Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just another day in Paradise

It's been a REALLY busy weekend. First the Morton HS Marching Band, under the direction of my son, Jeff Neavor, came home from Mt. Prospect with Grand Champion honors in their first appearance in a Chicagoland competition. Whoo Hoo!! I've never seen a more dedicated and talented group of wonderful young people and assistants, than these kids and adults. The Band Parents are 2nd to none!!!!! Congrats to EVERYONE!! So proud of you!

Then just as dad walked in the door at 1:51AM, Emma decided she wanted to take another ride in an ambulance from my house....long story short. Bronchial Croup. She's OK now as you can see, but she'd just had eye surgery under her eye Thurs. so we were unsure why she couldn't breath. A small necessity.

So I called her house, they were at mine in 2 minutes, on the phone to 911, who sent a policeman in 1 minute, and EMTs in 3. Mom's a nurse so she could assess the situation immediately. WHAT A GROUP of outstanding 1st responders!!! You could not ask for anything more. Really!

And then Em was bouncing off the walls for several hours on the steroids to help her breath better, and just fine. So after I got a few hours of sleep, I let mom and dad sleep, and we did "Awt Pwodjects". This is all her design to send a thank you card a day after World Card Making Day to the "911 people" who came to help her. I helped to color, she did all the designing.

These are all the cute stamps from Unity Stamps , Itty Bitty line, that I got in Minnesota. You've just got to smile when you see them. So stinkin' cute. These are the bookmarkers she made for her mom and sister. All Emma's design. She pretty much know exactly what she wants. A little bling, a flower her, a couple of punched out striped hearts there. Simple and direct. She is "very good at making pumpkins and butterflies" she told me, so of course, she added her work to the bookmarkers. (smile)
So, count your blessings, and kiss your kids. Thank your Nurses, Teachers, and Public Servants of all kinds. Send them a card of thanks, or make them a bookmark.
Be Well!



Sooooo glad that Emma is doing fine. Yep, breathing is very important. I couldn't go without it myself. She is such a cutie pie!!

Enjoy your awt projects and have a wonderful week!


SusanK said...

Kudos to your son & the band - well done! Glad Emma's better...awt pwojects with grandma is also another heart breaker. I have to have mine through you!

Anonymous said...

SUPER CONGRATS to Jeff and the band. Hi Miss Emma - glad you are doing better and what a very cute project you did.


Keely Yowler said...

That Emma is such a cutie! Love the Alice in Wonderland project posted on Scrapscene. Just fabulous!!!