Monday, April 5, 2021

The Sun is Shining-Steampunk Gears

Hi Everyone!!!!!

I've been the lucky recipient of several wonderful products lately and I'm thrilled to see how they work so well together to create great project. Being on the Retro Cafe Art Gallery DT brings all sorts of great masonite cuts, and since she works with both Mitform Castings and Finnabair, almost all these products can be found on her site here. Links are at the end, so check them out.

Having said that, I'll give you some tips on creating this project. This starts with a large gear of masonite from Retro Cafe Art Gallery as a substrate. I used black gesso to prime it, and then added a layer of Golden Dragon Effect Paste. This is what adds the sheen with bits of foil. Then I stenciled on the stars using the Blue Opal Jewel Texture Paste. Lastly, I stenciled the gorgeous Crushed Amber Texture Paste onto the center using the Oriental Wall stencil.

I loved using the Effect/Rust Pastes on the 2 sizes of Gears, Assembly, and Corner from Mitform. These are wonderful when it comes to detail. 

The Stars and Moon are made with resin in Finnabair moulds as well as the Wings and a gear. They are decorated with Metallic Flakes from Finnabair. It's a simple step of brushing on Gilding Glue, letting it dry, and then adding the metal foil. 

Rust Effect Pastes and some paint create the vintage layer to the Mitform pieces. My favorites are the Clock Hands.....just saying. The metallic flakes are so amazing on the resin pieces. They have a different shine when you turn them in the light. 

Métallique Paints add some contrast and shadows to the stars, wings, and large flower under the moon. I think it now looks to be a Sun. But that's just me. The green and purple spots are pieces of foil in the Golden Dragon paste.

So this just shows you how 3 different groups of products can work to create a fantastic outcome. I love it when the plan comes together. Check out the different links below at Retro Cafe Art Gallery for 

Stay Safe. Be Well.

Your Friend in ART,
Product Links:
Finnabair Products 
                            Patina Effect Paste Set/Rust Paste, Effect Paste-Golden Dragon, Effects Paste/Rust Paste
                            -Powder Blue and Purple
Art Alchemy  -   Metallique Paints-Stormy Ocean, Steampunk Copper, Gold Amber, Rustic Brown
Moulds    -          Nocturnal Elements, Cogs and Wings   
Stencils   -           Oriental Wall, Stars
Art Basics  -        3D Matte Gel, Heavy Black Gesso
Retro Cafe Art- Mixed Media Creative surface Board - Gear Style 2
                            Amazing Casting Resin Kit - Quick Cure

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Steampunk Journey Canvas

I've been honored to be asked to join the Mitform Castings Toolbox group. If you're not familiar with these great products, you're in for a real treat. They're gorgeous galvanized brass castings made in Poland and used all over the world by artists. We've partnered together with Retro Cafe Art Gallery to share some works using products found there. I'll link to that online store for your convenience, but know they are found many other places around the globe.

This is my 8x8 wooden canvas piece. I love working on wooden substrates as well as masonite. I used a lot of Finnabair products (all these wonderful art elements work so well together) to bring about a Steampunk creation. I hope you enjoy.

This shows the frame, hot air balloon, clock hand, and valve by Mitform.  I used lots of chipboard gears from RCAG decorated with Finnabair's rust pastes and paints. I also covered a couple of gears with the new metallic flakes for some shine. Finnabair's Metallique paints and rust pastes work perfectly on the 
Mitform pieces. 

Micro beads and glass glitter are added to fill in spaces.  The Lady Vagabond image is colored with Tombow markers for a bit more vibrance. 

This is the base before I added all the goodies. It starts with a layer of tissue paper. Next comes the white crackle texture paste and liquid acrylics. I needed to lighten up the center so I added some buff fresco paint and stamped images to break it up.

These are my steampunk chipboard gears with black gesso and some with my favorite colors of rust pastes and paints. They were really fun to create. 

This is a "laying it out"phase of my creative process. The hardest step for me to take is the initiative to start gluing down everything. I am not a spontaneous creator by any means. It takes me forever to make up my mind.....hence, I don't create a ton of things. But, I still like to stay in the game. 

This is a closeup shot of the amazing hot air balloon. The detail in these pieces is really amazing. You can paint them, or just leave them as is. I like to leave some parts unpainted just to show how great they are.

I hope you enjoyed my Journey here. I will be back with more projects from my favorite companies. Check out the links below and have some creative fun.

Be Well. Stay Safe. 

Your Friend in ART,


Products Used:
Finnabair Art Extravagance - Texture Paste White Crackle, Rust Pastes
Finnabair Art Ingredients - Gilding Glue, Metallic Flakes Steampunk
Finnabair Art Ingredients -  Micro Beads Black and Copper, Glass Glitter Copper
Finnabair Art Alchemy Metalliques-Rusty Red, Mermaid Teal, Flame
Finnabair Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics - Prussian Blue, Tiger Orange, Umber, Crimson
Finnabair Tissue Paper - Celestial Music
Finnabair Stencils - Vintage Wall Paper
Wood Canvas 8x8 from Blick's

Friday, February 26, 2021

Just Breathe - A Journal Cover

It's been a journey. And so there's a journal. I've teased you along the way with different parts of the Finnabair square journal - inside, back and front. Here's the finished project that has an enormous amount of product all over it. I'll list as many as I can that I remember. (I did take notes, but you'd be overwhelmed)
First let me just say the new Effect Pastes were used a lot here, as well as the Liquid Acrylics. Stencils and Mechanicals, plus lots of Rust Pastes, are the basis of the project. 

This is how the cover started. I used white crackle paste and the Grungy Grid Stencil from Finnabair. Then I added Mermaid and Golden Dragon Effect Pastes that creates the amazing shine and gold foil effects. 
Lastly I dripped, sprayed and painted Liquid Acrylics to add more pure, deep color. 

I still love the Finn's Resist Canvas from way back. So I tore it into strips and added paints. Pretty cool effect I think. I took several Mechanicals and painted them with Paints and Rust Effects. The Clock Key chipboard takes the effect pastes and liquid acrylics really well. 

Here the key is loaded with Rust Pastes and paint. The vintage image of the girl and the saying are both from the Art Daily paper pads. 

This is the inside cover pocket I decorated with different layers of tissue papers and paints. Golden Dragon Effect Paste and a stencil are the last layer.

This, if you remember, was the start of the journal. For some reason I like to do the back first. I take the journal apart so I can cover it all, but be very careful to keep the rings integrity in mind. (Spoken from experience) The center here also has the gorgeous Phoenix Effect Paste. It's even more impressive in person with the light hitting the flakes of metallic foil.

Lots and lots of products here can be found at my mentor's shops. Retro Cafe Art Gallery is a Finnabair distributor in the United States, and Mixed Media Place in Ireland is Finnabair's own shop. Here's a majority of the product links for you to check out. 

I hope you're well and staying safe. And I would love to have inspired you just a bit to play.
Your Friend in ART,

Mixed Media Place - Finnabair Products
Art Extravagance Effect Pastes - Golden Dragon, Mermaid, Phoenix
Art Daily - 5.5 x 5.5 Journal, Vintage Photo Booth, Sentiments
Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics - Tiger Orange, Prussian Blue, Carmine, Emerald, Crimson, Violet
Art Extravagance Patina Effect Paste, Rust Effect Paste, White Crackle Paste
Finnabair Moulds - Moons and Stars
Finnabiar Mechanicals - Vintage Snowflakes, Washers #2, Roman Numerals
Finnabiar Tissue Papers - Celestial Minis, Ladies World, Science Lover

Finnabair Effect Pastes - Golden Dragon, Mermaid, Phoenix
Finnabair Patina Effect Paste, Rust Effect Paste, Rust Pastes
Finnabair Tissue Papers - Celestial Minis, Ladies World, Science Lover
Finnabair Texture Paste - White Crackle
Finnabair Moulds - Stars and Moons
Finnabair Art Daily - 5x5 Journal, Vintage Photo Booth, Sentiments
Finnabair Mechanicals - Roman numeralsWashers #2, Vintage Snowflakes