Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Been Decided!

Another page in the Transatlantique Journal peek.
One more section of the Make it your Own Collage.

I just got off the phone with Kelly from Scrapaganza in Davenport Iowa, and was ready to update you on our decisions for the classes ...... and I lost power! 45,000 people in Central Illinois are without!

BUT, at 8PM, we are back up and running! SOOOOOOO, here's the goods!!!!!

We could not decide which classes to have with G45 papers, the Journal or the Framed we're going to do BOTH!!!

What more could you ask for?????? We'll have 3 classes on Aug. 15th. The Ten Seconds Studio Metal Jewelry, the Transatlantique Cover-All Journal, AND the Make it your Own Collage!!! Bring me your vitamins!!!!!

Seriously, it will be a blast. So give them a couple of days to get it figured out, and call for your spot. (Link on the sidebar)

AND they are going to get a TON of Ten Second Studio products. Cheryl from TSS assured me it will be problem. So if you've been wondering what you just could not live without from TSS, this will be the place to go.
If there's something that you would like, drop me a line, and we'll get it ordered!

I'll demo anything you want to see....all kinds of colors will be available to choose from, so your projects will be terrific!

That's it....I'm going to watch a movie now that the power if back!


Eva said...

OHhh...GORGEOUS!!!!! No wonder you liked my card...hehehe...I used G45, too...gotta love their goods... I so wish you would come to Socal somtime...I would take one of your classes in a heartbeat and I don't even take classes anymore, but yours I sure would!!

wendy vecchi said...

Sounds like a GREAT mix of classes & a VERY fun day!