Monday, August 13, 2018

Tiny Houses with the Ladies

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've blogged. For one thing, my really old HP died....just like that, after a power outage, it was gone. It left and never came back. (And yes, it was plugged into a surge protected, but it was it's time)

After a week or so, I put on my big girls panties and made my decision to buy a Mac....I know, you all knew that was the answer long ago, but I'm a late bloomer - a flower child.

So I'll share this with you as the summer gets back into it's hot session and it's time to go back to school. I'm learning to navigate the beast, and I hope I'm winning.

This is a collection of 3 Charming Houses from
Retro Cafe Art Gallery.
They have perfect inch square window frames. If you've followed me for years, you know I LOVE houses. It's what I started with years ago and I'll always be drawn to them.

I made them a few months ago, but never got around to posting since Kristin took a wonderful leave of absence to have the cutest little guy ever, Fletcher.

I painted the houses, windows and roofs with heavy white gesso. The Mechanicals-Vintage Snowflakes are treated to a couple of layers of Art Alchemy Waxes to give them more color.

This house has been decorated with the beautiful Graphic45 Tropical Travelogue 8x8 papers.

Each house has its own personality. This one has a vintage lace feel using the Ladies Diary papers and a beautiful black and white butterfly with coordinating Prima flower on top. I've added more micro beads with gloss gel to each flower and a touch of distress ink.

I love this butterfly with his pointed wings. This one has papers from different collections, but they all blend together really well.

As you may have noticed, being a rebel by nature, I turned the windows around at an angel. The old wooden barns used to have this type of window up in the eves years ago. It reminded me of them.

The houses have a hole in the top that can be used to add a string or cord in order to make it a hanging decoration. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with them yet. They could also be used as a center for a collage.

Most products are available at the Retro Cafe Art Gallery shop by clicking the links below. How easy would these be to make for Christmas gifts, eh?!?!

Check them out and let me know what you think. Give it a go.

Your Friend in ART,


Products Used:
Charming Inchie Window House Ornament - Style 1
Charming Inchie Window House Ornament - Style 2
Charming Inchie Window House Ornament - Style 3
Antique Rose Ladies Collage Sheet
Belle Roses Collage Sheet
Art Doll Head Collage Sheet
24 Butterfly Paper Cuts
Heavy White Gesso and Soft Gloss Gel
Prima Flowers
Lucky Emerald and Old Gold Art Alchemy Wax
Gold and Silver Micro Beads
Graphic45-Tropical Travelogue Papers
Graphic45-Ladies Diary Paper
UHU Glue Stick

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Texture-Layered Tag

This is a collaboration of many of my favorite products.

And I love how it turned out.

It starts with a plain manila tag, some Plaster Texture paste and a stencil. The Rust Pastes and Metallique paints are added for color and contrast. It's then glued to a larger piece of white chipboard.

The Baked Texture embossing powders from Seth Apter are the next step. You're gonna love how these babies add texture and dimension to your projects.

This is the center section of the tag showing the first layer of Plaster Paste and several layers of Rust Pastes and paints from Finnabair.

These are the paper clay wings made in a Prima silicone mold.

I used two colors to create these wings.

Now this was really fun! I added embossing ink to chipboard and paper clay pieces, then I sprinkled the gorgeous Baked Texture embossing powders
on them and heated.

VERY cool results with different heating times can be achieved.

The metal elements are Mechanicals from Finnabair and the vintage picture is
from Retro Cafe Art Gallery.

I had several clay pieces I made up from Iron Orchid Designs with different
paint combinations, and this beautiful red piece was perfect for the tag.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of products and will try out the different
ideas I touched on here.

Your Friend in ART,


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rediscovering Vintage Journals

Just a note to tell you how thrilled I was to have 2 of my new-found and uncompleted Art Journals published in the July/Aug issue of
Somerset Studio.

Years ago I made several journals of different sizes and shapes. Some I sold, and others were given as gifts. 

This one is a Barnes and Noble kraft-colored journal refill. It was only partly
decorated before I put it in a box with the other journal and placed them on a 
shelf.....years later I found them and decided to finish them.

Old and new elements are used to embellish the covers and backs. The Vintaj 
Brass pieces on the cover here and the Finnabair stars are always my favorite additions. The hand-dyed ribbon with luscious layers of colors from rich purple to brilliant orange is tied over the gold and black metallic trim. 

This small Zutter-made book also uses the linen-like papers with stamped images and a couple of Vinaj brass pieces. 

I've used white and black pen dots for a decade and added more to this one when I found the basic start. 

The trim and brass key was used to divide the two papers, and the black gems creates a little more contrast.

Sadly I didn't photograph this little book before I sent it off, so this is a picture
of the spread in the magazine.

All the products and instructions are in the magazine with many more pictures.

I hope you enjoy all the wonderful Artist's creations that were so brilliantly
displayed in this great publication. On newstands for you July 1st.

Your Friend in ART,