Monday, July 16, 2012

UPDATE: Greetings from CHA Chicago

Just a short post....had a fabulous day with classes and the girls.

I took several pictures and my camera decided to delete several.

I've no idea why or what happened.

It only deleted some, not all.

And I'm on my little notebook so bear with me....

So this is what I still have.

Had an over-the-top class with the talented Candy Rosenberg where we made this fantastic wall hanging from Canvas Corp, May Arts and more...

She is such a great teacher. Love her to pieces!

Isn't this too fun..not the best picture, but you get the idea

And THIS amazing project was done by one of the helpers there...I wish I knew her name to give her credit, but it was absolutely stunning!!!

Steampunk at it's finest!

And of course the delightful Dynamic Duo of Deb and Lynne.

She's Rockin' this World, Miss Lynne is....stay tuned for further developments!

UPDATE:  found a picture of Tim's project that I took with my phone!

The little lantern turns on!!! Isn't it adorable???

This is Terri's project from Prairie Art Stamps...she didn't get into picture...sorry Terri!



Ryn Tanaka said...

Hey Linda, looks like you are having a blast at CHA. Neat projects!!!

Marijane said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing pics of the fab projects... wish I were there.

Lori said...

Looks fabulous! The Springfield gals are lots of fun!

Elaine A said...

I don't even have to ask if you are having a fabulous time Linda - LOL! I hope your photo issues clear up soon, although what you've taken so far are great!

Elaine Allen

Kathie said...

It looks like an awesome time!! Have fun!

Luthien said...

such happy faces!! a gathering of artists does that to everyone :)