Monday, May 11, 2009

What I've Been Up To

I was sitting and watching the news, when I looked out the sunroom door and saw a really pretty shot at my favorite time of the day.

The sun is coming through the Sunset Maple leaves that are still a bit red. They turn green eventually when they are mature.

The sunrise stained glass in the stepping stone is from another previous art dabbling. The only sunrise I see very often. ha!

Should have taken the time to remove the protective cage around the asters. But I didn't notice it until I uploaded the shot. The rabbits will eat that plant to the ground if I remove it!!! They are drawn to it like a cat to catnip!!!

So, tomorrow if it's rainy, I'll work in the studio on something!

Be good to each other....House season closer tonight....sniff...sniff...


wendy vecchi said...

I like that face rock!

Sharon Margiotta said...

Beautiful garden! I haven't seen House yet, I was watching the finale of Mentalist and Castle ... sniff .. sniff