Sunday, June 21, 2009

TransAtlantic Book Class

We really worked hard yesterday....but everyone was happy when they left. And all the books got bound. Not everyone got in the picture, but they are scattered throughout.

My "Bloomies" came...Shiela and Cheryl, girls from Bloomington. Always a hoot to have them in class. I'm sorry my picture of the other side of the room was very blurry. But they worked hard too. Jane did a wonderful job!
Must keep the scissors cutting, and still beon the air at all times....they can find us anywhere! This gal is coming to Bloomington, too, next Saturday.

Andra, like myself, likes to finish projects at home...we socialized and chatted. Her beautiful daughter chose the number for the Door Prize winner.

Margaret working very hard. Deep, deep concentration. Will see her and Andra next weekend in Bloomington at the Metal Jewelry class!

Two lovely sisters, one local, and the other from Downer's Grove! They both did a beautiful job of making this book their own work of ART. My thanks to everyone.
Some new friends, some old ones, and a good time. I slept very well last night!
See you next weekend in Bloomington!
P.S. Remember to sign up for this class in Davenport, Iowa at Scrapaganza in August! We'll do it again!


Jen Crossley said...

WOW you are a busy bee I feel so slack

wendy vecchi said...

and a good time was had by all...