Sunday, June 28, 2009

Metal in Bloomington!

Ya know, I carry the camera to every class....make a mental note to take pictures before everyone gets there. And then, completely forget until half the class has left!
However, I did take a shot of the Demo pin I made using the Pearl metal.
We had a GREAT time! Deb, Andra and Margaret were at the Transatlantique class last weekend, so we got to get together again. And Eden, Andra's daughter, made a fabulous Kiss Me Pink pin!!!!

They got to choose their colors for the sliders and the combinations were so different and wonderful.

Some that we thought were upside down...turned out STUNNING! You learn something new with every class you give.

Thanks girls. And thanks to Margaret and Jim...the best shop owners to work with around!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Classes are Up for Scrapaganza!

Three, yes THREE fun classes are set for August 15th in Davenport, Iowa. Save the date, and give the girls a call to register. Click on the sidebar for info to Scrapaganza.

They have a great new store in a wonderful location. We love to eat at the Iowa Machine Shed when we go.....always got to think of your stomach.
The Graphic45 Make It Your Own collage will give you a chance to use your imagination and design your collage. They will all be different, depending on your choice of G45 papers and embellishments. Sooooo many to choose from. What fun!

The Ten Seconds Studio Metal jewelry class shows a board display. We will make a necklace and 2 pins of your choice and design.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paper Imagery Design Blog Roll Contest!!!

*****************************Prize 1

*****************************Prize 2

Paper Imagery Designs Blog Roll Contest! PID is giving away a TON of cool stuff in honor of its design team ! And these are the 2 pieces I'm giving away.

Stop by each of the designers blogs listed below for your chance to enter. Leave a comment and a way to be contacted. Each DT member will give away 1 prize from their blog.

Contest ends July 3rd and winners will be announced in the PID Newsletter. If you're not currently receiving the newsletter you may sign up.

Ways to win:
Prize 1
Leave a comment on ANY of the designer's blogs for a chance to win One their art prizes. Then...head over to the PID blog and enter for more fun and a HUGE prize package that has LOTS of DT art pieces plus more! That's Prize 2.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some More Playing Around

If you read my blog, you know I'm a nightowl. My best work comes between 11 and 1....AM. So this is not a good picture, with sunlight, but I think it turned out pretty cool! Working on a sample board for Scrapaganza.

This is using 2 different molds, and a paper stump. I used Rock Star Black metal from Ten Seconds Studio. I always go back to that color. And the brush tool to distress the color.

Rather different from most of the other necklaces I've done.

Rough looking....maybe a bit pewter...ish. I don't know. Just different.

We're going to use this brush tool for sure now Saturday in class at Scrapbook Friend'z.

See you there.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

TransAtlantic Book Class

We really worked hard yesterday....but everyone was happy when they left. And all the books got bound. Not everyone got in the picture, but they are scattered throughout.

My "Bloomies" came...Shiela and Cheryl, girls from Bloomington. Always a hoot to have them in class. I'm sorry my picture of the other side of the room was very blurry. But they worked hard too. Jane did a wonderful job!
Must keep the scissors cutting, and still beon the air at all times....they can find us anywhere! This gal is coming to Bloomington, too, next Saturday.

Andra, like myself, likes to finish projects at home...we socialized and chatted. Her beautiful daughter chose the number for the Door Prize winner.

Margaret working very hard. Deep, deep concentration. Will see her and Andra next weekend in Bloomington at the Metal Jewelry class!

Two lovely sisters, one local, and the other from Downer's Grove! They both did a beautiful job of making this book their own work of ART. My thanks to everyone.
Some new friends, some old ones, and a good time. I slept very well last night!
See you next weekend in Bloomington!
P.S. Remember to sign up for this class in Davenport, Iowa at Scrapaganza in August! We'll do it again!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Been Decided!

Another page in the Transatlantique Journal peek.
One more section of the Make it your Own Collage.

I just got off the phone with Kelly from Scrapaganza in Davenport Iowa, and was ready to update you on our decisions for the classes ...... and I lost power! 45,000 people in Central Illinois are without!

BUT, at 8PM, we are back up and running! SOOOOOOO, here's the goods!!!!!

We could not decide which classes to have with G45 papers, the Journal or the Framed we're going to do BOTH!!!

What more could you ask for?????? We'll have 3 classes on Aug. 15th. The Ten Seconds Studio Metal Jewelry, the Transatlantique Cover-All Journal, AND the Make it your Own Collage!!! Bring me your vitamins!!!!!

Seriously, it will be a blast. So give them a couple of days to get it figured out, and call for your spot. (Link on the sidebar)

AND they are going to get a TON of Ten Second Studio products. Cheryl from TSS assured me it will be problem. So if you've been wondering what you just could not live without from TSS, this will be the place to go.
If there's something that you would like, drop me a line, and we'll get it ordered!

I'll demo anything you want to see....all kinds of colors will be available to choose from, so your projects will be terrific!

That's it....I'm going to watch a movie now that the power if back!

New Graphic 45 Collage Class

How fun is this?!?!?!? It was soooooo much fun to make.
Got a bunch of new stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms and they are WONDERFUL!!!! Becky sent me some Scrapblocks to try and I LOVE them!
The letters in the background here are just one of the stamps.
Of course, the papers are Graphic 45....I LOVE them.....I think I told you that.
Anyhoo....this is a sneak. May have to add some embossed metal, too.
Only one seat left for the class on Sat. in Peoria, and still some for the metal class in Bloomington on the 27th.
I have a whole lot of colors to work with, so it should be a fun class!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Working on Sunday! Got a lot done today on assignments. Some days are diamonds and some days are know what I mean.
Here is a background I learned at Ranger U...what a cool idea. And the image of Louisa is perfect with the German scrap, both from Paper Imagery Designs.
The stamps are from Kimberly Poloson clear stamps. Love them in vintage collages.
That's it for well!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Crackle paint is soooo cool!!!! Here's another little peek at one of our tags from class....ya gotta love this stuff.

Booked my flight and hotel for CHA today!!!!

Hope I'll hear from some of you that are going and we can meet up!!!

That would make the trip even sweeter....


Thursday, June 11, 2009

TAGS, TAGS and more TAGS!

Hello to all who enter the Ranger U we used over 50 tags to create a lasting reminder of our class. Each was a technique to use with Ranger products.

Here are 3 of the tags that really got my attention. Of course Distress Ink is my middle to speak. If you know me, you know I LOVE them!!!!!

This was WAAAAYYY cool. Paint and ink. Looks like fossils don't you think?

And this is a technique that makes the coolest looking fun...will have to work that into a class sometime as a background.
Just a few snippets to whet your appetite, and get you to come and join us in a fun class!!!!! You never know what we'll end up spontaneously playing with!
Still plugging away at organizing.
As Tigger would say....Ta Ta for Now!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And the rest of the Story.....

The class of June 2009 for Ranger U!!!!!! Swiped this from Tim's blog since my eyes were funky in my picture....that's MY work station right in front with all the "stuff" in the box and all over the table. WHEW!

Ann from Canada taking a picture of me taking a picture of them!!! Lee from Santa Fe just being cool.

Here's the project we made with Claudine's wonderful paints and mediums. What fun! Added a bit of metal, buttons, some glass stars, and wooden blocks.

My wonderful new Friends in ART at the Bill from Oz, husband to Cindy.....great guy!

The Pier was beautiful that evening.

Graphic45 gal Aimee, and Angela from Gem Stone Beads.

I just could not pass up putting Lori here again....don't cha love the turquoise hairpiece, and the lovely rubber gloves?!?!?!? Sooooo into IT!
That's it for tonight....still trying to find some sort of order in the me!!!!

More Pics!

The man behind the scenes...kept it, and us going. Cannot say enough about Mario. Don't you love the hoodie???
I LOVE this shot of Suze over Suze...the video cameras are on both sides of the classroom so we don't miss a thing!

Dawn and Kate....LOVED the work they came up with!

Two more BFFs!!!! Bonnie from Canada and Cindy from Oz!!! Soooooo glad I met them....what laughs we had, eh Mate???

Me and the Master....does that mean I'm a Grasshopper???
I'll upload some pictures of Claudine's project after I redo the Studio and find new homes for some of my stash.
....oh, and I just talked to Chris from Scrapadoodle. We've got a couple of seats left for the class on the 20th. Graphic45 Transatlantique papers and Coverall Binders.....don't want to miss this. I LOVE the black papers we use fun to journal on with a silver pen. And we'll learn to use the Bind-It-All!!!
Call them and join the fun!
Create ART

Monday, June 8, 2009

As we go!

The he saying "what more do you women WANT?????"
Some of our projects with Suze....what a hoot! More pics tomorrow. Beeswax does not photograph well, but boy, was it FUN!

I met some of the most talented and fun people on EARTH!!! Sondra, from Eureka Calif. area. Talented beyond belief and her dry humor made the class sooooooooooo much fun.....DUCK TAPE!!!!!

And who is this cool broad???? Why, my new BFF, Lori....heh? LOVE this gal!!!! Talented and has a heart of gold.
We had the MOST fun and we were definitely the rebel group. I will miss her dearly! I can't even begin to tell you the fun we had!!!!!! Oh, Canada!!!!

Sue, our Doctor of the group. She was at my back, but at the table for dinner the night we got in. And what a great lady! See Heidi doing her aerobics in the background???? sorry...

Here are just a "few" in the stack of tags that we learned a technique on....each one is a different way to use one of the Ranger products. WHEW!

A small portion of the product they sent us home with....I need an addition for all my new "have to have stuff." Ranger is sooooooo generous.
Way more pictures to show you, maybe tomorrow.....have to re-bond with my overstuffed chair and my DVR!!!!
Goodnight and Good Luck!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 2!!!

Today we learned to use Claudine's products. LOVE THEM!!!!! What a great time we had with the techniques and then we got to put together a really cool little lidded box to store our tags in.

FUN! FUN! FUN! What wonderfully different things came from our imaginations!

Then, the Master had us for the evening.....DISTRESS!! Right up my alley and into my heart.
Tags and more techniques to add to the ever growing ring.

Sorry, no way to upload pics, but Suze has loaded some and I'll bet Donna Downey has, too.

Heidi Swapp probably has some go looking and find some more tomorrow.

Your Friend in ART!!!!


Friday, June 5, 2009

OMG! What a Blast!!!!

Have taken pics, but can't upload!!!! Sorry!

Tim....fabulous class,, fun, fun!!!! My clothes smell like UTEE.

The girls in the class....UNBELIEVABLE....Rachel, Lori, Bonnie, Sue, Ann, Cindy, what a truly amazing group of funny and talented ladies.

Tomorrow Claudine and another class with the Master.

Can't wait. Jammies are calling my name.



Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well, I made it. No problems....only minor really.

And what I didn't tell you yesterday is that my littlest GD, Emma, was in the hospital when I had to leave. It broke my heart, but they assured me she would be OK. And she is, but the Drs. didn't know what was going on.

She was covered with hives and was running a temp now and then. Then she started to swell up in her face, hands and feet. Mom's a pediatric ICU nurse, so she has some pull there. They think it was a virus to begin with and she MAY have been having an allergic reaction to Motrin.

Long story short....the Motrin allergy is not as uncommon as you would think.....just be careful if hives and swelling pop up. I'm no Dr, I'm just saying.....

So NOW they're home, OK, and I'm ready to have a great time!

Be well, and thanks for all the good thoughts from everyone! You're the BEST!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ONE more Sleepover-Ranger U

NO pictures today. Everyone here has been hit hard by a virus. First the babysitter and then the little ones and then the ugly thing.

I was in the middle, and it really left us all really exhausted......just a lot of sleep and more sleep. Still not a hundred percent.

Getting packed for the trip to Ranger. Can hardly wait!!!!

Hope my energy level picks up. I could use some JOLT!

Be well, and I will take pictures from New Jersey!