Saturday, October 31, 2009

What A Great Halloween Class!!!!

First of all, I took this little ghoul to a party the other night. I love her Vampira collar. Where were these cool costumes when we were kids??? Geez!!!

These pictures are all over the place....just enjoy!

Lots of Inky Fingers here!

What a talented group of gals!

Then secondly.......We had MORE fun!!!! And did we Create some great ART!!!

We had a full class....and then some.....ha! So we were hoppin'. Thanks to a great and wonderful staff at Prairie Art Stamps. Terri is blessed with a terrific crew.

Everyone stamped and cut and INKED big time! I think they had a good time and learned a bit in the process. The Grunge Wallets came out AMAZING!

Not everyone wanted their pictures taken, but we got a look at the work. And one picture, I cut off the work.....but got the gal! I'm an amateur Photographer. I'm sorry I missed a couple of gals before they left.

At the end of a class, I'm lucky if I remember to take pictures at all!

So I hope everyone had a good time....and I'll see you again in a couple of weeks for the Christmas Wall Hanging and reserve your spot!

It's only really 8:45 and I feel like it should be time for bed! (already set the clocks back)


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SusanK said...

It was a great class! Thanks for coming down to 'show us the way' with grungeboard and grungepaper. I loved meeting new people and seeing everyone's creative spirit blossom. To top it all off, both my football teams won and I saw an eagle on my way home! The day just ROCKED!!!