Monday, February 29, 2016

Creating Decorative Embellishments

Just thought I'd share some fun pieces I made this week with the new Moulds I ordered from 
They are created by
Iron Orchid Designs.

I really had a great time with these.

Paper clay that dries overnight is used here.

I used black low-temp hot glue with these that I bought YEARS 
ago at a show. 

Sorry the company on the package no longer has the website.

This is one of the black glue pieces that was dusted with Gold Mica Powder
from Finnabair. There's a new set of 6 that are a perfect Starter Set


The one on the left has 3 different colors of Mica Powder applied, the center one is just how it comes from the mould, and the one on the right is with the Gold.

I used the paper clay on this one and then painted it with Steampunk Copper 
Metallique Paint from Finn, then a bit of Emerald Green.

Last I dusted Opal Magic paint lightly onto the Green. 

Pretty simple, and very, very cool!

I had these Pink flowered knobs on the doors to my Studio closet. Totally not me, but, for some reason, I bought them years ago.

I used the Steampunk Gold on the base of the knobs and then added the 
Medallions. They were from paper clay that I painted black.

When dry, I added Green-Gold, Blue-Gold and Yellow-Gold Opal Magic Paints.

Seriously, they are even cooler in person. I used the new Heavy Body Gel
to adhere them to the old knobs.

A-Ma-Zing transformation.

So check it out. Finnabair's Mixed Media Place has the Art Alchemy Paints in.

The Moulds and some  of the paints can be found here in the States at

Happy Creating!



Lizzy Hill said...

These are amazing!!! LOOOVE those 'rainbow' colours especially:):)

Debby said...

Amazing! Love how you changed the door knobs. Funny how we find things we bought years ago and now it is new again! Thanks for sharing your art.

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

You did an AWESOME job! LOVE!

Heather said...

fabulous! great tips, I can't wait to get my moulds!

Karenliz Henderson said...

These are gorgeous! You are such an enabler LOL! I'm going to have to order the molds.

Nancy said...

Thanks Linda for the lesson and ideas!!! I have been having so much fun with the new Moulds!!! Bought every last one of them!!! Couldn't resist! Bought all the paints at Art Venture in Anaheim and every last one of the colors is awesome!! I have some of the Midas, will have to invest in the rest. But the three of these together are so awesome to use and create with!!! Loving it!!!

CraftyHope said...

These are really gorgeous. That one with the opal on it is definitely stunning. Thanks so much for the tips and share, so much inspiration!

Jackie PN said...

AH-MA-ZING is right! Man o man , Linda, you know how to use those
mica s!! These are gorgeous!!

Maggi said...

These are too cool!