Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Configuration Transformer...hehe!

A side view of the completed (finally) Configuration.  Bill said it looked like a Transformer!  I think he's absolutely right!
This is made starting with the 5.5 x 5.5 Configuration, but leftover boxes from other Configs were added.
The left side has the bulb colored with Alcohol Inks. The little mesh purse is a find from my friend Ann's husband. 

This side section has a Corked Vial with Alcohol Inks and a label. The bulbs were added by cutting a hole in the top of the boxes.

The Fractured Doll is dressed in Tissue Tape and a metallic ribbon. The round vintage piece above her is from Vintaj.

You probably recognize the Graphic 45 Rose under the little swimmer guy. I've saved these pieces and waited for the opportunity to collect them all together in a fun spot. 

The key on the side is an antique from my collection.

Just a closeup look at the bottles and the embossed copper top. The canvas corner is used for the roof. Alcohol Inks were added and an old corner from years ago seemed to call to me for the peak.

This is rough. It's been painted, sanded, sprayed, and stamped. It is definitely "vintage" looking in person.

That was part of the fun in making it. It didn't have to be "perfect" in every aspect. Pealed paint and sanded edges added to the look.

The bottom sections act as legs. The are filled with round objects. The one furthest on the left is a tin lid filled with Glossy Accents and watch parts.

Old stash paper clips connect the 2 sections together.

Hangers add a little something to the corners.

Put them all together, and this is what you get.

Hope you all remain safe through this ugly spring weather we're experiencing in the Midwest. It's been a rough ride.

Hug your loved ones and for Pete's Sakes....Be GOOD to each other!!! Life's too short!

Your Friend in ART,


Sunday, May 22, 2011

How I stamp on metal .....

Everyone has their way of stamping on various substrates. But the new Archival Inks on the Metal Foil Tape was a fun challenge for me.

I told you earlier you can stamp and seal.

Well, here's an even easier way to do least for me.

I used the new Metal Foil Tape from Ranger, Glossy Accents and an old brush.  Put a bit of Glossy Accents on your metal and spread evenly and very thinly on the metal.

Be sure to keep working it evenly until all the bubbles are gone. The thinner you spread it, the less the bubbles show up.

Let dry and stamp with Archival Ink colors of your choice. I used a Haberdashery stamp here from Tim. Very VINTAGE looking!!!!

The middle one has gesso on the chipboard and Rose Madder Archival Inks lightly added and wiped off. Heat set to dry.

I also used Claudine's Gesso on the metal, let it dry, and then stamped images from Adverts Stamp set from Tim.

Be sure to HEAT SET your inks with the Heat Tool or they will not dry.

I used a scallop pair of scissors to trim and added to heavy black chipboard.

These fun labels can be added to little bottles of anything you find around the house. I used Jet Black Ink here.

Enjoy and happy CREATING ART!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Tim's District Market @ Inspiration Emporium! And Ranger's new Archival Ink Sample

Well, I got my Studio cleaned up a bit. Filled the waste basket full of stuff I could part with after experimenting with the new Ranger Archival Inks.

They are very cool on Glossy Card Stock!!!! Vibrant colors and gorgeous combinations.

This one didn't make the cut, but I thought I'd show you some learning experiences.
"Embrace the Imperfections."
"Then throw them away..."
Maybe that's not exactly what Tim said.

I tried several things here. One that was fun was shadow stamping. I used the lighter colors first as the shadows, and the Sepia over the top. It takes some practice to make sure you get the 2 stampings even.

Needless to say I threw several away.  This one wasn't too bad. Got the Deep Purple guy a bit too dark. So I went with a lighter color next.

The Butterflies and Moths stamps up perfect over the background of Chrome Yellow. Colors used here are the new Viridian, Venetian Orange, and Deep Purple.

You know me, I don't clean my stamps, I just twist the color off on scrap paper. So I found the colors blending to form even richer colors after that. Works for me!


AND I just got word that Inspiration Emporium has Tim's new District Market line for pre-order!!!!!!

I LOVE the Totes and Tissue Wrap.....


These products are to die for!!!!! LOVE the Notecards....Lost and Found.


And the Burlap cool! Check them out @ Inspiration Emporium. They have them all coming soon! So PRE-ORDER now.

So many new Finished little time.

Thursday was Kindergarten Graduation. What a hoot! Nothing like a stage full of celebrities with a chance to speak into a microphone! Emma did great! Here Poppie straightens her hat.

Have a great weekend. We're probably going to have a washout here!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Tips and Tricks - Lots of Playing Around

I know I've been a bad blogger lately. But it's been really busy here with all kinds of "end of year" things going on.

Kindergarden graduation. HS Graduation. Class Kitting...we cut 65 Chunky ATC's this morning. Book making with the girls. Book keeping...(yuck). And getting the garden planted and mulched....yada. yada. yada.

So today I am waiting for glue to dry on a project with the new Archival Inks from Ranger....making some samples up.  And I thought I'd show you a few things to think about.

Did you know that painting with the Perfect Pearls and water on Graphic 45 Curtain Call-Moulin Rouge makes for a gorgeous work of ART????

The Peacock feathers are awesome...the boa is done with the white PP and it's stunning. Much prettier in person.

And did you can stamp on the new Metal Foil Tape from Ranger that's out now with the Ranger Archival Inks. You heat set and seal.  There's another way to do this I'll show you later.

The bottle is from Tim's Corked Vials with Alcohol Inks swirled inside for color. The stamps are Adverts from Tim.

And here's a little project I've been working on FOREVER!!! But note the background stamp. Tanya @ Stampers Ink where I'm teaching in August just bought Cornish Heritage Farm Stamps!!!!! YAY!!!

I LOVE their stamp blocks and backgrounders. The one in the picture is called "Stitches" from them.  SOOOOO....look for some great stamps coming back.

And last but not's some of the new colors from Ranger's Archival Inks. Gorgeous colors...Viridian, Chrome Yellow and Venetian Orange. Just a sampling of the many colors. (They're great artist color names that I love) They'll be here soon. The Butterflies and Moths are from the Papillon set.

So many possibilities...........I'll bring them to the upcoming classes with some samples and you can see how fantastic they are.

Gotta go. The sunlight is so welcome in the Studio today..........finally!

Be Well and Be Good to Each Other.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Done in the Garden....back to the Studio

Embossed Copper Glue Foil from Streuter with Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks and a new mixture I came up with today. I'm sure someone else has used it somewhere on a blog, but this came to me today.

It's Tim Holtz Stream Adirondack Color Wash and Perfect Pearls Turquoise painted over the top of the metal and inks.

I'm not a true gardener. When it gets hot and humid......I'm done!

I don't LOVE gardening, but I LOVE the results. I just like to sit back and enjoy the view for the rest of the season.

So that's where I'm at today. 18 bags of mulch laid, numerous pots planted, and annuals put in the garden.......and I'm off to the Studio to PLAY!

I've got to get crackin' here and get kits going for Memory Bound classes June 3-4 in Ankeny, Iowa.

Got an email from Dawn yesterday.

We have lots of people signed up!!! YAY!!! I'm a happy camper.

There are only a couple spots left in the 4 Square Metal Canvas class but it's filling up quickly.

And the Chunky ATC proved great fun in Elmhurst...I was REALLY happy everyone enjoyed it there. It does just "make you smile."

The Steampunk Graphic 45 papers on the Artful Dwellings were a hit, too. Lots of work, but worth the effort.

Sooooooooooo, it's nice and cool in the studio, the sun is shining in the windows, and I"m off on another tangent.

Be Well and Be good to each other........we're all we've got!


Don't forget the monthly challenge at Inspiration Emporium. It's using packaging this month with a $50 PRIZE!!!!  Click here.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Class Pictures and a Spring Garden

I spent the day in the garden. Such a gorgeous day. I was digging up plants for the Morton HS Plant sale.

This is the fun part....I need to get a load of mulch. Not so much fun to put that out. But things are getting there.

I almost waited too long to take pictures of the Tulips. Really glad I took the time to plant them last fall.

The Pulmonaria has loved the tons of rain and cool weather.

The colors were wonderful today. And thank you for the sunshine.

And here's some of the gals in the Chunky ATC Class at Creative Cuts and Crafts last Saturday!!

We had a blast.....and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the fun we all had.

These gals are so talented!!

For more pics go to the shop's HIGHLIGHTS here. Worth the time...what a HOOT!

I'll be going back in stay tuned!!!

Tonight the Morton Symphonic Band blew me away....and everyone else. The incredible pieces they played will be played again at the U of I in Krannert Hall on Saturday for Illinois Super State Concert. Good Luck Kids!

It was a concert that will be very hard to top....a college band could not have impressed me any more. These kids played the most difficult music and played it so well.

 Sooooo proud of you all.....especially my son, Jeff, the Music Man.

Linda aka Band Mom