Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Weekend Coming Up

We're so tired of rain here, I just can't tell you. I also must have destroyed at least a hundred trees yesterday. Yes, it's true. The whirligigs that fell this year into my newly laid Black Forest Mulch loved it.

The little 3 inch trees were everywhere!!!!

Where are your short grandkids when you need them?????

Em graduated from Pre-School Thursday. They had the ceremony and singing program where they all wore the Tshirts they decorated. Works of ART! They used rubbing alcohol and permanent markers. They each created their own! I was very IMPRESSED! LOVED them!

Then I went to Pumpkin Glass looking for more Brass from Vintaj to emboss and found this cute watch fob kit. It wasn't exactly the colors I would have chosen, but bright and cheerful.

So it gave me the opportunity to work on my wire wrapping. The headpins, charms, jump rings and such were all different colors, too, so it's really different.

And the watch is upside down, yes, so when you clip it to your jean loop and draw it up in your palm, it's right-side-up for you to read. Ha!

Maybe in the 90's this weekend...from cold and rainy to hot and steamy in a day! Soccer Tournament for Erin. Ahhh, I remember the 105 degree heat on the field when Jeff played in Alton...UGLY~

Be Well.


Lori said...

Fabby little watch, yep, looks like you had a LOT of practice wire wrapping here. Must check out Pumpkin Glass.....

Philippine call center said...

Congratulations to Em! It is amazing how creative they can be at a very young age. It's impressive.