Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day and TJ

This is one of the Creative Imaginations layouts for this month. It's a picture of my good friend from Junior High, TJ, or Terri Jean. We were cheerleaders together....hard to believe, I know. At one time in my life I could JUMP.
This was taken after a class of mine she was in...end of the day, so we are, and look, a bit tired!
The flowers are from Petaloo. I LOVE the new ones they've come out with. You can visit the CI blog and find all the products I used.

We made the trip to the cemeteries last week. I found the grave of my grandparents from memories of going with my dad. I do remember taking flowers from my mom's garden to the site many times.

Today we were going to have a grilling party, but from the sounds of the thunder coming in, we may have to rethink that idea.

Have a safe holiday....remember those who came before.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tim Holtz Stuff and another Day Trip- SAVE THE DATE

This is all from Tim's Stuff. Lost and Found and Vintage Shabby papers, Bingo Texture Fade Plate, Distress Inks, Alterations Die, Button and Key. The mini paper and old photo paper is TERRIFIC!!!!! SOOOOO many things you can make with these papers.

We decided to go and surprise our oldest granddaughter and take her to lunch for her birthday. Lunch, when you work 1-10pm is at 5 o'clock. So it was dinner to us.

It worked out great because we had to whole day to do other things. Like eat and shop. Got some stuff ordered for classes and had a gyro...

Stopped by my favorite place to shop for Scrapbooking in Davenport.... yes Scrapaganza!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was a productive meeting since both Kelli and Beth were in!!!!!! (They have Vintaj there now!)

Set up our day for the classes this fall and talked, and talked...then the effervescent Penny Smith showed up and it was a completely great day. These gals are THE Best. So sweet and fun to talk to. And the mini cream puffs were an added bonus.

So.........we'll have 2 classes again. Save the date. October 16th. Don't have the classes picked out yet, but I promise they will be FUN! Any requests???

Busy working on CHA projects, but I did want to show you this WONDERFUL paper from Tim's new Lost and Found collection. I LOVE every stinkin' piece of this stuff!!!!! Truly wonderful. It's definitely a must.

His Texture Fade Plates are OUTSTANDING. Nothing like you've used before. Jim still has a few left at Scrapbook Friend'z last I checked, but they are gone, gone, gone at Scrapaganza.

You snooze, you loose. Got to get there fast!!!!!!!!
And the tissue tape is finally on it's way...That stuff is really cool. And so easy to work with. Make sure you get some.

Soccer Tournament (Go Blaze)this weekend, and we're hosting it here. So no travel. Bonus.

Beautiful day. Yard is done, laundry is going, time to play.

Create ART!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fabulous Weekend....Tim's New Texture Plates Arrived!

This is an assignment for Petaloo. I love the soft and dainty yellow flowers from the Peony Box Blend collection. The Tiffany's Treasure Jewel Centers are gorgeous on the Flora Doodles and Daisy Box Blends. And I LOVE this Bo Bunny paper...watercolor-looking to me.

Erin and Shadow are BFF for sure. He just loves her and will let her drag him around like a baby. He sits on her lap and listens to her play the piano like he really loves music. Which he'd better if he's in THAT family!!!

And she dearly loves him, too. Best Buds! Those are Tim's Journaling Tickets on the right.

So, tomorrow is the last week of school here. It went from the 60's to the 90's in 2 days! HOT, HOT, HOT! But our brand new pool opens in a week, so I can tell you where the kids will be.

We had a great time at the Soccer Tournament this weekend. Erin had her best games ever!!! So exciting to see her saves in goal. And we got just a little bit of sun.....burn. But not bad. We all look healthy with rosy cheeks and noses.

Got some shopping in, and finally got some of Tim's Texture Plates. LOVE THEM. I will have to post something when I get it done. But they are wonderful. Buy them!!!!

Have a great week...and Create ART!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Weekend Coming Up

We're so tired of rain here, I just can't tell you. I also must have destroyed at least a hundred trees yesterday. Yes, it's true. The whirligigs that fell this year into my newly laid Black Forest Mulch loved it.

The little 3 inch trees were everywhere!!!!

Where are your short grandkids when you need them?????

Em graduated from Pre-School Thursday. They had the ceremony and singing program where they all wore the Tshirts they decorated. Works of ART! They used rubbing alcohol and permanent markers. They each created their own! I was very IMPRESSED! LOVED them!

Then I went to Pumpkin Glass looking for more Brass from Vintaj to emboss and found this cute watch fob kit. It wasn't exactly the colors I would have chosen, but bright and cheerful.

So it gave me the opportunity to work on my wire wrapping. The headpins, charms, jump rings and such were all different colors, too, so it's really different.

And the watch is upside down, yes, so when you clip it to your jean loop and draw it up in your palm, it's right-side-up for you to read. Ha!

Maybe in the 90's this weekend...from cold and rainy to hot and steamy in a day! Soccer Tournament for Erin. Ahhh, I remember the 105 degree heat on the field when Jeff played in Alton...UGLY~

Be Well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Does This Look Like A Class Or What

I have been having so much fun with the Vintaj Altered Blank Canvases!!!! I don't know why I didn't try them earlier.

This is one of my favorite Vintage pictures I bought somewhere. This child's expression haunts me. Can you imagine how long they had to get her (or him) to sit still for this shot?????

No wonder the look on her face!

Anyhow, it's a transfer onto the 3x4 Brass Blanks. The paper is from the fabulous new Paper Stack Vintage Shabby from Mr. them all.
And it hasn't been clear what I'll eventually do with the piece........flower planting today while the sun shines. Tomorrow a possible Road Trip...depending on Mr. Sun.

Enjoy the Day....and CREATE ART!
Vintaj has my embossed box up on the blog today, but check it out for GREAT ideas with Vintaj pieces. Bought some more cool pieces today at Pumpkin Glass.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vintaj Brass and the Cuttlebug

Before the Dragonfly is added...the inks and brass are hard to get a good pic of with glare changing the colors.....brass looks silver here...but ink colors are more accurate.

Jess from Vintaj sent me some brass a couple of months ago. It's really cool plates that are 3x3 and various other sizes. I drew a blank.

She has said it can go through the Cuttlebug and get embossed. I was skeptical to say the least. This stuff is HEAVY!

Well, I'm here to report, I was really wrong!!!! THIS STUFF IS SOOOO COOL!

You just send it through the Cuttlebug and it works!!! AMAZING!!!

After you emboss, use Alcohol Inks in various bright colors and a paint brush to color the recessed areas. Add tiny drops of Blending Solution to create cool affects. I also used some Metallic Mixative Gold on the blank and the Dragonfly. Sand off the numbers to remove any unwanted ink.

I glued the blank to chipboard to raise it. The little wooden box was painted with Landscape Green from Claudine Hellmuth's collection, and aged with Distress Inks.

The papers are from the 7Gypsies 6x6 pack Gypsie Market. VERY COOL papers.

I traced and cut each section, added stamps and distress ink and glued to the box with Matte Multi-Medium from Claudine. When dry, add another layer of the medium to seal.

The Dragonfly is glued with Crafter's Pick. I used a dry brush technique to add the Gold Mixative. Love how that worked out.

Enjoy the weekend....Soccer Tournament for Erin. Should be good weather if the fields dry out a bit!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tim Holtz Die Cuts and Metal

I was playing around with my Fanciful Flight die from Sizzix yesterday and some left over metal from the coffee cup project.

The color reminded me of the dragonflies we used to see on the river.

Tried a couple of different ideas with the metal. The best was cut for UNDER the open-cut die. When you turn it over to use the reverse cut of the lacy piece, the metal gets kind of crumpled.

The Peacock metal from Ten Seconds Studio is layered onto chipboard. After the paper is glued onto the metal, I used a roller tool to emboss it. As usual, the picture does NOT give the true sparkle and color of this gorgeous metal!

If anyone figures out how to do this better, let me know......but this seemed to make a cool piece. I used Tim's new Lost and Found papers for the top, and it's laying on his Vintage Shabby for contrast.

Fun, and easy...once you figure out what you can takes no time to make!

Have a great day and Create ART!

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Color for the Coffee Mug

I've had this coffee mug for at least 2 years. Cheryl Darrow from Ten Seconds Studios decorated it for me using black metal. LOVED IT!

Then the new metals came out........needed a different it became Periwinkle. Lasted quite awhile.

Now more new's the same cup, but in it's 3rd generation of colors.

LOVE it!!!!!! Knock you socks off Peacock blue.

Have a great day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day-UPDATE on Zendangle Info

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. The kids are at a Soccer Tournament, so we will celebrate later tonight.

Erin had a shutout and didn't even know what it was..........aahhhh, bliss. No pressure, just fun!

I bought this Zentangle book the other day. Really had no idea how to do it, but loved the look. It seems I've been doing this for years and didn't know it....BLISS....again. You can also find great help on this site for Zentangle fun. ** (new info to post)**

Some of these patterns I drew at "the board" when I worked nights as a long distance helped you stay awake. It also got you into trouble. I can still remember Helga, the night supr. putting her hand and a piece of paper out in front of me, not saying a word.....that meant "give up the gum."

Fun days....I think they made me a clerk to get rid of me!

Oh, and yes, the 4th generation of AT&T will be in training in May. And she can still go to school. My mom started during WWII at the "B Boards." (If anybody knows what that was, I'll be extremely shocked!)

Take care, stay's freezing here....and count your blessings!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deb Wants Garden Pics......

Sorry everyone, but Deb asked for more garden pics. So since I took several today, I thought I'd bore you and get it over with! If you want to REALLY see them, click on and I didn't downsize them.

This Blue Columbine never's my all-time Favorite!

Corydalis loves the shade along the garage. This one won't enlarge for you...I tried Wanda, but I must have messed up somewhere.....

The Geraniums are wonderful this spring with the cool nights and a bit of rain.

My mom brought this Lily of the Valley here and planted it over 20 years ago. When the wind blows the yard is full of their wonderful scent.

And the Poppies are really much prettier than the picture, much more of a red orange.

I have several Clematis blooming right now, but this one is the showiest.

This pink Columbine is from the neighbor who is Queen of Day Lilies.

The birdhouse has wrens in it. They are the loudest little bird for body size I've ever known!!!! Mom gave me this Vintage Columbine many years ago before they got them to grow in clumps. It goes all over!

And the Red Geranium is so deep red it looks like a miniature rose.

That's it for today. Thunder is rolling, so maybe some rain for the flowers.

Got some more wonderful Papers from Tim...LOVE them all, but the Lost and Found are my TOTAL FAVORITES!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow.....hopefully in the Studio.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping and Having Fun!

We've been running around and enjoying the great weather here. Shopping for "junk" as my husband calls it, Antiquing I call it. We've been eating at our favorite places, and I'm reading a new book.

I love old keys and keyholes....easily amused I guess. I got some more vintage tin types and keys the other day and took out a piece I had kept for myself and never posted.

This is a collage I made a while back using some of my antique finds, papers and ink. I like to use wire and beads, too. Just fun stuff that looks old. I love the house's kinda my thing I guess. This keyhole is really rusty...kinda cool!

Getting 3 shipments in this week to play stuff that looks old perhaps??? Again, easily amused.

Got to see Erin play goalie this week in her dad's old goalie shirt!!! Ha! Now if that doesn't make everyone feel old....but he's kind of hung up his gloves for awhile. Tournaments this weekend....hoping for good weather.

LOVE my new camera!!!!! Could not have gotten these without it!

Life is Good!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just Have to Share This Picture

Best Buds.....

Is this cute or what???????????/ Erin and Shadow. She's playing the piano, and he's just content to sit and listen. Ya gotta LOVE it!!!!

These 2 are so fun to watch. He's definitely HER dog.

We have been working our @^#%'s off in the yard this week. Trimming trees, breaking up perennials, planting annuals, seeds, and putting down Black Forrest Mulch. I really like this stuff. But I AM BEAT!!!
Tomorrow is a day to just sit and look at what we've accomplished, swing on the yard swing, drink coffee in the sunshine and enjoy the birds.
Sooooo many birds this year. Many I've never heard before. And gorgeous Goldfinches flitting through the trees.
Be Well, and Stop to Smell the Roses!