Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Again!

Scrap St. Louis was a blast....and now it's over. The lead speaker Mary Engelbreit was about the only picture I took!!!!! Can you believe it????

I DO hope some of you send be some pictures that you took.....I know my eyes were still seeing dots from flashes last send me some and we'll post them.

Thanks to all my sponsors Ten Seconds Studios, Fiskars, Vintaj, and Paper Imagery Designs.

Carol was my TA and we were like Sistas...thanks from the bottom of my heart, girl!!

And the teachers!! What a wonderful group.

Margie is a HOOT!

Cheryl was the warmest person you will ever find.

Joey....what a sweet, sweet person.

Teresa....full of information and such a sharing person.

And you all know how I feel about Wendy.

Then the Demonstrators....OMG...Stephenie and, fun, people.
Stephenie is a virtual fountain of information! She should definitely write a book!!! Too much for words with those two.

I could not have had a better time....but the real stars of the event are the wonderful students. NEVER will you meet a better group of people than you do in St. Louis. UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE!

Thanks for a great weekend, and thanks for all the fun I had.

As I promised, here is a picture of the project front in case you need some more help putting it together. But I think most everyone got theirs done and out the door!

Your Friend in ART,



Eva said...

Sounds like a fabulous event and this tag is to die for...yummyy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your class this weekend Linda! Thank you for a beautiful project! - Jennifer

lotsa scrap said...

This event is something on my calendar for next year--if you will be returning.

Susie Lang said...

Okay, girlfriend . . . don't say I never leave you a comment! Loved your class as always and just getting to spend a little time with you and "the pixie" is always a pleasure. Wrap it all up with all the other fun of the event and all I can say is JACKPOT!!! Seeya next time.

theresa g said...

Oh how I wanted to go to Scrap St. Louis!!! I have a daughter graduating college in two weeks and this weekend was spent with my youngest going to prom. There was no way on earth I could go anywhere right hoo....enough of my pity party! What I wanted to say was that it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend...and your project is BEAUTIFUL!!! How awesome is that????? Love it! Thanks for sharing.