Saturday, October 31, 2009

What A Great Halloween Class!!!!

First of all, I took this little ghoul to a party the other night. I love her Vampira collar. Where were these cool costumes when we were kids??? Geez!!!

These pictures are all over the place....just enjoy!

Lots of Inky Fingers here!

What a talented group of gals!

Then secondly.......We had MORE fun!!!! And did we Create some great ART!!!

We had a full class....and then some.....ha! So we were hoppin'. Thanks to a great and wonderful staff at Prairie Art Stamps. Terri is blessed with a terrific crew.

Everyone stamped and cut and INKED big time! I think they had a good time and learned a bit in the process. The Grunge Wallets came out AMAZING!

Not everyone wanted their pictures taken, but we got a look at the work. And one picture, I cut off the work.....but got the gal! I'm an amateur Photographer. I'm sorry I missed a couple of gals before they left.

At the end of a class, I'm lucky if I remember to take pictures at all!

So I hope everyone had a good time....and I'll see you again in a couple of weeks for the Christmas Wall Hanging and reserve your spot!

It's only really 8:45 and I feel like it should be time for bed! (already set the clocks back)


Friday, October 30, 2009

Prairie Art Stamps Class Tomorrow-FULL

The wonderful girls at PAS sold the last spot in the Grungeboard Wallet class for tomorrow!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Can't wait to see them down in Springfield again. They are a really talented group and love to have fun Creating ART.

I will be sure to take pictures!!! I'm uploading a couple of my favs from our vacation to Shawnee National Forest.
The 1st one is the sunrise from our cabin overlooking the Ohio River Valley, and the 2nd one is at the Garden of the Gods.

Have a great day....we have been drowning in rain here, but tomorrow MAYBE a bit of sun.

Cross your Fingers.....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Orbs in the Cave in Rock:UPDATE

These are the pictures of the Orbs I told you about. We first encountered Orbs on a trip to Savannah Georgia that's said to be the most haunted city in the US.
Hundreds of thousands of people were killed or died from various things in Savannah, due to epidemics, the Civil War, Indian Wars, Pirates, Slaves being brought in and sold, etc, etc. Hundreds were buried in mass graves.
Anyway, the orbs only show up in pictures. They're not visible to the naked eye.
In the Cave in Rock, we were just told it had been inhabited by Indians dating back to 600 AD. Drawings and such were authenticated. Then the Pirates took it over in later years. No mention was made of ghosts.
They would lure riverboats to shore by dressing as women!!!! Imagine that. Then when they came ashore, they would rob, kill and bury the men on Hurricane Island.
Do you see the perfect circles of light with rainbow colors (energy) around them? These are said to be the lost souls of the departed that have not crossed over, usually due to an untimely death. There are 7 orbs in one picture and 8 in the other. (Click to enlarge)
If you look at the 2nd one, by the man in front, there is one partially behind the it's not something on my lens~~~~I showed Bill who is a skeptic, but still in awe.
I took over 100 pictures and these are the only ones that showed up like this.
You be the judge......Believe it Or Not!

UPDATE: only one seat left in the Wallet class Sat. at Prairie Arts!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back Home Again

We're baaack! Home from our get-away to the Shawnee National Forest ~some great friends and good times.

We went to a cabin overlooking the Ohio River Valley in the forest and it was FAB-U-LOUS with the view at San Damiano. Unbelievable weather, the leaves were breathtaking, and just a wonderful place.

We visited a vineyard, tasted and bought a couple of bottles. Then onto the Garden of the Gods and the Cave in Rock....really, really cool pictures!!!

Anyone believe in ghosts and orbs???? Got some pictures in the pirate/native American cave that show about 5 orbs VERY distinctly. OK, you don't have to believe, but the pictures are interesting to say the least. Later...

Then we stopped and shopped in the town of Lebanon on the way home. Wonderful little place and great food, too.

This is a shot of the Vintaj charms I made before we left with the new nail heads. New stuff is coming out!!! I'll be back with that later, too.

Good to go, but good to get home!

Be Well!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Scrapbook News and Review-Guest Blogger

I know, it's not even Halloween yet, and I'm blasting you with Christmas stuff!

This is a project that is on Scrapbook News and Review tonight with a little bit about how it was done and a little bit about me in the Guest Blogger area.

This was really fun to create, because I could drag out all kinds of stuff from my stash and just play. No worries about recreating or writing up instructions.

Enjoy and don't forget to go read their blog. It comes out every week with a guest week is Teresa Collins. Talented lady!

And just a NOTE: These are the same products used in the Christmas wall hanging class. Spots are filling up. Only a couple of spots left for the Wallet class. It's going to be fun!!!!!

Create ART!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Metal and Butterflies

We've been really busy. Fall cleanup time here, inside and out.

But I did get some cool little things made the other day.

Here is what you can do in about 5 minutes with the Ten Seconds Studio metal, a Cuttlebug Die, and some Idea-ology pieces.

No kidding....5 minutes!

And I love the Basic Grey paper Indian Summer.

Have a great day and Create ART!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

'Tis Autumn

In the spirit of the season of fall....cornstalks and pumpkins, I show you what I found the other day in my studio.

Here is a watercolor I did a "a few whiles ago," as my daughter used to say!

I thought I'd share after a trip back from Bloomington with all the cornfields still standing. It is too wet here to get into the fields. My ancestors being farmers, I only hope for some dryer days. We'll all be paying for it if the crops rot in the fields.

And on a sunnier note!!! The sun is shining here today and it is wonderful to see.
Be well!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bad Blogger

Hey, everyone!

I've been bad about blogging lately. Sorry about that. We're fighting the flu here with the grandkids pretty sick. Thankfully Bill and I haven't gotten it. We got our flu shots right about 8 days before they got sick....crossing fingers here.

I did finally finish my book at about 2AM! Good writer that Dan Brown. Teaches and entertains at the same time. Very Enlightening. Love his works. But this one really let me down with the ending.

Just a note, I will be a Guest Blogger on Oct. 23rd at Scrapbook News and Review. I used this opportunity to create another wall hanging. Hope you like it. I'll post it up here too after it goes up there. And Teresa Collins will be the week after me. So take a look there if you can.

Working on getting the classes together for the Grungeboard Wallets and the Graphic 45 Christmas Wall Hanging. You forget how much work it is when you open your mouth and say "let's do a class." But you guys and gals make it all worthwhile!!! I do love the challenge!!!

Stay warm and well....and do your part to help the at your LSS!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

GrungeBoard Pumpkin

UPDATE: Made him a lid. Ha! Used the Hitch Fastener for a stem.

I live in the city that claims to be the "Pumpkin Capitol of the World" because the Libby plant that cans pumpkin is here.
Sooooo, we see a lot of pumpkins.
They're the windows, on the street corners, on flags, on the water tower, even the soccer balls at the weekend tournament guessed it....PUMPKINS. Orange soccer balls with jack-o-lantern faces.

So it is fitting that I would be drawn to making the little orange blob out of Grungeboard and paper. A little battery powered tea light sits inside. Kinda cute.
The leaf is of course, Appletini Green Ten Seconds Studio metal run through the Cuttlebug. The curly stuff is GrungePaper.

My fingers have the look of a 4 pack a day smoker. Camels probably.

It will wear off eventually.

Happy Autumn....the pumpkins are here. Oh, and the whole town smells like pumpkins...and that's not like pumpkin pie!

Be well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2AM Epiphany

Couldn't sleep last night. Watched TV with Erin and spent most of the evening with her. She's such a good kid, and fun to be with.

So when I finally went to bed at midnight, I had eaten things that really didn't want to go to sleep....chocolate chip cookies with Erin...bad me, good Nana.

At about 1:30AM I decided to get up since I had this idea to try with the Cuttlebug and Ten Seconds Studio Metal. GREAT combination.

Here's the results. VERY fun!!! Even if it was at 2 in the morning!

Go Create ART!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rainy Ugly Day

Off to the 2nd soccer game of the day for GD in a tournament. What a cold and misty day!

Finally got all the Christmas Banner together and tried to get a picture....looks like there's no sunshine here for a while.

So the tease is only a sliver of it....but it's all there in the background

We've added Prairie Art Stamps on the 21st of Nov!!!! YEAH!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Christmas Wall Banner

I fell in love with the Christmas Past papers from Graphic you will too when you see them. AMAZING!

I've put together a class that will have Maya Road Coasters as the base for a multi-piece wall hanging.

I think you'll enjoy it. Here are a couple of more peaks at the different sections that will hang down.

Thanks to my shopping in St. Cloud, I got some nice floral pieces. They spruce it up along with some GrungePaper, Tim's Reindeer Flight stamps, and lots of pen work dots and stitches.....which I love.

December 5th at Scrapbook Friend' the date!