Friday, February 22, 2008

The Swaps Arrived!

The SWAPS arrived today from Australia!!!! WHOO! WHOO! Greta did a terrific job of coordinating this thing. The first is the puzzle swap. I had no idea they made such large puzzle pieces....duh....I guess the purpose is so one can decorate them!!

I am so onto things....

Then the houses!!!! Need I say more. They are from mostly Australian Artists, but a few of us are from the US. Aren't these just to die for?!?!??!

I must make a backboard so I can put them across my bookcase. So fun to look you can't guess which one is mine. Here's a thought that just came to me. Guess which one is mine, I'll take the all the correct answers next Saturday, and draw from a hat for one on my little houses as a prize!!!
Most of these are made with JVO's "Collections" chipboard houses. But some are cut from mat board. I didn't have my shipment from her, so I just cut out my own. They all seem to work well together, don't you think?
Make your guesses!


Moonwillow said...

Linda, you have a great blog, please come and see what people are saying about you at my blog!

Cecile Nichols said...

Hi, Linda!

Your swaps are both fantastic! I've yet to play with those large puzzle pieces, but I hope to one day! Nicely done!

Also, your houses are great! Gee, I'll bet your house is in the top row, fourth from the left! Am I right?

Keep up the great art--you really do beautiful work!!


K Hutchinson said...

Holey mackerel, what awesome swaps! I have never done those big puzzle pieces...never even seen them. Gorgeous! The green on is my favorite!

The houses are all so is hard to tell which one is yours...but I think it is either...frist row- 4th one from the left OR bottom row - 3rd one from the left. Ok, since I bet I do not get two guess I will go with the top row one!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Escape said...

Hi Linda! How much fun are those swaps?!?! Love all those houses--they are all so different but yet fit together so well. I'm with the others, the one with the green star (4th from the left) in the top row.

See you on Saturday!

Linda Broom said...

Hey, Linda....too cute. I picked what I think is your's out immediately. Now I see that everyone else picked the same one. It's the 4th one from the left in the top row!!!! See you tomorrow!

Susan said...

Just discovered your blog - your art is wonderful. I love the houses. I just finished a similar collaborative house project and they were so fun to make. My guess is the same as others - fourth from left on top. Just seems to "look" like your other work.

Jen Crossley said...

Linda these looks awesome (although I did see them at Greta's).
I Really want to guess which is your's but that would be unfair as I already know!
Cant blame a girl for trying to get another piece of your amazing work
Take care

Anonymous said...

Love the houses! I think yours is the one with 'Life' on it. What a great collection you have there!!

Suse said...

Linda - I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now and just love all your art! I've been following your 'house' creations and each one is fabulous - as are all those you've received in the swap. Everyone seems to be on to your very wonderful, creative and distinctive style and along with the 100% majority so far, I feel almost sure yours is the 'Life' one with the green star.

kelsey said...

I'm not even going to TRY to guess Linda as I'm with everyone else....the green star, 4th from the left, top row....oh....guess I DID guess! lol

Awesome stuff and you're going to love how they look all together. They make great individual fridge magnets too, then you can change the town around when you want!

wendy vecchi said...

Lucky to see these little beauties in person yesterday. They are ALL wonderful!!
What a fun display!

Sarah said...

Wow i love these houses!! wonderful!!!

Unknown said...

i think your's is the middle on the bottom -- but they are all fantastic!

Lynn said...

Love the idea of a swap of the little houses! My guess is the 4th on from the left, on the top row. I think it looks like you... your style!!! Beautiful.

Rosie said...

These are wonderful! I don't know you, but I think yours is in the bottom row, centre house.
BTW - I'm in a Row Houses international swap hosted by Jeri (An artful gathering) and she gave us your blog for inspiration. I can so understand why! Thanks for sharing!

Carolyn said...

Agreement....they are all fantastic; however, I think your house is the one on the top row "Life" as you like to adorn your rooftops with stars or some type of embellishment and you like a pitched roof. However, there are a couple of them that could pass as your style.


Carolyn S

Anonymous said...

Well this is hard. Hey sure do all work together so well. My guess is the one that says "Life" on it. It's in the top row.

Pink Elephant Soapery said...

WOW!!! I have to go with the rest saying that the 4th from the left top row...but now I am not so sure...I downloaded the pic to see up close...this tuff! LOL! Maybe the 3rd from the left on the bottom row could be?? I pick all of them just to get my name in!! ROFL!!! ((hugs))

I love them all!

Unknown said...

I think your one is the one with Create, Remember on it.
This is a delightful street. I woul love to live on it.
The jigsaw pieces are amazing

Anonymous said...

ohhh how cool I have found your blog some really great inovative ideas, I think yours is 3rd along on botton row

Jennie said...

I would have to guess the 4th from the left top row or the 3rd along the bottom row or maybe both. Love them all. Love all your work.

Sarah said...

After lokking at your work i am going with the house with the green star Linda xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for the class Saturday. I was very determined to get out of the hospital so I could come, It did not disapoint,
I loved it. I finished my little houses and they look adoreable.
Carol Dickson