Thursday, January 21, 2010

One More Sleep...then CHA!

First of all, I made a case to carry my jewelry when I travel a few years ago. It was actually a brushed metal case that a wallet came in for my husband.

I made it very early on in my days of Metal, and it needed to be updated. So, after looking to pack it, and thinking...YUCK! I ripped it apart and started over.

This is the PLUM metal from Ten Seconds Studio. LOVE the way it comes out after you use the steel brush tool on it. 15 Minutes, I'm not kidding, that's all this took. And YES, when I get back we'll be doing a smaller one with embellies for a class.

SECOND....go check out Tim's blog, like you haven't already!!! PAPERS!!! OMG, PAPERS!!! And I LOVE them ALL!!!!!!

TOO I always say....BRILLIANT!!!!! The man is Brilliant!!!

Tomorrow...Up, Up, and Away! (hopefully) Will do my best to upload a few pictures! to you when I get back.

Create ART!


Scrapthat said...

Oh how fabulous! I love your little case! Have fun at CHA!

Wanda H said...

It's beautiful, Linda!!!! I've finally been working on a metal project... yay... it's almost done then I just need to get pics, etc.. not tonight though. Have a fabulous time at CHA!!! I'll be looking forward to your report!!!

2amscrapper said...

Love it! Have fun at CHA!

Lori said...

Love the metal case..was that a mold? or CB folder? Have fun, be safe.

Hels said...

Have a brill time at CHA...wish I was joining you there :O)) Loving the jewellry case and...yep, that Tim fella has gone and done it again...more stash needed and I am so loving the papers, the Idea-ology, the Distress Inks, the Sizzix...ah, the list is endless...can't wait to see what you have in store for us when you get intrigued about the embellies!! Hugs x