Monday, September 12, 2022

Ornate Shrines on the Agenda Today

Hi everyone!!! It's been way too long, but here we are. 

I've been on a bit of a tear, so to speak, creating some of my favorite things using the Retro Cafe Art Gallery Ornate Shrine Kits. It's been fun piecing bits and bobs of left-over gems with paint, stamps and papers.

They're all pretty much the same, just different types of paints and paper lines, but different in their end results as far as the vintage photo images and color. I like to hang them just above a light switch. 

This one is the latest with Paper Artsy Fresco Paints as the base color. I love how the Smoked Paprika and Blood Orange really brighten up this piece. 

The child is possibly around 8years old, so I used that on a Finnabair Mechanical. 

This totally serious child has Metallique metallic paints on the large part that add more of a shine than the chalk paints. It's all a question of what you like best. 

The other elements are dusted with Metallique paints to add more color.

This actually was the first one I made in this group. He, yes it's a boy, was in one of my first classes I gave. The paints are both Fresco and Metallique here. 

I added Texture Paste to the base using a Finnabair stencil which also adds dimension and shine.

The "I" and Dream created the theme. All the shrines have paper on the inside walls land Fresco Paints on the outside. Fresco paints are tops in my opinion for stamping on images. The chalk paint really leaves a crisp image all the time. 

The German Dresden creates the frame on all of them. The first two have butterfly wings that are from Retro Cafe Art as well as the Dresden and several other pieces of ephemera. 

That's it for today. Check out all 3 of the Ornate Shrine kits at Retro Cafe Art Gallery  along with all their other wonderful supplies. 

Your Friend in ART, 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Steampunk Skeletons

Hello Everyone!

Just popped in to share a project using 2 of my favorite group's products, Retro Cafe Art Gallery and Finnabair, for a ghastly little frame. 

It was really fun to drag out the resin pieces I made up this summer. I used the Fancy Ornate Frame Kit from Retro Cafe Art and base coated it with white gesso. Then I painted the front of the back section with different red metallique paints and dusted with gold. I added some crackle stamping to the edges later.

Here I think instead of a white back for the inside of the frame, a color or black would've been better. Who knows. I always second guess myself after it's all done and photographed. It's what I do.

The center 4 pieces I painted with Ancient Coin metallique paint, stenciled with the Fire Ruby Icing Paste and Book of Numbers stencil, added some more crackle stamping, and glued it together. 

The front opening of the frame is more complicated. First I glued everything on except the 2 bird skulls. In hindsight it would have been easier to do the large skull after all the other layers.

  Everything is base coated with black gesso. The large skull has Metallic Flakes and paints. The Bird Skeletons are painted with various reds and golds. The large Bat Wings are dusted with Brass Hardware and Mermaid Teal. And the gears and background of the frame have layers and layers of Metallique paints, crackle paste, and Liquid Acrylics. 

I added black micro beads and 3 small black bats as filler and just because. It's finally done. At first I thought I'd hang it on the wall, but now I just like looking at it on my desk where I pay the bills. I think it seems appropriate there. 

This is a side view of the frame with the stenciling. You can also see more of the liquid acrylics and their bright colors.

It's not exactly how most people would've used this frame, but if you know me, I like to dabble in the unconventional. 

As always, I'm here if you have any thoughts or questions. Stay safe. Be well. Hugs to you all.


Products Used:
Finnabair - Heavy Body Gel
Finnabair - Soft Gloss Gel
Finnabair - Metallique Paints- Royal Red, Brass Hardware, Red Wine, Mermaid Teal, Ancient Coin
Finnabair - Liquid Acrylics - Umber, Tiger Orange, Violet, Carmine
Finnabair - Micro Beads/Black
Finnabair - Gilders Glue
Finnabair - Metallic Flakes - Copper, Gold
Finnabair - Stencil - Book of Numbers
Finnabair - Icing Paste - Fire Ruby

Monday, May 24, 2021

"Haunted Door" MEGA Shine Gift

Hello everyone! 

No I'm not rushing Halloween when it's not even Memorial Day, I just needed a 30th birthday gift for my oldest granddaughter I affectionatly call "the Ghoul." She has always loved bats and cats, and just anything along that line. So this Haunted Door MEGA shrine from Retro Cafe Art Gallery was right up her little ghoulish alley. It ends up about 9.5 inches tall. 

The spiders and shrine all come in the kit. I used Finnabair moulds and resin for the skulls. Then I embellished them with Metallic Flakes and Jewel Effect Pastes. The top spider is adorned with 2 Melanage Art Pebbles.

The door opens on the right and you can hide, store, capture, torture, whatever you want in it. I am fully confident that Britta will find something to place inside. 

I used the Checker stencil with Diamond Rings Jewel Paste. The web on the door is painted with the Blue Opals Jewel Paste. 

Using the Wings and Bones Mould and resin, I created these little lovelies. Then I covered them with Copper and Gold Metallic Flakes using Gliding Glue. 

The sides of the shrine were painted black and the stenciling is applied with a silicone brush. Here you see the Golden Dust and Crushed Amber using the Tapestry stencil, and the black skull before the flakes are applied. As always, the kit is put together with a bit of white glue. I used 3D Matte Gel for the embellishments. 

Most of the supplies can be found at Retro Cafe Art Gallery and Mixed Media Place

Check them out and have a jump on creating for your Halloween fun.


Products Used:
Finnabair - Heavy Black Gesso
Finnabair Jewel Effect Paste - Blue Opals, Crushed Amber, Diamond Rings, and Golden Dust
Finnabiar Mould - Wings and Bones
Finnabair Metallic Flakes - Copper and Gold
Finnabair - Gliding Glue
Finnabiar - 3D Matte Gel