Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Combining New Patinas, Sparks and Stone Effects from Finnabair on a Tag

As a Finnabair Brand Ambassador,
 I am lucky to get to play with the new product lines that just came out.

This tag is a sampling of some of the new Pastes, Waxes, Stone Effects and Sparks.

I hope you enjoy them and are as excited as I was to try these new products.

I used black low-temp hot glue and an Iron Orchid Designs mould to create the piece at the top. It only has some Vintage Gold Metallique Wax added here.

I added the Stone Effects Paste Limestone to the black tag using the Netting Stencil. When dry, I added several Art Alchemy Waxes. 
Metalliques-Rose Gold and Rich Copper
Antique Brilliance-Mystic Turquoise and Fire Ruby
Opal Magic-Blue Velvet

Then I took out some Mechanicals and started to lay them out.

This was my original plan. I later opted for paper flowers in the center with a couple more pieces of metal and a broken piece of a paper clay mould from IOD.

The base is the Mechanical Clock Face with 2 Leaves 1 Mechanicals.

At any rate, I painted them all with Heavy White Gesso.

I added some Patina Effects Paste to the flourish and other pieces. This stuff adds color AND texture. I know you're going to love it. 

Then I used my "digital applicator" aka my finger, to add some waxes. You can see the high contrast with the Turquoise Patina Paste and the Fire Ruby Wax.

Pretty cool!

Every time you turn it, you get at different color and shine. 

The Numbers and Flowers also have the fantastic Sparks Acrylic Paints added. I've seen nothing like these paints. They have a totally different sparkle to them.

The Rich Copper and Fire Ruby Waxes really add contrast to everything they touch, especially the black mould at the bottom

The last thing I did was add some Glass Glitter and Micro Beads as filler.

More sparkle and shine!

I hope you enjoy this and will check out the rest of the Ambassadors on Friday on Finnabair's blog www.finnabair.com.

You'll see more of the new products and great tips!

Your Friend in ART,


P.S. Products should be shipping to local stores the first part of February.

Monday, January 2, 2017

An Altered Desk Organizer

Yes, it's been a while, but now that the holidays are past us, I'll share a project I worked on through the many days of buying, wrapping, and giving.

This now sits on my desk with my brushes and tools at my fingertips. 

It has copper stain glass foil on the tops and the front. Different light angels make it show up at 2 different colors, but it's really a gorgeous, shiny copper color you see on the tops.

The wooden boxes and base are from a company several years ago that's no longer in business. 

I used the fantastic Iron Orchid Designs Moulds and paper clay to create the pieces that are glued onto the wooden boxes. (a fantastic video on working with the moulds and paper clay are found on Thicketworks.com. Heather is brilliant!)

So after you've glued them onto the boxes, it's time to paint with Heavy Black Gesso from Finnabair/Prima, and then add her luscious Art Alchemy Paints. I used lots of layers of Metalliques and Opal Magics to create this look.

Waxes from Inka Gold-Viva are used in places as well. This is a process of many layers of different colors.

The copper foil was the perfect width for adding to the top of the boxes and it will make it more durable.

I filled in different spots with stamping and Archival Black Ink. 

Load it up with your supplies and it's ready to sit on your desktop for display and functionality. 

Depending on your location, you can find these products at 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery in the USA or
from Finnabair at Mixed Media Place in Ireland.

Thanks for stopping by, and let us know what you think.

Your Friend in ART,