Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping and Having Fun!

We've been running around and enjoying the great weather here. Shopping for "junk" as my husband calls it, Antiquing I call it. We've been eating at our favorite places, and I'm reading a new book.

I love old keys and keyholes....easily amused I guess. I got some more vintage tin types and keys the other day and took out a piece I had kept for myself and never posted.

This is a collage I made a while back using some of my antique finds, papers and ink. I like to use wire and beads, too. Just fun stuff that looks old. I love the house's kinda my thing I guess. This keyhole is really rusty...kinda cool!

Getting 3 shipments in this week to play stuff that looks old perhaps??? Again, easily amused.

Got to see Erin play goalie this week in her dad's old goalie shirt!!! Ha! Now if that doesn't make everyone feel old....but he's kind of hung up his gloves for awhile. Tournaments this weekend....hoping for good weather.

LOVE my new camera!!!!! Could not have gotten these without it!

Life is Good!!!!!!!!!


Helen said...

great action shots!!

Lori said...

Love the art piece! Very cool, indeed. That camera does take great pics, nice action shot!

Ruth said...

Thank you for the pictures of the Quad Cities. I visited there as a child and later went to school there.

2amscrapper said...

Yes, this definitely is your thing--a special kind of art that clearly defines your style. And I think I want your camera--or at least a clone.

Wanda H said...

Your collage is great (but the pic wouldn't get bigger so I could have a closer look). That is a nice camera!! Love the pic with Eric reaching way out for the ball.

Deb Smith said...

Love these but more garden pictures please. Bought myself a new camera last weekend. Oh well