Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Relics and Artifacts Steampunk Angel

OK, I'll admit this is really different....
and kind of creepy.

But I guess, sometimes Steampunk is exactly that.

Anyway, I really had a fun time making this one with lots of 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery 
Coffee Break Design Cut Outs,
and some other new products in
the shop.

First, I took out a few Relics and Artifacts and some 
Art Alchemy Paints from Finnabair.

The one on the left is with Rich Turquoise and Black Gesso, and the one on 
the right is with several Opal Magics and Black Gesso.

You just have to experiment and keep adding or rubbing off the paints.

I painted the Steampunk Wings with Black Gesso and then added several
Opal Magic colors and some Light Patina.

The Opal Magics on Black Gesso are too cool for words!

Each way you turn it brings out a different color.

I used Aqua-Rose, Yellow-Blue and Blue-Gold here.

Stunning, no???

The Mechanicals and Gears are painted with Metalliques and more
Opal Magics.  Some are left as is as well.

The Butterfly has Fresh Orange on the Wings, and Aqua-Rose on the body.

I painted the body with Black Gesso and then dry-brushed 
Opal Magics all around. 

I used my Left-Over mix of Copper Micro Beads and
Platinum Glass Glitter as filler.

Maybe the reason I think it's kind of creepy is because I think this really
looks a lot like an actor that was recently in a movie.

Any Guesses???

I used Structure Medium to stiffen up the lace and added a few 
of the Rhinestone Chain links to blend in the head and torso.

The Wire didn't show up as well as I'd hoped, so I added a layer
of Gold Rush Metallique to brighten it up. 

The German Dresden is dusted with Turquoise Inka Gold.

As a last ditch effort, I cut apart the Iron Orchid Design piece I 
made with the Baroque 3 mold and LOW-TEMP hot glue, painted 
it with Violet-Green Opal Magic and glued it on for 
a bit of contrast and flare. That OM color will knock your 
socks off! 

All the paints can be used right on the metal embellishments. The large 
gear is painted with Silver Spoon and the one right under the 
Butterfly is painted with Gold Rush, Fresh Orange and some
Turquoise Inka Gold.

What do you think??? Too creepy, or just enough?

Finnabair Art Ingredient - Platinum Glass Glitter, Copper Micro Beads
Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallique Paints
Finnabair Art Alchemy Opal Magic Paints
   Aqua-Rose, Blue-Gold, Yellow-Blue and Violet-Green

Friday, March 18, 2016

A Simple Tag for Finnabair Blog

Yes, it's my turn again on the 

Everyone loves to see a project they can make themselves without taking hours 
or days to complete. 

Art is supposed to be relaxing and fun....
(I wish)

instead of creating stress.
(At least that's what I hear...)

So, I tried to make something easy, fun, and 
low on the stress level.

Let me know if it worked.

I started with a plain black #8 tag and 3 of my favorite colors of
Opal Magic Paints.

Aqua-Rose, Pink-Blue and Green- Gold.

with the Clear Messy stamp. You can get both the Black and White Gesso in
the 6 Pack

I used the Aqua-Rose on the Rose that gave it the pinkish metallic color, and sprayed it with Black Cherry Mica Powder+Water Spray. 

This paper rose was an aqua color to begin with. I added Dark Velvet,
  Rich Turquoise, and Light Patina Metallique Paints, and sprayed with Gold and Blue Mica Powder sprays. 

This was an interesting experiment. I TORE very thin strips of old white T-shirt material and soaked it with Sculpture Medium-Clear.

When dry, it makes a nice stiff embellishment for the tag. 

I cut pieces of cotton trim and covered them with Sculpture Medium. 
The metallic gold ric-rac also worked well when wrapped around a metal 
rod and dried.

This is how I used the T-shirt strips behind the piece.

I also add the Medium to the leaf. Then sprayed with the Mica Sprays.

The roses have some glitz added with Black and Copper Micro Beads and
Violet Glass Glitter to really create some contrast.

I mounted it on a piece of black chipboard, added some pen marks, and called it
a day.

I could go on, and know how I am, but I wanted this clean and simple.

I so admire people who can create pieces like that.

So give it a go.....

Hope it works for you.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Featured Guest at Tuesday Tutorials with Marjie Kemper

I am so thrilled to be featured on my friend 
Marjie Kemper's 

She really does a tremendous job of keeping the 
Art Community informed and up on so many different
styles and techniques that we love to share with
all of you.

This week she's featuring my 
Steampunk Box 
that I did for the 
Finnabair Creative Team.

This is the top view,
and the view after I added 
typewriter keys and legs. 

Please click here to check out this wonderful place to see so many 
different Artists at Work and join her

Your won't be sorry.