Friday, May 29, 2009

ALERT! Public Service Announcement

Sorry people. Margaret at Scrapbook Friend'z just emailed and said they are having trouble with their class sign-up contact link again. (Kathy Northrup she can't get her emails to go through to you)

If you want to see the calendar, click on the link above. And if you want to sign up for classes please call at 309 665-5005. My class schedule is on the sidebar over there -> -> ->

Thanks for your support!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tutorial for Slider Tin

Several of you have asked about the slider tin necklaces. They can be made with many different sizes of sliders or lid-top tins.

I like the slider as it can hang as a necklace and have holes punched for a ball chain to slide easily through. Blick's carries a 2 hole metal punch that works.

When I give a class, I have DH drill the holes with his drill press. Much easier for a bunch.

The tins are hard to find right now, but Product Performers does carry the medium sized ones. My favorite is the long thin one I used on Little David. There is a tutorial on PID blog with directions on how to make that slider. (Scroll way down)

But I can't find any at the moment. Help!!!

You can add paper or metal to the lid. Embellishments are unending!

Have fun.

One week until Ranger U!!!! Getting Excited!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We're off to party with the kids...Brit's big bash is today.

Be good to each other....thank a Veteran for their service....hug your kids...tell those near and dear to you that you Love them!
Life is too short to sweat the small stuff....

enjoy it!
EAT CAKE! I am!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Day!

Yesterday was a pretty packed day........I worked on finishing Brittany's Graduation/18th Birthday book and

pretty well got it finished. Some of the pages here show

the Stickles, pen marks, paint dabbers, and other
elements that were fun to use. Papers are Cloud9.

And some Maya Road birds with Tim Holtz stamps. The theme is "Spread your wings and FLY!"

Some pearls.

And Martha Stewart glitter on the covers.

These are the Lady Bugs of the Grundy School play!
Erin and Amanda.....singing and acting in 2nd grade!

Tomorrow the big party.....and Sarah's cake. Red Velvet/Carrot(1/2 and 1/2) cake with creme cheese frosting and the Eiffel tower. Brit's going to Paris!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alcohol Ink Pens

Photographing metal is not easy for me.
That said, here is a shot of TSS metal and alcohol inks in the new Ranger Fillable Pen. Pretty cool....really looks better in person....Really.
Trust me, the check is in the mail, your money is completely safe, blah, blah, blah!!!
Just kidding.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TWO in one DAY!

Just a note....the picture I had on my blog was rather old....and so we have an updated picture from Scrap St. Louis. Joey thought I was "taller". Ha! I think she meant "younger." FUNNY!

Usually I am the only one who takes pictures around here, so I'm not in many. Thanks to Sue from For Keep Sakes for the shot. It had Cheryl in it too and our glasses were we took them off.

The new and updated me!

Miniature Collage

The hot thing now is the Ranger Memory Frames. Very fun, very easy to work with.

This is a collage using some rub ons inside and outside on the glass, and Idea-ology bits to add interest. The frame is upside down and a clip is added to hold the ball chain.
Of course the Paper Imagery Designs image has a bit of Distress Ink on it...of course!

It was a gloomy, overcast day when the picture was take so the key seems darker than it really is.

But you get the idea! A couple of my pieces are up on ScrapScene today, and this is one of them. Very cool site!!!!

Counting down the days until RANGER U!!!! Got my list of fellow students today from all over the world. Should be VERY exciting!

Create ART.....have a great day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Watercolor Poatcard on a Rainy Day

I've always wanted to try the look of DJ Pettit and her wonderful portraits of women. Today I was browsing through the internet sites of lovely artists and decided to dig out the watercolors....I have MANY box sets and tubes in a drawer....and get something done!

Here is my piece....and yes it is THAT bright...really a bit brighter, but there is NO sun here today. Nothing but rain and more rain.

My mom used to always say the phrase"not enough hours in the day" when she just couldn't get to something that needed to be done. Or when I couldn't get what I wanted done.

So here is a break from my usual and I had a blast. Tombow pens are what really makes the bright colors. But the woman is in watercolors as is some of the background.

Prismacolor and Faber-Castell pens work great here for waterproof black ink.

Margarita's and Mexican food with friends tonight if the weather isn't TOO bad.

Be Well....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little David-Update-Slider Tin

Here is Little David from Paper Imagery Designs. He was really fun to work with.

Such a cutie and just the right size to fit into one of Tim's bookplates. And the Foliage pieces he came up with are a REAL hit in my book!!!

The cool paper is 7Gypsies...TERRIFIC new papers. And the dot stamp is one of Wendy's Studio 490 background stamps. ALWAYS need a background stamp!

Could not believe the corner from Idea-ology fit perfectly on the end of the slider tin!

I LOVE it when the plan comes together.

The rain has finally slowed down...over 2" this AM...getting plans for an ark.

Be Well...Create ART!

UPDATE: The question was asked as to what I use to attach the metal. I use strips of any "Red Line" type tape. The heavy duty, double stick tape. Especially when gluing metal to metal. Metal to paper, I use Crafter's Pick-the Ultimate. It works great!

Monday, May 11, 2009

What I've Been Up To

I was sitting and watching the news, when I looked out the sunroom door and saw a really pretty shot at my favorite time of the day.

The sun is coming through the Sunset Maple leaves that are still a bit red. They turn green eventually when they are mature.

The sunrise stained glass in the stepping stone is from another previous art dabbling. The only sunrise I see very often. ha!

Should have taken the time to remove the protective cage around the asters. But I didn't notice it until I uploaded the shot. The rabbits will eat that plant to the ground if I remove it!!! They are drawn to it like a cat to catnip!!!

So, tomorrow if it's rainy, I'll work in the studio on something!

Be good to each other....House season closer tonight....sniff...sniff...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prom Night-the girl under the bonnet

She loves to take pictures, but hates to have her picture taken.....can you tell?!??


Friday, May 8, 2009

Graphic45/Tim Holtz Idea-ology Book

UPDATE! Done tweaking and here's the final project. Added some more of Tim's Idea-ology pieces to the spine, and it's off to Scrapadoodle!

Still tweaking....but here's a glimpse of the Graphic 45 Coverall book class. It's a really cool 8x8 Bind-It-All Coverall book with black pages!!! VERY FUN!!!

And just a couple more pics that I took of the Beauty and the Beast actor and actress.....the little one was with us in the audience. LOVE them all and so proud of them.
Alex and friend.

Brittany Janelle...

The kids....Erin had a blast!

Hate writing up instructions, but it must be done! Not much else to do on a gloomy, rainy, overcast.....NO sun in the!!!! Or else shop at he square!

I get my mood from the weather usually, so until the sun comes out and the yard dries up enough to plant more flowers, I guess the studio is as good a place to be as any.

I hear Star Trek is out Long and Prosper!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just One More

OK, Can you stand one more picture of what to do with the tin boxes?????

These are Maya Road boxes. And if you had my class in Bloomington where we used the Alcohol Inks and stamps to remove color and leave an image, you know how to do this.

Just do it on the inside of the lid and add white paper backing to show your stamped design. Glue on the edges!!! Sand off the ink on the letters.

Tim Holtz came up with this wonderful idea, and it's on his blog in tutorial form.

Just quick ideas for some fun....perhaps a Mother's Day giftbox as suggested by a blogger comment. Did someone say diamonds?!?!?!

Have fun! Create ART!