Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Halloween Orb....

That's Bill in the turquoise jacket. The cave where many people died is along the river in Southern Illinois.

I took 2 pictures of this cool balcony. In one...there's no orb. In the 2nd, there's an orb. This is in Savannah, GA on our Ghost Tour Walk. Many, many people have died in Savannah from slaves, to Indians, to soldiers and thousands from disease. The tour went through the square where the movie Forrest Gump was filmed.

This is the 2nd shot. A little something else showed up here.

And now after uploadin my recent pics onto my larger screen computer, I found an orb floating around in Minnesota. This picture was taken looking toward the fish house. No orbs showed up in any other of the tons of pictures I took.

My husband has been very sceptical. But, after I mentioned it, he asked me to show it to him. He thinks it's the ghost of a large Walleye!!! Ha!

I think it's of some old fisherman that just loved to come here and fish. They say they're seen around burial sites.
We had lots of them show up in the cave we were in down in Southern Illinois. (the first picture here. ) It's said to be a pirate cave where they lured riverboat men in with men dressed as women. Then they killed the men and stole their cargo. It was also used first by Indians and many died there in the harsh winter.

This is a much more peaceful maybe it IS the Orb of a Walleye. Who knows?????? You be the judge!



Helen said...

Well, whatever they are your pics are great! I wonder.....!!

Elaine A said...

And then again Linda, they could just be a speck of moisture/dust, etc. on the camera lens - LOL! I'm just saying . . .

Great photos!

Elaine Allen

Scrap Vamp said...

I think these are great photos! I like taking pics of tombstones and cemeteries and I get a lot of orbs in my photos, too. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

Candy C said...

I was in Savannah a year or so ago and got some orbs in pictures I took there as well. I totally think there is something more to it than the ghost of walleye! haha Your pictures are great. Don't you love the history of Savannah and all the little squares? The ghost tour we went on was a walking tour...a little lame but I did learn alot of history about the area. Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

Have to say I'm sceptical too, though like to think I am open to be convinced!
Nice pics with or without orbs!

jan said...

We are heading to Charleston and Savannah week after next. Any suggestions for first timers? Love the Walleye orb!!

Hels Sheridan said...

I believe in orbs... Grim says I am a mentaller cos he says it is light reflecting on the lens.. but nope, tooooo much like a coincidence... tis a ghosty for sure!!!


One tends to get lots of orbs when visiting dusty caves, etc - or if your camera bag is a bit dusty.

I enjoyed reading your post :D