Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 2!!!

Today we learned to use Claudine's products. LOVE THEM!!!!! What a great time we had with the techniques and then we got to put together a really cool little lidded box to store our tags in.

FUN! FUN! FUN! What wonderfully different things came from our imaginations!

Then, the Master had us for the evening.....DISTRESS!! Right up my alley and into my heart.
Tags and more techniques to add to the ever growing ring.

Sorry, no way to upload pics, but Suze has loaded some and I'll bet Donna Downey has, too.

Heidi Swapp probably has some go looking and find some more tomorrow.

Your Friend in ART!!!!



kathy said...

linda..........saw your cute little face on tim's blog......hope you're having a great time at U!!!

your crazy friend in st. louis,
kathy & jose'

Tumble Fish Studio said...

One of these days we'll be reading from someone else how they loved your classes at Ranger U! So glad you are there and enjoying it and everyone at home is on the mend.

I am still at my dad's - get to go home later this week for a couple of weeks and then I'm back here again for a couple of weeks - then I'm done and get to stay home and work, work, work!

Can't wait to see pix when you get back and have recovered from your head spinning with inspiration, knowledge, new skills, and ideas!


Lisa V said...

You look so intense in the photo on Tim's blog! LOL But looks like you're having a blast. Bet you're POOPED!! Can't wait to hear about it all when we come back to IL in July/August!!

Linda Cain said...

INTENSE???? You have no idea!!!!
Got my certificate and I'm toast!

Great time...WONDERFUL new friends in ART and I'll miss them dearly!

Tune in tomorrow for pics!