Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Orbs in the Cave in Rock:UPDATE

These are the pictures of the Orbs I told you about. We first encountered Orbs on a trip to Savannah Georgia that's said to be the most haunted city in the US.
Hundreds of thousands of people were killed or died from various things in Savannah, due to epidemics, the Civil War, Indian Wars, Pirates, Slaves being brought in and sold, etc, etc. Hundreds were buried in mass graves.
Anyway, the orbs only show up in pictures. They're not visible to the naked eye.
In the Cave in Rock, we were just told it had been inhabited by Indians dating back to 600 AD. Drawings and such were authenticated. Then the Pirates took it over in later years. No mention was made of ghosts.
They would lure riverboats to shore by dressing as women!!!! Imagine that. Then when they came ashore, they would rob, kill and bury the men on Hurricane Island.
Do you see the perfect circles of light with rainbow colors (energy) around them? These are said to be the lost souls of the departed that have not crossed over, usually due to an untimely death. There are 7 orbs in one picture and 8 in the other. (Click to enlarge)
If you look at the 2nd one, by the man in front, there is one partially behind the it's not something on my lens~~~~I showed Bill who is a skeptic, but still in awe.
I took over 100 pictures and these are the only ones that showed up like this.
You be the judge......Believe it Or Not!

UPDATE: only one seat left in the Wallet class Sat. at Prairie Arts!


Hels said...

I am with you on this OH says it is a trick of the light thru the when I pop me clogs, I will come back as an Orb and show him I was right...always one for having the last word LOL

That Cave looks pretty awesome hun .. TFS x

Linda Elbourne said...

I believe it!

Anonymous said...

We only get orbs when my teenage granddaughter Kelsey (who is very much alive) is in the photo. It doesn't matter whose camera or where we are, Kelsey always has orbs around her. It is spooky.