Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day-UPDATE on Zendangle Info

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. The kids are at a Soccer Tournament, so we will celebrate later tonight.

Erin had a shutout and didn't even know what it was..........aahhhh, bliss. No pressure, just fun!

I bought this Zentangle book the other day. Really had no idea how to do it, but loved the look. It seems I've been doing this for years and didn't know it....BLISS....again. You can also find great help on this site for Zentangle fun. ** (new info to post)**

Some of these patterns I drew at "the board" when I worked nights as a long distance helped you stay awake. It also got you into trouble. I can still remember Helga, the night supr. putting her hand and a piece of paper out in front of me, not saying a word.....that meant "give up the gum."

Fun days....I think they made me a clerk to get rid of me!

Oh, and yes, the 4th generation of AT&T will be in training in May. And she can still go to school. My mom started during WWII at the "B Boards." (If anybody knows what that was, I'll be extremely shocked!)

Take care, stay's freezing here....and count your blessings!


2amscrapper said...

Happy Mother's Day, Linda!

Helen said...

Hope you have a great Mother's Day (we had our uk one in March)
Please tell us the name of the Zentangle book - I love it but would be keen to have some help from a book!

Elaine A said...

Happy Mother's Day Linda! Love your Zentangle, addicting, isn't it - LOL! I think so!

Elaine Allen

Sharon Margiotta said...

Gotta love Zentangle! Talk about getting totally emersed into something to pass time! B Boards ... hmmmm, think I know what they are, but they were a little before my time!