Monday, February 27, 2017

An Adorned Flourish Shrine

This was a really fun project from Retro Cafe Art Gallery.

UPDATE: leave a comment on what you like about this project and you'll be entered to win 
all 3 Adorned Flourish Shrine Kits!!!

After I designed my Shrine, Journey with a Lovely Lady, Kristen decided to put together 3 kits that use the same idea with different elements. This made making this type of shrine much easier. You can see them in the shop. 

I used the Adorned Flourish Shrine Kit - Style 2 as the main component with a 
Clock Face mould and paper clay from

I painted the entire kit with black gesso. Then I added several colors of 
Art Alchemy Paints to the flourish and base. 

The metal piece over the flourish is a brass Round Ornate Frame with paints and Viva Inka Gold Waxes

All of these kits come in a flat piece of laser-cut Masonite. This is a picture of a previous project kit that was laid out and painted. You can paint, stamp, paper, and do all your decorating before you glue them together. It really makes a huge difference in the detail you can give a piece.

This shows a close up of the base piece with the beginning layers of Steampunk Copper and Emerald Green Metallique paints.

I added some Art Stones with the Soft Matte Gel in the box, and a wooden 1 inch 
square block to hold up the Clock Face.

This shows what you can do to a piece of silver German Dresden Decoration by painting it first with Heavy Black Gesso and then adding paints or waxes. I used both. These pieces were added to the sides.

They fit perfectly on the side of the shrine.

Here is a detail shot of the brass frame with a small bottle cap in the center and a vintage button from my collection.

I used another piece of German Dresden Border Fleur around the box edge. The Clock Face is dusted with several Opal Magic paints over the black gesso. 

I glued it all together and and it's ready to hang on the wall with my other Shrines.

If you have any questions just leave me a comment.

I'll get back to you and try to help.

Your Friend in ART,


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Keyhole Slider Box

This was really a fun project using Finnabair's new Waxes and Stone Effect Paste. I only used one paint - believe it or not. And it was Heavy Black Gesso.

The rest of the color is all done with WAXES! Yup...waxes.

If you took a class with me a few years back that had a plain wooden slider pencil box as it's base, this is the same thing I started with.  Just an unfinished box.

I made several paper clay pieces using the amazing Iron Orchid Designs moulds. (here Moulding 1 is used)  I love Thicketworks great tip to glue them on when they're still wet. Then I used the Pumice Stone Effect Paste to fill in the edge on the sides and front edge. 

These new Stone Effect Pastes are really great to work with and dry with perfect rough edges that give a wonderful vintage quality to your project. 

This shows how the slider piece can be removed.  I added several of the Keyhole moulds to this and the back, and small wooden pieces for the legs.

 Here you see the Waxes on 2 of the Keyholes and the black gesso on pieces as they are before the wax. The background has several colors of the wax with the vibrant Mystic Turquoise-Antique Brilliance color stealing the show with it's amazing quality to shine when tilted to catch the light.

I used a few Pebbles to balance the design, but I wanted to keep it simple.

This detail shot gives you an idea of how wonderfully the waxes go on the Stone Effect Paste. Use a dry-brush technique to apply and you'll love it.

So that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. These products are now shipping from Prima. So have fun!

This is the link to my YouTube video. It's not great, but it does move and it has music! :)