Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Classes! Coming to Davenport Scrapaganza

Still getting back to normal sleep patterns here. But Friday we went to the old stomping grounds....The Quads! Had to deliver a 35mm camera to "the girl" in collage taking Photography class. Good luck, Brit! You take FANTASTIC pix!!!

The off to see the girls at Scrapaganza!!!! Yeah!!!! Beth and Kelli are soooooo sweet. We chatted and came to the conclusion that we should have 4 classes for next year.....YES 4!!!!!

We'll start with 2 April 17th and after we get the new Tim Dies from Sizzix, we'll have 2 MORE!!!!

April will be Metal and Grunge......We will emboss and make the Tool Caddy in one class then the GrungeBoard Wallets in another. Don't know when sign up will start, but don't miss this. You will have a BLAST!!! The wallets are sooooo fun. And the designs amaze me every time.

More details to to Prairie Art Stamps in Springfield Saturday....the Pink Ladies there are over the top WONDERFUL!!!

Be there....or we'll really, really miss you!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

OK Girls and Boys....Here We Go!!!

I took 100 pix, yes that many, but I'm very picky, so many bit the dust. And some of them are just not interesting to most of you, I'm sure.

This is the Make-N-take from Tim. His new Sizzix Dies are OUT OF THIS WORLD cool!!!!! And the bee is from Vintaj. I thought it looked pretty nice on my jean jacket with the brass studs.

Here is a poor shot of the beautiful work at Creative Imaginations. The flowers are from Petaloo....which by the way, I've been asked to work on their Design Team!!!!! YEAH!!!!

I had to show a better close-up of Tim's piece here.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the new Sizzix Machine by Mr. Holtz!!! Extremely Cool! Yes it's designed like a suitcase!!!

My man Mario!!!! LOVE this guy!!!!

And here is the Master!!!! Tim himself......signing the new dies he gave away.

This was the Melissa Frances class. She really started the vintage papers in my opinion.....I could be wrong, since I'm late to this game. We learned to make the flowers from scratch from crepe paper!

And another piece using the new Tim Holtz Sizzix Dies.

This is a Petaloo flower all prettied up with Luminarte and a button with the new line Iron Orchid from Creative Imaginations. Gorgeous papers!!!!!!!

This is using the new Die from Tim for the paper. The Button is Idea-ology...OMG....sooooooo cool. The Vintage Tape is Tim's and the punched grungepaper flower has paper glued on top.

Here is another 3 pieces cut using the one die....GrungeBoard, and paper, just layered up. I LOVE this thing!!!!!!

We stamped, embossed, punched, and inked this little piece of Vintaj metal. Very fun Make-N-Take.

And last, but not least, you have to order this FABULOUS new book from Lisa M. Pace. It is beautiful beyond belief. She is truly the queen of glitter, but much, much more. You will LOVE it!!!!! I promise.

Got to get my class ready for next Saturday at Prairie Art Stamps now. We're gonna play with Graphic 45 paper, stamps, and of course, Ten Seconds Studio metal.

Be There!

Home Again, Home Again.... know the rhyme. I actually slept until 10:30am...that would have only been 8:30 Cali time, but still. It really felt good!

The sun is shining and it's only 12 degrees out. BUT, at least it looks nice. The flight home was perfect, just a little deicing at Chicago, and we were on out last leg of the journey.

I REALLY am wondering WHY I didn't take more pictures at the show. I didn't even get a shot of new BFF Deb and me. Sat right next to many other old friends and didn't even think to get a shot.

But in Chicago, I WILL get more pictures. I so wish I had taken a shot of Terri, Judy, and Gail sprawled on the floor outside the classroom doors with their maps out circling all the booths they wanted to hit. Dressed of course in their cute pink shirts. LOVE those gals.

But I can tell you where to find great pix. Go to Suze's blog. She takes THE BEST pictures of EVERYTHING! What a Woman! You won't be sorry...I promise.

So, we're back to reality today.....hope you're still having a great time DEB...soak up all that sunshine and warmth you can....cause it's freezing here!

Create ART!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Packing it up and ready to GO HOME!

WHEW! What a fast paced last few days....gone in a flash!!!! All the classes and extra product are crammed into my bag and ready to go.

I am ready to veg....or I've BECOME a veg....but jammies and some cookies sound very good right now.

This is the Fabulous gift from Lin Brown and L.B. Crafts!!!!! Isn't it amazing????? The picture doesn't even come close to giving it justice.

Didn't really take any more pics. Just talked and talked and talked today to "ole Ranger U" buds......Sondra, Lori, and then the girls at Vintaj, and CI, and Ranger. But most of all, the great time I had with my new BFF, Deb Smith.

Deb is a wonder, drives like a pro, knows all the best eating places and can get people to just give her anything without even asking. What a gal. She's the BEST. Couldn't have done this trip without her.....thanks a Million, Deb!!!!

So for tonight, I'm tired, full, and...... it's a wrap!

Monday, January 25, 2010

More Pics from CHA!

A few shots of the Graphic 45, love, love it!!!

Sooooo much fun to go through the treasures here.

Beautiful stuff....

Ya gotta love this line.

My good friend Melissa Kennedy at KaiserCraft.

The findings and charms from Vintaj.

Amy and Tim walking the booth during the interview....what a trip!

It's been a really long day. Class with Lisa Pace at 7AM.....and I'm NOT, repeat NOT a morning person!!!! BUT, the class was wonderful...the very, very best from Lisa. And her new book was a FREE GIFT!!!! OUT STANDING. It is truly a beautiful, beautiful book packed with wonderful projects and tips. It's a MUST have for anyone who loves to create paper it now.

The rest of the day was spent walking the floor and watching Amy Coon's Live interviews with Lisa and Tim. She is remarkable. Such a talented young gal...check her out at the Paper Life.

Had lunch and chatted with Lin Brown from L.B Crafts in the UK...and she gave me the most wonderful gift....I WILL photograph it and post it later on in the week. She is a gem and soooooo super talented. Thank you, thank you, Lin for my fab gift!

Met up with Lori Bunda from Calgary and the owner of Scrap Yard and Ranger U BFF Sondra from Eureka, Calif. a couple of times. They are both a hoot. That crazy Canadian is a tough act to follow. TOO FUNNY!!!!

So, we're off to bed, and another early class tomorrow.

TIM"S New Stuff!!!

Here are all the Designer's Challenge projects for the Ranger group. I'm working on my notebook so I don't know if you'll be able to see any of them well enough. Really some GREAT pieces here...Tim's is the one with the Popcorn. Amazing how he did that!!!

The names are underneath them. I LOVE Michael Putman's and Lin Brown's!!!!!!!! VERY COOL!

These are some of the new Petaloo flowers. A little announcement coming about that group....for me......sounds like fun!!!!

This was Tim's class...Deb and Margaret got in, I did not! BUT isn't this a cool project!!!! The frame and the flowers are wonderfully decorated with some of his new elements.

Great display here of Tim's stuff.

And this display was fantastic!!!!!! The picture does not do it justice, but I'm trying to let you see how wonderful everything was. This show was phenomenal!!!! Deb is in 7th Heaven with the classes and Make-N-Takes!

Tomorrow, lunch with Lin Brown and hope to meet up with some of my BFF's from Ranger U. I've seen Cindy from Australia, Sondra from Eureka, Calif. and Ann from Canada. We had a BLAST there.
7AM class tomorrow....gotta get some sleep. Night All!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ranger's Designer's Challenge

Now that the show is open, I can show you the piece I have in the Ranger booth for the Melt ART is a Hot Ticket Challenge.

This was REALLY fun, and challenging all at the same time.

I LOVE Beeswax, but had done little with the UTEE. Of course you know I love to work with the metal. So here is a combination of all those, plus the Vintage look.

I knew it would be a real treat trying to mail this thing in such extremely cold weather, but hopefully it stays together at least until it gets to California.

More photos of the other fabulous pieces here to come...Suze's, Michael Putman's, Donna Downey's, Lin Brown' name just a few, they are WONDERFUL!!!!

Newport Beach Condo

Deb and I are finally unpacked and in our jammies at the condo. We only had a few minutes to take pics today and head for our classes. The room wasn't ready yet, so we opted for coffee and a sandwich.

After a trip to the market, and dinner, we watched the SAG awards and vegetated on the sofa. LONG day. But a fun day!!!! Took Claudine's class and Melissa Frances class....Deb and Margaret got into Tim's class....they were lucky girls.

Tomorrow maybe some shots of our projects. We were too tired and hungry tonight!

And CHA starts tomorrow so hopefully some pictures of the floor. New products are going to be great...of course you've been keeping up with on Tim's blog, right? OMG!!!!! And the girls got his new BOOK in his class...I'm sooooooo jealous.

Pictures tomorrow...but for now, the beautiful scenery of our condo on the ocean! Oh, it's fabulous!


Friday, January 22, 2010

We're Here!!!!!

No pics today, just a hello from rainy California. There are palm trees, but it is cold and damp. The rain stopped and we took a walk around to get dinner.

Deb, my traveling companion for CHA, and I made it through the freeway craziness and to the hotel. It's still better than the snow on the ground we left. The Begonias are still blooming here.

So, gonna get some sleep, read my book and get ready for class tomorrow. Should be fun!!!

More later.....

Create ART!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

One More Sleep...then CHA!

First of all, I made a case to carry my jewelry when I travel a few years ago. It was actually a brushed metal case that a wallet came in for my husband.

I made it very early on in my days of Metal, and it needed to be updated. So, after looking to pack it, and thinking...YUCK! I ripped it apart and started over.

This is the PLUM metal from Ten Seconds Studio. LOVE the way it comes out after you use the steel brush tool on it. 15 Minutes, I'm not kidding, that's all this took. And YES, when I get back we'll be doing a smaller one with embellies for a class.

SECOND....go check out Tim's blog, like you haven't already!!! PAPERS!!! OMG, PAPERS!!! And I LOVE them ALL!!!!!!

TOO I always say....BRILLIANT!!!!! The man is Brilliant!!!

Tomorrow...Up, Up, and Away! (hopefully) Will do my best to upload a few pictures! to you when I get back.

Create ART!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OMG!!! Tim's NEW Stuff!!!!

Well, Mr. Holtz has done it again. You will NOT believe all his new and wonderful creations!!!

I have my list ready and the plastic is melting in my pocket. Can't wait to get all these "over the top" stamps and Sixxix dies to use for classes.

AND Tim will be showing a new machine at CHA...hold onto your hats!!!! or whatever...

I'm rarely at a loss for words...but I just think this year is gonna be a GREAT year for CREATING ART...

so what are you waiting for......GO!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beautiful Work from Cheryl

If you guys want to see some FABULOUSLY beautiful papers in a terrific layout, jump over to the Creative Imaginations Blog!!!! I LOVE the colors here from the girls at Iron Orchids Designs. Right up my alley!

Cheryl Mezzetti has created a real treat for the eyes! This new line is over the top wonderful and you won't be sorry you took the time to drool!!! And if you want to see some of the new Petaloo flowers....jump to Cheryl's blog.

They've outdone themselves the roses!!!

Have a great day.....CHA is on the way....shortly.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cleaning out and finding treasures

I've been busy making projects for Creative Imaginations for several days. So I can't show you what I've done.

But, I was cleaning out my studio and found some old watercolors from a few years ago. The Watercolor Chicks and I used to enter the local Art Festival Contest every year. Now you see why I don't paint much any more!!! HA!

This is one I had made into cards and prints. It's a view from our Marriott hotel on the Intercoastal Waterway in Ft. Lauderdale. We used to go every February to get away from the Midwest cold.

We saw MANY very interesting sites here. Some I can't write about on a family blog..... The Yacht Races, HUGE ships from around the world, one owned by a Prince on his way to the Riviera. Beautiful and enormously expensive.

Then from the balcony we could see the Cruise ships in port on the other side of the bridge.

So, for today, I will show you a piece of my history in ART. Many of the things I learned from the Masters in the Watercolor field can be applied to the use of layering Distress Inks.

Just goes to show how you can learn techniques from many sources and apply it to your favorite medium at the time.

Less than a week until we take off for CHA!!!! Can't wait!!! must take an umbrella it looks like.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Projects and Classses

Finally got my Christmas CD's loaded to my iPod and computer.....sensory overload!!!!

Glee........need I say more. But I wish it had a few of the songs that aren't on the disc. Mr. of my favorites.

Anyway, working on projects and upcoming classes....and this just came together for both. Different completely in the two cases, but don't cha love it when they mesh???? "You can't always get what you want....but if try sometimes, you get what you need."

Like when you almost throw something away, but don't, and then you NEED it a couple of days later. KARMA perhaps.

CHA is just around the corner. I'll have my Notebook, so if my brain works and I can accomplish it, I'll try to upload some shots. Cross your fingers.

Create ART!!!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Embossing Metal And Perfect Pearls Class

I always like to teach a technique in a class. Have fun. Make something cool. Have fun. And learn to use a tool you might not be real familiar with so you feel more comfortable. And Have Fun!!!

So, that having been said, I think this class is going to be really inspirational. You did ask for it after seeing my tool caddy/gift box at my last class, and it is combining Grungepaper, Ten Seconds Studio Metal, and Perfect Pearls.

This project is done in Brr-Blue, a dark metallic metal, but it could be done in any color. I hope to have the new colors from Cheryl to show you in class.

We will be working with molds from TSS, but I'll also show you a quick and easy way to work with this fabulous metal as well. So if you have an embossing machine...Cuttlebug or such, bring it along. You'll be amazed!!!!

Right now it's scheduled for Feb. 6th at Prairie Art Stamps. A slightly different version is on the back burner for Scrapbook Friend'z. Stay tuned!!!!

Hope to see you there....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SNOW and more SNOW!!!!!

Think this kid has fun in the snow??????

Just a note....the sneak peeks are trickling in for Creative Imaginations. Take the leap over to the blog and see what's in store....ya gotta do it. Post your work in the Gallery there and you could be featured on Inspiration Monday.

AND, for those of you who would like to be a Guest Designer....enter a layout using the Sketch of the Month, and you can have a chance to be on the blog AND win some prizes...MAGIC prizes!!!!!!!!!

The Design Team will be uploading layouts, too. You've got to go see Jen's layout on the blog right now. Wish I was on a nice sunny beach right now!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hi, everyone!!!!! Lots of water, or ice, has gone under the bridge since I last blogged.

Lori Hassler won a great prize from Tim...go and look at her blog. She's been in my class with her sister. What a pair. We had a BLAST. And their table was a real treat!!!! VERY talented group, the lot of them!!!!!

Brittany, the granddaughter, is in her 1st year of college. So, we, Poppie and I, have given her a little incentive to do well by sending a bit of moolah for books!

MAN are they expensive!!!!!!!!

Brit has been known to throw herself, literally, on the floor, sobbing, because a card came from me with a BAR CODE!!!! (meaning it was store bought and not handmade...) Can you believe she's an Art and Drama person?????? She was going for affect, not reality.

So, today, not wanting her to cry on the kitchen floor, I made her a HANDMADE card. And enclosed behind the little box handle, a little check.

She is such a talented photographer and artist. You know how they can be????

The papers here were Creative Imaginations, with a touch of Basic Grey. Rhinestones from Prima, Stamper's Anonymous Stamps from Tim Holtz and Studio 490, and a fold out card from Lasting Impressions.