!


You are gonna LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these new products!!!! I know I did!!!!

Getting things in order and cleaning favorite thing to do...NOT!

Will show you things as I can for CHA....stay tuned.


Friday, July 8, 2011

A Short Post and Fun Photos

Dear Husband and I decided to take a road trip yesterday to the Quad Cities to visit family and, of course, Shop and EAT!

It's what you HAVE to do, right?  Ya Gotta Eat is a local TV segment here and it's a cute saying.

So we picked up my daughter Michelle to go to The Iowa Machine Shed for tenderloins, sweet potato fries, and an apple dumpling with cinnamon ice cream. YUM!

Michelle gave me the COOLEST gift. She had gotten a ton of beads at Pumpkin Glass that were all different colors....I, didn't know what she had in mind, but she definitely had a plan.

Here's what I got yesterday.....all the little tiny beads are wire wrapped on the silver bracelet...LOVE IT!

Really a fun piece and all the detail it so great. Thanks Mick..."ya know I love ya more than my luggage."  Olympia Dukakis from Steel Magnolias

So, then it was off to visit the girls at Scrapaganza...Kelli and Beth. Their crop is SOLD OUT for this weekend!!! YAY!  Some great deals at the JoAnn's Super Store in Davenport, and up the river to LeClaire.

If you've never been to LeClaire, it's worth the trip. New shops opening all the time and the whole area has been renovated. Vintage Antiques, best Carmel Corn anywhere, Artsy gifts, and my new favorite shop Primitives on the main drag.

Then, of course, you always have to stop by Antique Archaeology home of The American Pickers. Mike and Frank were apparently on the road, or just not open that day, but there are always people taking pictures outside.

On the way home we ran into some dark clouds and a bit of rain..but it cleared off pretty fast and this is what was glowing over the farms and corn fields.

You should have seen my hair after leaning out the window at 65 mph and taking at least 15 pictures!
Not a pretty sight, would have shared but the battery died on the camera. Lucky you.

I'm really getting excited about CHA! Yes, hearing from all kinds of friends I hope to meet up with there. Found out today that I get to be in 2 classes with, and finally meet, the amazing Lynne Forsythe!!!! WHOO! HOO! Can not wait Lynne! We'll be bad together.

So, I wrote this about 3 hours ago, but had some family visitors. What a hoot. My family is sooooo talented. And their sick humor never ceases to amaze even me.

Love you guys!



   Mom & NANA

Monday, July 4, 2011

A "Little" Bit of Fun - UPDATE

UPDATE: For those of you who asked....THIS IS the stamp set the Girls and Girls Rule is in the set. I used the wood mounted stamp so I don't know if they're the same size or not. 

I must admit, I hadn't used Shrink Plastic in years. And back then, it was with the kids and in an oven. 

But I had to try it again for fun. And this time it was so much different.  NOW it's so easy with the Heat It tool from Ranger!!!

Yes, I got a new one..burnt mine up. My own fault. When they say "keep it 2 inches away from the project" especially....METAL, (duh) they mean it.

This stuff REALLY shrinks. I mean big time.

I used Claudine's Gesso on the Plastic first. Then stamped with Jet Black Archival Ink.

Trim and heat. The idea to use a white background came from my brilliant friend Lin Brown of LB Crafts in England. She made her charm bracelet using Fresco Finishes for her background. Check it out for sure!

Anyway, the white gesso makes for a bright charm.  Then I used Distress Inks swiped on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet and a brush to color in.  Also some Tombow markers for added color.

See how much it shrinks! Cool, heh??? (Love ya Lori, you know who your are)

The 2 hole punch or Drill Punch from Tim makes great holes after the shrinking. Cuts like "butta."

 I colored the front of this one with Distress Inks and a brush. I used the ATC stamp from here.

Here's the back of the ATC charm  with Distress Stains swiped randomly across it.  Wild Honey and Vintage Photo blended with a rag...color changes over the white gesso.LOVE THEM!!!!! I used the Cropadile to punch before heating with the larger hole.

So that's it for today. Reading a new Michael Connelly book...actually and old one, on the Sunporch while the neighbor, who apparently has blown out the muffler on his lawn mower rattles the metal plaques on my Studio wall.

 And the construction guys 2 blocks over reroofing the park building blast their music from their truck with only the bass hitting my's like a cacophony of unwanted sound today.

Time for earplugs or my own noise to create a better atmosphere here!

Fireworks would be more welcome. Ha!

Have a safe and happy holiday.