Thursday, February 21, 2008

Class Ideas!

Ok, Wendy is running a great idea for comments on what everyone likes to see in a class teacher. Jump to her blog and put up a comment!! We will be down in St.Louis at For Keep Sakes the end of if we haven't already let you know! I am going to work on door prizes for the class today. What do you guys think of THAT idea?????

Looks like they closed the shop because of ICE today!!!! WHOA!!! Pictures to follow later today of some of the prizes....shall we have a drawing every once in awhile...or what? Add a comment with your thoughts!

Stay warm....and participate!

Just added the 1st in the door prizes..a mini house from "Collections." Love her houses and her stamps....let me know what you think here!!!

Here's house number 2 for the door prize!! It's a bit bigger. Can anyone figure out what the key is made of, and what it has on it to make it look really old? It really turned out pretty cool!
Becky was's Grungeboard and Distress Powder over paint. FUN, FUN, FUN to work with!!!! Tim is a genius!!

And here's House No. 3!!! This is a transparency in one of Julie's houses. It is of my brother-in-law when he was about 3...according to lore! Ha! That's all for today. Must go feed the hungry husband. May do another one later never know!!


becky said...

well, since i am taking BOTH your classes at FKS, you just call names until mine is called!!

Lynn said...

Boy, if I could get to St. Louis to take those classes, you know I would!!!

Have a good day. I'll bet it's freezing cold over your way.. it sure is up here, too!


Sue said...

Linda we are so excited about yours and Wendy's classes!! The phone rang off the hook after the classes were posted yesterday! I showed the girls in my class last night and they all were anxious to sign up! The door prize is amazing, I hope that I will be able to take at least one of your classes but I may have to work, at least I can watch!

Barb said...

Signed up for both of your classes and couldn't wait! It will be so fun.....FKS is the best.

becky said...

i love the one with the key (looks like grungeboard with some of the cool distress techniques to make it look old)

Anonymous said...

Oh Linda I love your houses!
Wish you well with your classes.
Barb C

kelsey said...

Julie would love what you've done with her little houses Linda! Wait until you see her new stuff that'll be out in a couple of short weeks....I've had a sneeky look and it's just FABULOUS!!!!

Wendy said...

YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! LOVE them all...Lucky gals!!

Gina2424 said...

I just love your houses and your blog banner, and your style in general!!