Monday, September 27, 2010

There's no place like home....

I'm a couple of days behind with blogging. The WiFi was soooooooooo slow I could not justify wasting any more time messing with it up there. So, here is how the we spent the last day at the Island View Resort....watching the boats come in and noticing how things had changed in just a week with the trees.

This is a sunset picture after the winds had died down and it was calm on the lake. There had been white caps earlier....not a day to fish for us.

This was the final throes of the sunset. There's nothing prettier to me than a sunset. Except a sleeping child....and well....other things too, but for the moment, this was beautiful.

This is the fishhouse. It's probably been there since the war. Seriously. The stone walls are decades old, and so cool. This is the 3rd family to own this place. We've been coming here for 25 years.

Across the lake you can see the bridge going to the mainland. The sun was really pretty on the trees. The lake is up several feet as you can tell by the waterline. We were north of the flooding, but they had lots of rain all over Minnesota.

We read out on the picnic table and drank coffee. Bill doesn't like to have his picture I got this on the sly.

The sun is just starting to go down in this shot. Love the leaves.

Two ducks were looking for dinner as the sunset added color to them.

Maple leaves that had been green when we arrived were turning every night.

I must show you the picture of Erin as the stand in for "Bruno" the child in the show "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." She was outstanding, and so brave to jump in there. We were all extremely proud of her.

A thrift shop visit for shoes, a shirt, some shorts and a cap, just a couple of hours before the show, and she was ready to go. No one was prouder of her than her Dad. Great job, Erin. Now the highschooler that plays the part is well and back in the show.

And the last shot is of Bill and a small Northern he caught. He said he looked like a sissy using the towel to take him off, but I couldn't find the gloves quick enough and that thing has TEETH! I knew he'd throw him back if I didn't get the shot fast.....hence the towel.

We spent 11 hours traveling home in the rain, mostly downpours, until we got to Peoria. It must have followed us all the way. It was a miserable day. We saw 5 vehicles in the ditch. I was just glad to get home without an incident.

There really is NO place like HOME!

Be Well....and I won't bore you any more with vacation pictures....

Until the next time!!!



Helen said...

What gorgeous photos - the sunset, and the trees - wonderful. Thank you for letting us into your holiday with you!

Scrapthat said...

Great pics! Love the one of Bill reading and also the sunset. TFS!

Lori said...

What great pictures! They would make great photo cards. Yay Erin! What a cutie! Oh, and so is Bill! lol!

Sharon Margiotta said...

Love the vacation pics ... what a beautiful place! But there is nothing better than your own bed, your own pillow, your own coffee .. and your own studio to play in!

SusanK said...

If your vacation picks are always like those, share away! Glad you're back safe & sound!

Val said...

Wow - some stunning pics, and it looks a fabulous place for a holiday.

Candy C said...

Beautiful vacation spot! Everything looks so serene. Looking at these really made me ready for fall! I'm almost a "neighbor" of yours. I live in Springfield, Missouri. No turning of the leaves here yet!

2amscrapper said...

Great photos. Wonderful to catch up. Glad you're back!

Art By Wanda said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation... I enjoy reading and seeing the pics while you are there.