Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deb Wants Garden Pics......

Sorry everyone, but Deb asked for more garden pics. So since I took several today, I thought I'd bore you and get it over with! If you want to REALLY see them, click on and I didn't downsize them.

This Blue Columbine never's my all-time Favorite!

Corydalis loves the shade along the garage. This one won't enlarge for you...I tried Wanda, but I must have messed up somewhere.....

The Geraniums are wonderful this spring with the cool nights and a bit of rain.

My mom brought this Lily of the Valley here and planted it over 20 years ago. When the wind blows the yard is full of their wonderful scent.

And the Poppies are really much prettier than the picture, much more of a red orange.

I have several Clematis blooming right now, but this one is the showiest.

This pink Columbine is from the neighbor who is Queen of Day Lilies.

The birdhouse has wrens in it. They are the loudest little bird for body size I've ever known!!!! Mom gave me this Vintage Columbine many years ago before they got them to grow in clumps. It goes all over!

And the Red Geranium is so deep red it looks like a miniature rose.

That's it for today. Thunder is rolling, so maybe some rain for the flowers.

Got some more wonderful Papers from Tim...LOVE them all, but the Lost and Found are my TOTAL FAVORITES!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow.....hopefully in the Studio.


Lori said...

Beautiful flowers, columbine is one of my faves, too.

Lynn Stevens said...

What gorgeous flowers!! Yummy

Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck!

Deb Smith said...

THANK YOU FRIEND!! Since I have no flowers I really loved seeing them, particularly the Lilies of the Valley. My grandmother's favorite. She wore Jessica McClintock perfume as it had that scent. She always had a big batch of them on the east side of her house. The colors are spectacular. I'll be lucky to get a few annuals planted this weekend if it warms up any.