Monday, January 25, 2010

More Pics from CHA!

A few shots of the Graphic 45, love, love it!!!

Sooooo much fun to go through the treasures here.

Beautiful stuff....

Ya gotta love this line.

My good friend Melissa Kennedy at KaiserCraft.

The findings and charms from Vintaj.

Amy and Tim walking the booth during the interview....what a trip!

It's been a really long day. Class with Lisa Pace at 7AM.....and I'm NOT, repeat NOT a morning person!!!! BUT, the class was wonderful...the very, very best from Lisa. And her new book was a FREE GIFT!!!! OUT STANDING. It is truly a beautiful, beautiful book packed with wonderful projects and tips. It's a MUST have for anyone who loves to create paper it now.

The rest of the day was spent walking the floor and watching Amy Coon's Live interviews with Lisa and Tim. She is remarkable. Such a talented young gal...check her out at the Paper Life.

Had lunch and chatted with Lin Brown from L.B Crafts in the UK...and she gave me the most wonderful gift....I WILL photograph it and post it later on in the week. She is a gem and soooooo super talented. Thank you, thank you, Lin for my fab gift!

Met up with Lori Bunda from Calgary and the owner of Scrap Yard and Ranger U BFF Sondra from Eureka, Calif. a couple of times. They are both a hoot. That crazy Canadian is a tough act to follow. TOO FUNNY!!!!

So, we're off to bed, and another early class tomorrow.


Susan said...

Oh my gosh, Linda, your pics are fabulous and everything looks so wonderful. YOur piece for the Ranger display is gorgeous! I love it! Thanks for sharing your days from CHA - wish I could be there!

Elaine A said...

Linda -

Thank you for all the updates and the photos. I'm really enjoying them.

Elaine Allen

2amscrapper said...

Thanks for sharing. It's ALMOST as good as being there.

Amy Coon said...

I loved getting to know you better and thank you for all the encouragement I felt like I had a second mom out there! If I ever get a fan club LOL! you will for sure be president! Make plans we are doing it again in CHI town!!!