Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back Home Again

We're baaack! Home from our get-away to the Shawnee National Forest ~some great friends and good times.

We went to a cabin overlooking the Ohio River Valley in the forest and it was FAB-U-LOUS with the view at San Damiano. Unbelievable weather, the leaves were breathtaking, and just a wonderful place.

We visited a vineyard, tasted and bought a couple of bottles. Then onto the Garden of the Gods and the Cave in Rock....really, really cool pictures!!!

Anyone believe in ghosts and orbs???? Got some pictures in the pirate/native American cave that show about 5 orbs VERY distinctly. OK, you don't have to believe, but the pictures are interesting to say the least. Later...

Then we stopped and shopped in the town of Lebanon on the way home. Wonderful little place and great food, too.

This is a shot of the Vintaj charms I made before we left with the new nail heads. New stuff is coming out!!! I'll be back with that later, too.

Good to go, but good to get home!

Be Well!

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Hels said...

I believe in orbs hun, there has to be something else doesn't there eh? Love your little trinkets, they are soooo cool .. have a great day and I can't wait to see what else you will be showing us x