Friday, July 30, 2010

KaiserCraft and Ten Seconds Studio Get Together!

As I promised Melissa and Richard, I made something using the huge bag of goodies they bestowed upon me. I have always loved KaiserCraft, and they outdid themselves this season with wonderful papers, stamps, rubons, tags, etc, etc.

So this is using the Fabulous LUSH Collection with the bottom paper from TIS THE SEASON specialty flocked paper, REINDEER. I think it brings out the brown colors in the metal piece well.

The metal is from Ten Seconds Studio and I used one of the new molds with the trims and dress form on it. It is too COOL for words. They all are. The buttons go right with the chipboard elements. And the stamps in the Lush collection are used to fill in where needed.

The metal was Alcohol Inked and sanded.

The layers are dried in between and added to form gorgeous colors blending together. Love this technique.

Moving on.....these are the 4 cards we made in the Hero Arts class. It was a blast! Shari and Jennifer were great fun. Sadly, my little bag I made with the other little gal (sorry I forget your name) didn't make the trip home very well...but it's a really cute idea. I loved all these things. Such great projects!!!!!

And Margie grabbed a package of papers and gave them to me!!!! You must check out The Girls Loft website. She has wonderful new papers as you see. Her booth was simply stunning....I did not get a picture, but I hope she uploads the dress form she had in there with Halloween colors on. It was gorgeous!!!!!!!

And what do you think of this new line from Teresa Collins????? I LOVE it, it's right up my alley with the red, brown, black and white!!!! These are from her make-in-take. I didn't get to do it, had a class to run to, but I did snag the papers to make something with later..........thanks so much to Stephanie!!! She is too sweet, and extremely talented to boot....a fabulous group of gals.

I got to make 2 stamps with Teresa's new stamp maker! It is amazing. You've got to see it to believe it. The possibilities are endless.........check it out.

That's it for today. Enjoy. And support your local Scrapbook stores. Try to imagine where you would be without's not a pretty picture.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Pictures from CHA

Let me just say that I cannot take a good picture at CHA. The lights are low and yellow my stuff out to where I don't like them. If I were smarter, I would know what to do to fix them, but that's in another lifetime. Ha!

That being said, I took shots of my Ranger things before mailing them off. So I like these pictures better, and you can see the techniques and colors better up close. So, here goes..........

These are 2 of the new smaller Manila Tags from Ranger. I used Tim's papers, of course, (duh!) and Distress Inks, plus his other great products from Idea-ology and Sizzix. So much fun!

This is using a new Glossy Paper ATC and more Tim stuff. The bird is blue, honest, using Denim Alcohol Ink to color. Try as I may, I could not get a good shot of him!!!!!

The large Manila tag. I love this guy with the Life saying. If you've had my class using it, this is a new twist on it with water drops in the ink for raindrops. And of course, some Tissue Tape and the new colors of Distress Inks.

And these are the new Petaloo Flowers!!!!!!! Aren't they just drop dead gorgeous????? I LOVE every one of them. You've got to get your shops to carry them, you'll love them, too.

I did not take these pictures, mine were really bad. So I snagged them from someone who takes much better pics than I do. I love the new look.

The new colors are fabulous.

Again, another shot from my house. I added another flower to this after I took this, but you get the idea. These soft and wonderful flowers are so amazing with Vintage papers.
More with the vintage look of Graphic 45. I love how they go so well together.
These are quite similar to what you will make in my upcoming classes. So much goodness from several places. Check out the sidebar.
And this is the card that goes with my Halloween layout from Marah Johnson's new line Wicked with Creative Imaginations!!!! These papers are unbelievably beautiful. There are soooooo many things you could do with them. I love the background paper here. Details like you cannot fathom. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!!! See the rest of the collection here.
I hope you've enjoyed the photos. It took forever to load them from the hotel. But if I have passed along a few ideas to those who couldn't make the trip, my work was worth it.
Have a great day, and Create ART!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More from Chicago CHA

Here is my favorite piece in the Ranger booth!!!! It's a stunning piece by Teresa Natividad from Ranger. WOW! The picture does not do it nearly the justice it deserves. It is done with the new Perfect Pearls sprays. She really ROCKED this! It needs to be framed and hung on the wall.

The Master in his Element! With "his people".

This is a pen that was handmade by my friend Deb's husband Gary. I love the color and design. It is flanked by the cupcake we split from Bo Bunny. She ate the bottom and I got the top with the frosting!

Two of the sweetest and most hardworking owners in the business. Kelli and Beth from Scrapaganza! Love them to pieces. This was taken at the Teresa Collins event. See you guys in October.

Some of the Petaloo flowers in the booth. I wish I'd gotten more shots, but the camera battery went dead.... you will be amazed at the new lines!!! They are sooooooooooooo beautiful. I promise to take pictures and upload when I get mine.

You could not believe the Graphic 45 booth. It's always like sensory overload in there. Just look and enjoy....that's all I need to say.

I love these vintage art labels...someone help me here....Alphonse Mucha maybe???
Some more fabulous pieces.....
And the new Halloween in Wonderland....drool, drool, drool!

Forgive my narratives on the pictures, some are on top and some underneath...I was working on this late last night. And I had to make them pretty small. The hotel Internet was soooooooooo slow. Everyone was having trouble getting stuff on their blogs. BUT I sized mine before I uploaded and they went pretty fast.

The hats had gears all over the front for Steam Punk...unbelievable.

Another shot.

This new line Steam Punk with the Turquoise was heavenly.

And this is one of the ATC's using the new Sticky Back canvases from Ranger. Run it through with a Texture Plate, ink, and your background it done.
These are photo transfers onto the Sticky Back canvas ATCs using the Matte Medium from Claudine. These are old photos and have great distressed look to them. The baby is my BIL's father and the man is my Great Grandfather with my Great Aunt.
Signing off from CHA.....have a good one!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Pics and Ranger Projects:UPDATE it's Mary Walker!!!!

Just a few more of the new Manila Tags from Ranger in the booth.

Here we are at the Advantus booth. I just got done doing the make-in-take. Really gorgeous. We used the new faceted Fragments. LOVE them with the Christmas papers. Mario caught me in deep concentration trying to put the beads on and posted the picture on Twitter.

This is one of Tim's stunning Configurations pieces. The man can really put together cool stuff. And that's my lamp next to it!!! Don't you love the bird???? Claudine used the same lamp for one of her projects....much different colors and design of course!

Birds were all over the place. This one was outstanding!!! The picture doesn't come close to showing you these beauties, the glitter and stamping .....and all the handcut feathers... just fabulous.

UPDATE: These gorgeous birds are by Mary Walker one of Nancy Wetherington's students she tells me. They are FABULOUS!!!!!!

More of the amazing birds in the booth from Grungepaper. OMG. All I know is they were done by a friend of Nancy's from For Keeps Sakes in St. Louis, Tim said, but they were out of this world!!!!!

Bird houses that were too stinkin' cute!!!!

More Curiosity boxes. And you can see just a bit of the new trims above them on the wall. We decided if you didn't want to decorate them, you could put them in a drawer as just a way to organize your collections, too. Me, I'd have to glob them all up with stuff!!!!

Here's a card in the Ranger booth. I used the new Manila ATC here covered with Tissue Tape. The rest is Tim's papers and die cuts layered up.

Another one of the new smaller Manila tags stamped and Distress Inked up and layered. Easy Peasy.

Tomorrow I'll show you the fabulous booth from the extremely talented Graphic 45. They were in costumes that were way too wonderful for words. Candy, yours really Rocked the place. How fun.

Off to la la land....another fun filled day on the horizon.


Tim Projects

Here are the projects for theAdvantus and Idea-ology booth that I made. I have some awesome pictures of the other projects in there on my camera, but have to eat lunch and get to a class.

This is a box that has Tim's papers, using the Texture Plates , inked and embossed. The numbers have UTEE on them! I love how they turned out.

You can figure out the rest I'm sure.

Alterations from Tim, bits of metal pieces, and I showed you a sneak of this earlier.

My personal favorite is the lamp. It's small but fit in the booth nicely next to a raven. I had this in mind for a long time and really had to conjure up for quite awhile before I "put it to glue." Lots of Idea-ology here.

OK, wait, this is my personal favorite! Really, it was so much fun to put together. LOVE the vintage pictures and the papers are fabulous. And I just love all the ephemera in the box.
So, if I'm able, I'll upload some more tonight. But no promises.
I did get some great shots and they'll be up sometime....that I DO promise.
Your Friend on the Scene in ART,

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some more Ranger Manila Tags

I realize these pics aren't the best. But you'll just have to use your imaginations. These are just some of the stash I scored last night from KaiserCraft!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

There's stickers, stamps, 6x6 papers to die for, rub-ons, and these adorable little Journaling Tags. Can you believe how cutely they're cut???? I LOVE them! Thank you Meslissa K!

Another bad picture, but YES, I have the new Ten Seconds Studio molds in my possession!!!! I AM a lucky girl. Thank you so much Megan and Cheryl!

And NOW, back by popular demand, are the tags from TIM'S class!!!! OMG, what a class.

I wish the picture was better, but pretty much whatever we had to use for these tags, we got!!! If I told you everything we came away from the class with, you would hate me. So drool and be happy for me.

These are some of the smaller Manila Tags by Ranger you can get now!!! Cool, huh? I LOVE this size!!!! Hopefully I will get a shot of them in the Ranger booth to show you, but if not, here they are before they left my house for CHA!
And remember these little flowers with the Enamel Accents on Memo Pins? Well, another late night epiphany hit me and I added the Sticky Back Canvas leaves with Distress Ink on them! Ha! A bit of Crackle Paint and Tissue Tape for some more layers. Too Much Fun!

Now this has layers of Ranger Inks and Claudine's Paints, and it's been run through the Cuttlebug with a Texture Plate. I love layers....and you can see many here. Lots of Tim Stuff here. I used Alcohol Inks as the top layer and sanded, then Distress Inked.
Off to another class soon, after I feed my face. More to follow...cross your fingers that this WiFi keeps on keeping never know what you're going to get.
Be well and Be good to each other.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ranger's New Tags!

Well, we're here. Saw tons of people today. Had so much fun with Deb. She's a hoot. Took my stuff over to Jeff and Cheryl with Petaloo. You will not meet sweeter people than these two. The new lines are AMAZING!!!!

Ran into Mario and Patti with boxes of stuff for the booths. Everyone is working like crazy to get the booths ready for the show.

Saw Cheryl and Megan tonight and the new molds from Ten Seconds Studios!!!! OMG,OMG, OMG!!!! You will LOVE them. Go check them out.

And one of my favorite people in the crafting world, Melissa Kennedy from KaiserCraft. I love her to pieces. And I will be showing you some really cool products from them....and some projects I will make as soon as I get home. PROMISE!

Have you seen the new Manila Craft Tags and ATC's from Ranger?????? You'll LOVE them as much as I do. There's just something about working on manila paper. It absorbs the ink so well.

This is a Manila ATC using clear Embossing Powder as a resist. Then adding the Distress inks as a sort of sunset. The Manila cardstock is wonderful to work on. Remove the EP with an iron and newsprint.

This is using the Manila ATC on top of a Manila tag that has the faux Batik technique used on it. I love this stamp. It's a classic.

So check out the Ranger Blog and you'll see the new and exciting additions to your "have to have" stash.

Your tags can look just like Tim's, and you can make smaller ones that are my personal favorites. They are so fun to put together. These are just a few that I did.

Create ART!