Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Trying to "Be In the Moment"

The Finnabair Ambassadors post is up and the theme was "Lush layers with Art Alchemy, papers, lace and a touch of frost." Pretty cool idea, eh?  I loved the idea. So here is my story and some thoughts along the way. Links and tips of course, as well.

Bill and I moved to a new place very close to the Mississippi River where he was raised. We find a kind on peace driving along the riverfront near us in the evening to watch the beautiful sunsets and check out the boat-launch area. We've seen deer roaming along the bike paths, 
coyotes running across the railroad tracks, kids catching frogs, barges and watercraft of all sorts, on our journeys. 

This trip I decided to grab some dried blossoms and twigs for my project.

I started with a 5x7wrapped canvas using the back side with the hollow inset. I coated it with soft gloss gel and wrapped tissue paper all around the canvas area. Various scraps of torn papers were also added with the gel utilizing their bright colors. 

I sprayed the piece with a mixture of water and pale silver mica powder. When dry I added paper paste and the floral net stencil to sections. The next layer is with metallique paints and some stamped images.

In the center section I glued in layers of lace. When it was dry, I added more paints and a mixture of glass glitter and micro beads. 

The trim was glued in place with 3D matte and gloss gels as well as the antique label and cheesecloth. 

The casting is painted with white pearl metallique paint and accented with a wash of umber liquid acrylic paint. The paper flower is painted and adorned with more glass glitter and micro beads. 

I added Art Sugar, an extra fine glitter, to the buds of the wild flowers and some spray mica powders. 

The mechanical is also painted and it's all put together with the 3D matte gel. I was going to add several more mechanicals, but this time I went with "less is more" giving it a more simpler touch than I'm generally used to. 

I did have to add the silvery trim as the last layer just to add a bit more sparkle. 

That about does it. I hope you're inspired to get out your supplies and create something just for fun. 

Now, here's the great thing about being on Finnabair's Brand Ambassador's Team AND Retro Cafe Art Gallery's Team......YOU get to see links to both sites here! Finn loves RCAG, and RCAG loves Finn. So it's a win, win for everybody. Mixed Media Place is in Ireland, so if that works best for you, great. If Indiana, USA is closer to home....check out the links to Retro Cafe Art Gallery. I love them both. 

Links to Mixed Media Place - Finnabair's Site 

Finnabair Stencil-Floral Net -

Finnabair Tissue Paper- Musica 

Finnabair - Art Basics - Mixed Media Silicone Brush 1”

Finnabair Art Basics-Soft Gloss Ge

Finnabair Art Basics-3D Matte Gel 

Finnabair - Art Extravagance Paper Paste 

Finnabair Art Ingredients - Mica Powder Pale Silver 

Finnabair Art Ingredients - Glass Glitter- Pearl , Platinum

Finnabair Mechanicals - Antique Labels, Vintage Snowflakes

Finnabair Cling Stamps - Beautiful Story 

Finnabair Art Alchemy Paints- Liquid Acrylic Deep Turquoise , Tiger Orange, Umber 

Finnabair Art Alchemy Paints - White Pearl , Mermaid Teal, Amethyst

Finnabair Art Alchemy Paints-Sparks-Magical Pond 

Links to Retro Cafe Art Gallery-USA
Finnabair Tissue Paper-Musica
Finnabair Mould-Fairy Garden
Finnabair Soft Gloss Gel
Finnabair Soft Matte Gel
Finnabair Antique Labels
Finnabair Metallique Acrylic Paint-Mermaid TealWhite PearlAmethyst
Finnabair Liquid Acrylics-Tiger OrangeDeep TurquoiseUmber

Monday, October 19, 2020

My Witch Shall Have Wings

 Hi Friends in ART!

This has been a challenging time for us all. But we still need to roll up our sleeves and dig into our ART stashes to create projects that take us to a different plane. I finally got myself together, so to speak, and created a Halloween piece that was much needed therapy. 

I hope you have the time to play, create, and recharge your batteries by 
Creating ART.

This is a Medium Articulated Brush Doll that I changed the wings on to make her just a bit more diabolical looking. 

I used several different cut-outs from black chipboard and masonite. I painted the Spells and Engraved Pumpkins with different acrylic colors. The ferrule of the brush was painted with Amethyst metallique paint, and the German Dresden is glued on top with a heavy white glue. 

The really, really cool Witch Boot stickers were perfect for the bottom of the brush. Sadly they're no longer available that I am aware of. 

Here you see the painted handle of the brush. I used 2 colors of acrylic paint and added tiny German Dresden around the edge. The wonderful green glitter is used on the Steampunk Wings, and the spider has 2 colors of Sparks. I layered gold paint to one strip of the larger German Dresden. 

Use a White Pen to outline the Cat and Bats.

I used some heavy black paper to cut out the hat that had to fit over the rather large head of the Witch. She is actually a vintage graduation picture of a graduating class that is over 100 years old. (if I remember correctly) She needed to be "lightened up" a bit, in my opinion, so I added the black brad glasses. 

The 2 colors of black glitter are from Finnabair. I love her fine glitter. 

The Graphic45 Steampunk Spells paper was perfect for the bodice of the Witch. It's definitely one of my all-time favorite collections from G45. I always use Tombow pens to add shadows and more color.

A rhinestone and metal stud give the spider some dimension, and the black glaze dots around the body just add to the papers. Alcohol Inks can change the color of the brads. 

I gathered up some torn tulle and added a bit of a skirt to soften the look. The carved ivory skull brings you right back to the Halloween mood. 

Stamps were used to add the look of netted gloves and a checkered edge to the doll body.

So put it all together with a heavy white glue and you're done. Since there's a hole in the top of the paintbrush, you can easily hang this gal anywhere you want. I hang mine on the side of my shelf unit in my studio, or above a light switch would be a cool idea as well. 

I hope you're inspired just a little bit to create and play. I'm sorry I am posting this so late in the game, but there's always next year, right?!? Or just use your imagination and create a Christmas doll. 

Give it a go. It's always good to 


Products Used from RCAG:

Other Products:
Witch Boots Stickers
Black Tulle
Graphic45 Steampunk Spells Paper
Colored Rhinestones
Black Glaze Pen and White Pen
Purple Acrylic Paint
Various Background Stamps and Black Archival Ink
Green Alcohol Ink

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Steampunk Bird for Ambassadors Post

Hi everyone! 
Well, its been a long time since I contibuted to the Finnabair Ambassadors blog, but it's finally getting somewhat settled here in the new house with my studio. Somewhat....so I jumped in this month to join the crew.

The theme was Steampunk using a Recycled or Repurposed product.  I used the wonderful computer parts that a friend gave me after her husband tore apart several computers. You'll see them throughout the piece in the eye, headdress, tail feathers, chain attachment and other curly little things. I used jewelry tools to curl the wires. 

The ornament comes with 2 layers. The solid back one is painted with black gesso. The top laser-cut piece starts with white gesso and then gets highlights of Mint and Jade impasto paints, and Emerald Fluid Acrylic paint from Finnabair. 

(You can see some of the pieces from the computer stash in the background.)

3D Matte Gel is a great glue when using heavy ephemera. Gears, buttons, numbers, clips, hearts and stars are laid out and glued onto the base. Rust Effects Paste, Metallique paints, and Sparks, add color and highlights to the pieces.

 You can see the difference in the above picture and this one after the pastes and paints are added.

The eye and head feathers can be noted here as some of the computer parts. 

Layer after layer of texture and paint create this wonderful feeling of rust and corrosion. The feather above the clock is an older element I created from a Vintaj piece of brass with embossing powders. Kinda cool....and now it's found a home.

The Game Spinners are used for the wing feathers. 

This detail shot shows more buttons, charms, snaps and computer parts as well as lots of gears in metal and masonite. 

The star, of course, is a Finnabair mechanical. Can never have too many stars. 

I added a piece of fishing line to the top watchkey holes and this beauty is now hanging in my studio window. Perfect. 

Finnabair has listed Retro Cafe Art Gallery as one of her distributors in the US, and so I'll list links here for them as well as other links for supplies you can get elsewhere. 
Hope that works fairly for everyone.

Be Safe and Be Well.

Your Friend in ART,


Finnabair Products Used:
Heavy Gesso - White, Black
Sparks Paint - Ginger Magic, Night Shadow
Patina Effects Pastes - Red Rust, Brass, Green, Blue, and Brown Rust
Metalliques Paint - Flame
Fluid Acrylics - Emerald 
Mechanicals - Mini Knobs, Mini Flowers, Mini Stars
3D Matte Gel
Impasto Paints - Mint and Jade

Retro Cafe Art Gallery Products:
Steampunk Layered Bird Ornament
12mm Fancy Gear Charms Silver and Brass
Silver Gear Mix
Tim Holtz Mini Gears

Tim Holtz - Game Spinners, Ring Fasteners, Swivel Clasps, and Hitch Fasteners

Various computer parts and other ephemera from my stash