Thursday, July 2, 2020

Steampunk Bird for Ambassadors Post

Hi everyone! 
Well, its been a long time since I contibuted to the Finnabair Ambassadors blog, but it's finally getting somewhat settled here in the new house with my studio. I jumped in this month to join the crew.

The theme was Steampunk using a Recycled or Repurposed product.  I used the wonderful computer parts that a friend gave me after her husband tore apart several computers. You'll see them throughout the piece in the eye, headdress, tail feathers, chain attachment and other curly little things. I used jewelry tools to curl the wires. 

The ornament comes with 2 layers. The solid back one is painted with black gesso. The top laser-cut piece starts with white gesso and then gets highlights of Mint and Jade impasto paints, and Emerald Fluid Acrylic paint from Finnabair. 

(You can see some of the pieces from the computer stash in the background.)

3D Matte Gel is a great glue when using heavy ephemera. Gears, buttons, numbers, clips, hearts and stars are laid out and glued onto the base. Rust Effects Paste, Metallique paints, and Sparks, add color and highlights to the pieces.

 You can see the difference in the above picture and this one after the pastes and paints are added.

The eye and head feathers can be noted here as some of the computer parts. 

Layer after layer of texture and paint create this wonderful feeling of rust and corrosion. The feather above the clock is an older element I created from a Vintaj piece of brass with embossing powders. Kinda cool....and now it's found a home.

The Game Spinners are used for the wing feathers. 

This detail shot shows more buttons, charms, snaps and computer parts as well as lots of gears in metal and masonite. 

The star, of course, is a Finnabair mechanical. Can never have too many stars. 

I added a piece of fishing line to the top watchkey holes and this beauty is now hanging in my studio window. Perfect. 

Finnabair has listed Retro Cafe Art Gallery as one of her distributors in the US, and so I'll list links here for them as well as other links for supplies you can get elsewhere. 
Hope that works fairly for everyone.

Be Safe and Be Well.

Your Friend in ART,


Finnabair Products Used:
Heavy Gesso - White, Black
Sparks Paint - Ginger Magic, Night Shadow
Patina Effects Pastes - Red Rust, Brass, Green, Blue, and Brown Rust
Metalliques Paint - Flame
Fluid Acrylics - Emerald 
Mechanicals - Mini Knobs, Mini Flowers, Mini Stars
3D Matte Gel
Impasto Paints - Mint and Jade

Retro Cafe Art Gallery Products:
Steampunk Layered Bird Ornament
12mm Fancy Gear Charms Silver and Brass
Silver Gear Mix
Tim Holtz Mini Gears

Tim Holtz - Game Spinners, Ring Fasteners, Swivel Clasps, and Hitch Fasteners

Various computer parts and other ephemera from my stash

Monday, June 29, 2020

Studio Time Tag and Footrest

 Since we've moved into the new house, I haven't had much time to create anything in my studio. I've spent most of the time finding things and sorting out drawers of product and treasures. 

Finally I think the chests are arranged and the pictures are hung.

I decided to create just a simple, one dimension tag with paints, stamps and pens.

Nothing fancy or elaborate.....Ha! As if I could know when to stop.

Here's the tag with PaperArtsy Fresco Paints and Lynne Perrella stamps. The finishing touches are with a white paint pen and a fine line black permanent ink pen.

Just lay down some paint on a large tag and then start stamping. The images aren't perfect, but I don't care. It felt good to be playing. 

This kept me busy for the afternoon and off the internet. A good day. 

This project was also fun. I've used and old "in box" turned upside down as a footrest since I have short legs. It helps to keep my legs level under my desk. Best for long episodes of working without being smart enough to get up and move periodically. Guilty.

This plain box was painted black and then stenciled with icing paste from Finnabair. The color is Fire Ruby that has hints of gold when the light shines just right. Amazing colors. 

The stencil is Dandelions from Finnabair.

I added some metal tape that I'd embossed using a Tim Holtz folder with black paint in the recessed areas. Now it's a bit more decorative and it kept me off the streets for a bit during the process. 

Good times again.

Be well and find time to do something you love every day. That saying hangs on my wall in the studio and I should remember to do just that....every day.

Your Friend in ART,

Thursday, June 11, 2020

A Chunky Steampunk ATC

Hi everyone, and welcome back to my neglected blog as a long-lost Design Team Member! 

I decided to get some Chunky Dimensional ATC kits from Retro Cafe Art Gallery, and play around. Here I have used the one that's .75" thick.

(All links are highlighted throughout so you can see them as you go. Just click the link.)

I also used the Limited Edition of Large Steampunk Gears and Steampunk Gears II, to load up on the ATC base. You can also see the Vintage Pocket Watch Key on the very top. 

I used a small lightbulb, a vintage bead, and a Finnabair Mechanical - Antique Label

TIP: Rub a bit of black gesso into the phrase to get it to stand out more. 

There are Steampunk Gears, Sprocket Gears, and Mini Gears on the bottom of the legs and around the ATC. 

This is a piece of Ten Seconds Studio turquoise metal that I embossed ages ago. I added several layers of Metallique paints to it on the raised areas. Mermaid Teal, Hazelnut, Brass Hardware, and Flame. The sides have embossed metal that's been painted as well. 

 If you haven't lost interest yet, I'll lead you through a few more steps now.

This is how I like to lay out things before I glue them together or paint. Just trying to get a design concept in mind. It's all subject to change, of course.

Unlike how I generally work with the Retro Cafe Art Gallery kits, this time I glued it all together first and then painted it with heavy black gesso. I added various colors of Patina Effects pastes, some Mini Art Stones and regular Art Stones.

These are a few of the supplies and a shot of the project with more layers of paints applied. 
I started with these Rust Pastes and built up with paints. (Blue, Mint Green, Red Rust, Brown Rust, and Brass.) 

Layers, layers, layers.

Next I started to think about the back of the ATC. Originally I was going to hang it on the wall, but with this piece of embossed metal I found in a collection, I decided I'd finally found a place for it. So I added more layers of paint to the images. (Brass Hardware and Flame Metalliques)


What's a Steampunk project without metal??? Since I have lots of gears hanging around, I decided to use some of Seth Apter's amazing Baked Texture powders on a couple. These are the coolest embossing powders to play with...IMHO. (Chunky Rust, AncientAmber and Patina Oxide)

Just couldn't leave the piece alone, so I added some more vintage ephemera and metal gears to the layout. Still not all glued down yet. Always a "walk-away and look" process. I'm slow, but deliberate. 

It looked like it had a bit too much Flame Metallique paint, so out came the darker colors and some darker paint layers. 

Then I decided it needed to be taller. So I found one of my favorite keys ever, the vintage pocket watch key, and then I thought it needed legs. Sooooooo, open the drawer of wooden pieces and the Unfinished Wood Spools looked more like pipes than anything, and the choice was made. I wanted a bit more pizazz so I opted with the Lime Peel with the Brass Hardware and Hazelnut. They're finished off with stamped images using black archival ink. 

A couple of more gears on the bottom of the Spools, and they were done. 

The last step was gluing it all together and hoping it still stands upright!!! It worked out well and it does stand up. One last look at the little guy. Hope you're inspired to play and enjoyed the journey as much as I did. 

As always, let me know what you think, or if you have any questions. I love to hear from you.

Check out the supplies at Retro Cafe Art and get your Steampunk on!

Be Safe. Stay Well. Love to all.