Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tiny Collage Boxes

Ever wonder what to do with the tiny metal boxes you get supplies in from Maya Road? They are way too cute to toss.

So add some alcohol inks with a brush....since it is a tiny area...add several colors in layers. Then cut an image from Paper Imagery Designs image, add some words, a couple of rub ons and gently push under the metal lip inside the box.

Simple, fun, and a tiny gift box for something special!

Create ART!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pretty Little Mary Beth

This is Mary Beth from Paper Imagery Designs. The gold mesh is also from Melissa's stash. Pretty cool, huh!

Here is the front with the doors closed. Hard to get a good picture especially at night....that's when I get my things done usually! But I wanted you to see the gold mesh.
The shrine is from Collections. It's a very light chipboard. Some Distress Inks, a few stamps, a mask, and some paper flowers do the job.

Create ART!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sue Kelemen's Pictures Rock!

Here's the entire table before the show. Added a couple of things later, but you get the picture. This is the extremely fun Rebecca Peck from Strueter and the talented Teresa Collins. What wonderful gals!

Sue takes the greatest pictures!!!! She let me hijack them last time, so here's some more.

But I also owe this all to her, for she is the one who spotted my houses and got them to ask me to come to St. Louis. We LOVE vintage....and I love Sue. A terrific Artist and Photographer! Thanks girl!!!!

My wonderful TA Carol...worth her weight in gold. And at today's standards, that's a BUNDLE she said! Missy...what a talent and just all around terrific person!

What can you say about Rebecca and Stephenie??? TOO MUCH FUN and soooo much information about their fields! They do ROCK!

The ladies of St. Louis! None better!!!

Quite a lady...we had 5 miracles and too many of the same thoughts!

Cheryl...what a wonderfully warm and talented lady. Thanks for the fun!

AND we are going to have another class in Bloomington with the Ten Seconds Studio metal. I hear the girls from Chicago want to come. Thanks for stopping by the shop on the way home.

June 27th looks like the date and 1:30 to 4:00.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Again!

Scrap St. Louis was a blast....and now it's over. The lead speaker Mary Engelbreit was about the only picture I took!!!!! Can you believe it????

I DO hope some of you send be some pictures that you took.....I know my eyes were still seeing dots from flashes last send me some and we'll post them.

Thanks to all my sponsors Ten Seconds Studios, Fiskars, Vintaj, and Paper Imagery Designs.

Carol was my TA and we were like Sistas...thanks from the bottom of my heart, girl!!

And the teachers!! What a wonderful group.

Margie is a HOOT!

Cheryl was the warmest person you will ever find.

Joey....what a sweet, sweet person.

Teresa....full of information and such a sharing person.

And you all know how I feel about Wendy.

Then the Demonstrators....OMG...Stephenie and, fun, people.
Stephenie is a virtual fountain of information! She should definitely write a book!!! Too much for words with those two.

I could not have had a better time....but the real stars of the event are the wonderful students. NEVER will you meet a better group of people than you do in St. Louis. UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE!

Thanks for a great weekend, and thanks for all the fun I had.

As I promised, here is a picture of the project front in case you need some more help putting it together. But I think most everyone got theirs done and out the door!

Your Friend in ART,


Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're Off to St. Louis

Time to get going to Scrap St.'s the a bit of the table I have to set up for display tonight. Please ignore the the piano is not coming.

Can't wait to meet all the lovely people coming in for this event.

Meet you in St. Louis!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can you say RANGER U!

Just a small note here. After a great class today with my peeps in Bloomington (pictures tomorrow) where I received a fabulous birthday gift from a terrific artist.....I checked my email and low and behold.......

You have been accepted to attend the June 2009 Session of Ranger U.

I about died! They said you'd be notified within a week of the deadline and it was last Friday, so I thought, oh well, there's always next year. (like the Cubs!)
But is my lucky day......

And my mom's birthday. She would have been 89 today.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just not quite finished?

You know how to make something, and it's OK...but you keep looking at it and it just still NEEDS something?

Well here is a gift carrier I kept looking at with Ten Seconds Studio metal, and I knew it still wasn't what I wanted. So.......after having the class with Wendy and the new Grungepaper the other day....that I LOVE...I added some flowers!! It just came together.

The paper is so easy to work with and the Studio 490 flowers with some Idea-ology are just what the box needed!

So take another look at things....rethink...and add. A little something goes a long way.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Simple Desk Clock

I bought this cool clock from Kaiser Craft the last time I was in St. Louis shopping with Cecile and Wendy. Found it in a drawer the other day......sound familiar?!?!?! Amazing the gifts you find to yourself when you go hunting through your many drawers in the studio.

Anyway....I wanted to use some of the Kimberly Poloson papers we're using in my class at Scrap St. Louis next week and so here they are.

These papers are so cool! They have beautiful designs on them that are so neat to put Distress Inks over since they're a vinyl of some sort, and don't take the ink. Kind of like stamping with embossing ink and then using clear powder on it.

I am easily amused!

So I used her stickers, and her shape punchouts to make this easy clock. Yes, that is a Studio 490 background polka dot stamp.....gotta have at least ONE stamp.

Now the thing drives me crazy with the sensitive!!!!

Create ART!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt- Graphic 45 UPDATE

Check out the Graphic 45 blog for today!!!! You might see a familiar face there with some projects using their wonderful papers!!!!

We had an Easter Egg Hunt before all the cold wind and rain hit. That Jerry the Easter Bunny did quite a good job.

Emma has named the rabbit Jerry, it seems they have a relationship in that he visits with eggs in the backyard frequently....every time she's here.
I think Poppie has something to do with this phenomenon!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Display Board for Cuttlebug

Friday DH and I decided to take a trip back to the QC's and have dinner with my daughter and her husband. Of course, you can't go somewhere and not SHOP for STUFF.

So, I went to the new digs for Scrapaganza in Davenport, Iowa!!!! WOW!!!! Cool new shop location and TONS of stuff. Got some more Studio 490 stamps, Idea-ology Foliage, Graphic 45 and 7Gypsies papers! Cha-ching!

And some gal named Wendy was teaching there....HA! Surprised her and disrupted the class, but they'll get over it.

Anyhoo, I was trying to tell Kelly about the wonders of the Cuttlebug and we agreed that I'd just send a display board picture with some cool things it does. So here's a peek at the project. AND I got info on high authority, that they are NOT, repeat NOT going to stop making the Cuttlebug embossing folders.

Grungeboard, thin metal, thin Chipboard, TSS metal, paper, Maya Mists, Distress Inks....just a sampling of the prospects.

Enjoy....Create ART.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alcohol Inks on Acrylic + Copper!

Margaret asked me to try something with this great little ornament the other day. This is a Pageframe Christmas Onrnament #2 piece of Acrylic. The middle section is punched with tiny hole to allow shiny ribbon to be threaded through so it can hang.

The Alcohol Inks were used on one side and paper on the other as Tim Holtz showed in his demo. Black ink stamped on it removes the color for a great effect. The copper side has a few rhinestones for glitz.

I also used Copper Mixative and Cinnamon Stickles on the the project. The last shot TRIES to show how the Ten Seconds Studio Copper on the middle section shows through for a really gorgeous color through the alcohol ink.

Have fun and Create ART!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Periwinkle Metal Book Class

We're having another Ten Seconds Studio METAL class!!!

Some of you missed the 1st class with the jewelry and wanted another one. We're taking sign-ups for that. But, if you'd like to get your introduction to metal OR you want to learn another way to use your metal, come and join us April 19th at Scrapbook Friend'z!!!

We will use your Bind-It-All, and 3 colors of metal to make a great little book for treasures. Add in few bits of ephemera and a couple of rhinestones for glitz and it will make anyone happy.

Click on the link on the side and call for a place.

The sun is shining and I just had to go move some flowers around in the garden. The lilies and irises are coming up like crazy.

Enjoy the day....Create ART....or play in the garden.