Friday, April 17, 2009

Simple Desk Clock

I bought this cool clock from Kaiser Craft the last time I was in St. Louis shopping with Cecile and Wendy. Found it in a drawer the other day......sound familiar?!?!?! Amazing the gifts you find to yourself when you go hunting through your many drawers in the studio.

Anyway....I wanted to use some of the Kimberly Poloson papers we're using in my class at Scrap St. Louis next week and so here they are.

These papers are so cool! They have beautiful designs on them that are so neat to put Distress Inks over since they're a vinyl of some sort, and don't take the ink. Kind of like stamping with embossing ink and then using clear powder on it.

I am easily amused!

So I used her stickers, and her shape punchouts to make this easy clock. Yes, that is a Studio 490 background polka dot stamp.....gotta have at least ONE stamp.

Now the thing drives me crazy with the sensitive!!!!

Create ART!


Anonymous said...

Linda, This is gorgeous! I need to make one! I love the colors and
I especially love to alter things. Thanks for sharing. Also, I'm on the Inspiration Blog team, Could
I put in a plug for you with this project? Let me know! Thanks, Julie

wendy vecchi said...

VERY nice...nice choice of stamps! ha
What's the size of this guy?'s hard to tell.