Friday, May 15, 2009

Watercolor Poatcard on a Rainy Day

I've always wanted to try the look of DJ Pettit and her wonderful portraits of women. Today I was browsing through the internet sites of lovely artists and decided to dig out the watercolors....I have MANY box sets and tubes in a drawer....and get something done!

Here is my piece....and yes it is THAT bright...really a bit brighter, but there is NO sun here today. Nothing but rain and more rain.

My mom used to always say the phrase"not enough hours in the day" when she just couldn't get to something that needed to be done. Or when I couldn't get what I wanted done.

So here is a break from my usual and I had a blast. Tombow pens are what really makes the bright colors. But the woman is in watercolors as is some of the background.

Prismacolor and Faber-Castell pens work great here for waterproof black ink.

Margarita's and Mexican food with friends tonight if the weather isn't TOO bad.

Be Well....


The Artistic Spirit said...

great poatcard!! love the colors.

ginny said...

This may be my favorite piece of your artwork yet!~


lotsa scrap said...

I keep coming back to this--the colors and design are so beautiful.

Yours Artfully said...

Hey Linda.....there is no end to your talents!!!!! This is just amazing, the colours are so vibrant, just the trick for cheering up a dreary day!!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Look at you, you tricky talented lady! Keeping your fabulous drawing and painting skills such a secret! What a delight to see this beautiful piece from you done in entirely different mediums than I expected to find today! It is gorrrrrgeous!

I love the pendant piece below too, and your garden photo. The only bad thing about visiting you is I find I want to go buy everything you use in your work. The good thing is I get so inspired!

Wonderful exciting posts my dear lady! Wow, you!


wendy vecchi said...

WOW!! Totally different style.
I LIKE it!
Bright colors? Just what we need in UGLY boring...Illinois...