Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bird Song from Graphic 45 & a Paper Mache Box

**Added 2 new pictures to try to explain how this thing works better.**

First, I'll try to keep it simple...the GORGEOUS papers speak for themselves.

I was fortunate to have been able to follow Deb Emmons fast retreating footsteps at CHA and get one of 45 new paper pads of  Bird Song  at the  Graphic 45 booth...could not have done it without her leading the way!!!!

That said.....this is what I did to honor the papers I was given!

Thanks to all the G45 ladies...soooo talented and beautiful.

This is a cabinet box I found at Ben Franklins a few weeks ago...very cool, but wait till you open it up!

This is what it looks like when its drying on my worktable having the edges painted and propped open to dry.

While waiting for paint to dry....hmmmm...I got out my various markers and began adding shadows and bits of color to certain areas.

Isn't she breath-taking???

This is a top view after all the layers of paper are glued on.

You could not add embellishments or the creation would not it's rather flat.

I LOVE the butterflies in the turquoise papers Endless Spring that contrast wonderfully with the red-orange fans of the Good Fortune strip paper on the front lids.

The other panels with the flowers are trimmed in the green Harmony paper.

This is the back when the piece is opened up.

The birds are enhanced with markers as well and a bit of watercolor pencil on the flowers.

The skinny red paper with dots is from an older line, but it was the perfect red for contrast without having a pattern that was too busy.

The inside of the boxes have the STUNNING Joy Luck flowered paper with the black background.

Probably one of my all-time outlining for me every time!

Here you can see the fence post top that I found to fit perfectly for the base.

One of my favorite places to browse is Lowes....or Menards...I love wood.

Here you can see where I used 2 pieces on the front to make a large enough section.

The birds are soooo pretty with the white flowers.

Both are panels from the Tranquility paper.

**New Picture**

**New Picture**

This shows a little different angle of the front being's hard to realise how this really wraps around the corner and the black emblem acts as a closure...sort of.

And finally, this is a shot looking down from the top.

I HAD to use the fantastic Jasmine Dream with my favorite color combination...Red, Black, and Tan that you see here.

Now, if you want to see another piece using the Bird Song papers...go check out the NEW SITE for The Gentleman Crafter....with Jim Hankins.

So that's it for to get to the TV to watch the Olympics.

Good luck to's thrilling to watch, but the gymnastics are so hard on me. I don't take the stress well for those kids...the soccer is easier. You always get a few more chances to shine.

Be well and be good to each other.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to Painting...Back to my Roots

Back from CHA and had a WONDERFUL time!

There truly is NOTHING more fun than having friends that love ART! I am so blessed.

This is a piece I did a while back for a Breast Cancer Awareness benefit auction.

It's on a 5x5 stretched canvas with Golden Heavy Body and Fluid Acrylics.

The canvas is encased in the plain wooden frame I learned to make YEARS ago from Claudine Hellmuth in one of her books.

It works great for stretched canvases and is a rustic way to add something to your art.

The Butterflies are Graphic 45, of course, as is the gorgeous lady by Alphonse Mucha.

She's from the Monaco-Monte-Carlo print.

He is definitely my favorite Art Nouveau artist.

I added Glossy Accents to the butterflies for dimension.

The doily is underneath all the layers of paint and I love how it turned out!

The lovely lady is accented with pens and layered onto black chipboard. She's protected with a thin layer of Micro Glaze by Judi Kins.

That stuff is WONDERFUL.

I've had it for years and a small jar lasts forever.

That's it for today.

I've got another 8x8 piece I'll show you later.

Always movin'...never standing still...jumping from one medium to another.

What shall I play with next...perhaps a bit more sewing!!!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Hodge-Podge of Photos from CHA

This is just for rhyme or reason to it at all.

Just just take it for what it's worth...entertainment.

I LOVED this project we made in Donna Downey's class!!!

It's an 8x8 canvas with Gelatos, inks, paper, stamps...oh, so much going on here!

And so happy for Candy Rosenberg's creation winning Fan's Favorite and Judge's Favorite of the show!

The detail here is over-the-top amazing...check out the bird.

Congrats to Candy!!!

Did you hear Graphic 45 had a Vintage Photo Booth???

It was so cool...hats, boas, Charee and I posed for a really fun shot.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Graphic 45 family and all their products.

Definitely the Royal Family of Paper Crafting.

Sadly I didn't get one single shot of the booth...what was wrong with me??? I was too stunned to take photos I guess.

I just gotta show you one of my favorite shots from the show with Gentleman Jim Hankins and Shelly Hickox...fellow DT members. xxx

And now for the "Shelly Show!"

Check out these fabulous projects she brought to the show.

Her Apothecary Shop on Wheels..awesome.

Her snowman project..gorgeous.

Her cards sitting amongst the new Bags from Tim.

And this one is fantastic....the fold-out Halloween box!

She's after your job Vanna!

Now, we're on to KaiserCraft...oh what beautiful projects in here.

Love the Christmas things...

And these storage still my beating heart!

More to drool over..... I didn't get a picture of my girl Melissa Kennedy, but we always have a great hug.

Be well, my friend.

This is a T-shirt with the new Fabric Paints in a pen by Tulip.

I truly loved doing this class with Judy Haeffle from Prairie Art Stamps...she is such a talented Artist.

She paints like nobody's business...

  Soooooo many possibilities here.

Then we highlighted it with glitter.

I need to do it again to do it well, but you get the idea. They are PERMANENT when dry. Not heat setting involved. Brilliant!

The Uber Talented Ania Dabrowska aka Finnabair, in front of her masterpieces in the Prima booth.
 (sorry I misspelled earlier..corrected now)
She is as sweet as she is brilliant.

The lighting in the hall makes for terrible pictures, but this is a new board with some awesome creations on it...I think Kaz and Candy C. are on here...just guessing.

A couple of more of the dresses...sorry I don't know the designer, but she got honors as well.

And one more of my faves!

These new stamp designs are hand drawn by Mario Jr. for Stamper's Anonymous.

They were on a large drafting table in the display.

And this is part of the SA booth.

This gorgeous beauty was sitting in the LeBlanche booth...I think...someone correct me if I'm wrong.

She was stunning!

Now I'll bore you with pictures of me and friends.

The ever popular Dylan Reaveley..Lady Dy!

Caesar and Gentleman Jim.

And Lynne Forsythe and I after a fun, fun day.

She's really on a go get 'em, girlfriend!!!

And last, but certainly not least, the gorgeous Lisa M. Pace.

Her class was OUTSTANDING...when I get it done, I'll post a picture.

This one is awful of me...looks just like me though, but Lisa is gorgeous here, so I had to post it. She is stunning as a redhead.

That's all I got.....let's hear it for all the talented people who worked TONs, and TONs of hours to help put this show together.

Your Friend in ART,


Monday, July 16, 2012

UPDATE: Greetings from CHA Chicago

Just a short post....had a fabulous day with classes and the girls.

I took several pictures and my camera decided to delete several.

I've no idea why or what happened.

It only deleted some, not all.

And I'm on my little notebook so bear with me....

So this is what I still have.

Had an over-the-top class with the talented Candy Rosenberg where we made this fantastic wall hanging from Canvas Corp, May Arts and more...

She is such a great teacher. Love her to pieces!

Isn't this too fun..not the best picture, but you get the idea

And THIS amazing project was done by one of the helpers there...I wish I knew her name to give her credit, but it was absolutely stunning!!!

Steampunk at it's finest!

And of course the delightful Dynamic Duo of Deb and Lynne.

She's Rockin' this World, Miss Lynne is....stay tuned for further developments!

UPDATE:  found a picture of Tim's project that I took with my phone!

The little lantern turns on!!! Isn't it adorable???

This is Terri's project from Prairie Art Stamps...she didn't get into picture...sorry Terri!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm on the Road.....LOOK OUT!

Well, I'm off, shortly to Rosemont. CHA or BUST!

Hoping to have a great time and see some old friends, and finally meet some new ones.

It's gonna be HOT!

Here's what I worked on yesterday to wear.

Another Cuff Bracelet, a little more subdued, but none the less fancy.

It will be fun to wear at the convention.

I fell back on an old color combo favorite...burgundy and olive.

The trim with the pearls are actually from a baptismal gown I made for Erin probably 10 years ago.

It's the only piece of trim left, and it was exactly the right length.

Some thing just work out that way.

The flowers and Battenburg Lace trim are from my stash. Way too much water has gone under the bridge for me to remember who they were by.

Get out your loads of "stuff" and just play.

I know the green trim came from a shop in Springfield Missouri, as I recall.

Other than's a mish-mash of things gone by.

And the vintage buttons are again the closure, but with a different design.

Be Well, I'll take pictures if I remember and post later.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Earrings and Stamps......whadayathink?

Short and Sweet today....

I was just playing around the other day with some stamps...

and some spray inks....

and some markers...

and some earring findings...

and this is what I got!

Now you can see, I added a crystal to the earrings, for just a bit more bling.

They do sparkle more than the picture shows.

But the project was too fun.

These little darlings are sitting next to a 1" diameter button.

You can't see the holes in the "eye" charms, but they're there.

The little gal could be used on a pin or necklace....use your imagination.

I stuck her on my CHA had to be done!

 I need a little more practice with the designs, but they were definitely fun to play around with.

These, of course, are Dylan's Dylusions stamps.

I started out with a paintbrush and her Dylusions Spray Inks for color, and jumped around with Tim Holtz and Tombow markers of various sorts to get the colors I wanted.

Let me know what you think.

Guess what they're stamped on....