Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're Off to St. Louis

Time to get going to Scrap St.'s the a bit of the table I have to set up for display tonight. Please ignore the the piano is not coming.

Can't wait to meet all the lovely people coming in for this event.

Meet you in St. Louis!



Judy C said...

Your pieces are wonderful. I know you'll do well.

Stacey said...

Love your work! The St. Louis event sounds wonderful, one I'm sure I'd love to participate in. Have fun. ~Stacey

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hope you're having a fabulous time! It takes my breath away to see so much of your work altogether in one place. I'd probably need paramedics if I visited your display in person.

Eva said...

Oh my world!!!!!!! Gorgeous, everything you is just gorgeous. I would so love to see these in person. You really make me want to look for my metal I have somewhere laying around..hehehhe