Friday, September 24, 2010

Know what this is???????

It's a dive-bombing Witch on a Broomstick! Just messing around today.

Yep, it's Ten Seconds Studio metal and Tim's Alterations dies. The Bewitching Hour and Gingerbread dies are used with a sandwich of Grungepaper and WonderTape.

The Rick Rack green piece is run through the Texture Plate-Dot Matrix to add a bit of dimension.

Then of course I used my Funky Flames stamp with Black Archival Ink and some hand painted flames with Lettuce Alcohol ink in your Fillable Pen. Just added a little more color where it still needed something.

~So here you go. Get out your metal and stamp something cool on it. Or run some through the little machine and emboss the heck out of them....sand them off and add some Alcohol inks with your own personal designs.
The internet connection here has been very low and at some times non-existent, so Uploading pictures is something that takes great patience. However, today it's better since most people have left the resort. It started to get REALLY windy last night at midnight. Today it's not raining, but the wind is bad.
Minnesota has been hit hard with training rainstorms. We've been lucky here, but one of the highways we use is closed at some point. A friend is going home now and will call to let us know how the roads are.
So, it could be a day to read again....the book is really good!!!!! And maybe
Create ART!

Go Create Something.....have some fun!


Jutta said...

Whow thats a lovely witch. Halloween can come.

Kathyk said...

FAB Halloween project and you could be right - if the weather's nasty just stay in and create!!!


Lori said...

Dive bombing witch, now that's funny, I don't care who you are.... very cool, I think I'm really starting to like that die! Should be nice now that people are leaving the resort... lol...

SusanK said...

Chilly, overcast, dreary here - enjoy the resort as it empties out. Yep, a great day to be in my art room!

Netty said...

Brilliant fun witch, love it. x

Plume said...

Just hope the weather gets friendlier over in your region. By the way I love your witch, especially the stamps design on the dis-cut!

Candy C said...

Love your witch idea! Very cute and very creative! I love your creativity! It's inspiring! :)