Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Trying to "Be In the Moment"

The Finnabair Ambassadors post is up and the theme was "Lush layers with Art Alchemy, papers, lace and a touch of frost." Pretty cool idea, eh?  I loved the idea. So here is my story and some thoughts along the way. Links and tips of course, as well.

Bill and I moved to a new place very close to the Mississippi River where he was raised. We find a kind on peace driving along the riverfront near us in the evening to watch the beautiful sunsets and check out the boat-launch area. We've seen deer roaming along the bike paths, 
coyotes running across the railroad tracks, kids catching frogs, barges and watercraft of all sorts, on our journeys. 

This trip I decided to grab some dried blossoms and twigs for my project.

I started with a 5x7wrapped canvas using the back side with the hollow inset. I coated it with soft gloss gel and wrapped tissue paper all around the canvas area. Various scraps of torn papers were also added with the gel utilizing their bright colors. 

I sprayed the piece with a mixture of water and pale silver mica powder. When dry I added paper paste and the floral net stencil to sections. The next layer is with metallique paints and some stamped images.

In the center section I glued in layers of lace. When it was dry, I added more paints and a mixture of glass glitter and micro beads. 

The trim was glued in place with 3D matte and gloss gels as well as the antique label and cheesecloth. 

The casting is painted with white pearl metallique paint and accented with a wash of umber liquid acrylic paint. The paper flower is painted and adorned with more glass glitter and micro beads. 

I added Art Sugar, an extra fine glitter, to the buds of the wild flowers and some spray mica powders. 

The mechanical is also painted and it's all put together with the 3D matte gel. I was going to add several more mechanicals, but this time I went with "less is more" giving it a more simpler touch than I'm generally used to. 

I did have to add the silvery trim as the last layer just to add a bit more sparkle. 

That about does it. I hope you're inspired to get out your supplies and create something just for fun. 

Now, here's the great thing about being on Finnabair's Brand Ambassador's Team AND Retro Cafe Art Gallery's Team......YOU get to see links to both sites here! Finn loves RCAG, and RCAG loves Finn. So it's a win, win for everybody. Mixed Media Place is in Ireland, so if that works best for you, great. If Indiana, USA is closer to home....check out the links to Retro Cafe Art Gallery. I love them both. 

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