Friday, July 8, 2011

A Short Post and Fun Photos

Dear Husband and I decided to take a road trip yesterday to the Quad Cities to visit family and, of course, Shop and EAT!

It's what you HAVE to do, right?  Ya Gotta Eat is a local TV segment here and it's a cute saying.

So we picked up my daughter Michelle to go to The Iowa Machine Shed for tenderloins, sweet potato fries, and an apple dumpling with cinnamon ice cream. YUM!

Michelle gave me the COOLEST gift. She had gotten a ton of beads at Pumpkin Glass that were all different colors....I, didn't know what she had in mind, but she definitely had a plan.

Here's what I got yesterday.....all the little tiny beads are wire wrapped on the silver bracelet...LOVE IT!

Really a fun piece and all the detail it so great. Thanks Mick..."ya know I love ya more than my luggage."  Olympia Dukakis from Steel Magnolias

So, then it was off to visit the girls at Scrapaganza...Kelli and Beth. Their crop is SOLD OUT for this weekend!!! YAY!  Some great deals at the JoAnn's Super Store in Davenport, and up the river to LeClaire.

If you've never been to LeClaire, it's worth the trip. New shops opening all the time and the whole area has been renovated. Vintage Antiques, best Carmel Corn anywhere, Artsy gifts, and my new favorite shop Primitives on the main drag.

Then, of course, you always have to stop by Antique Archaeology home of The American Pickers. Mike and Frank were apparently on the road, or just not open that day, but there are always people taking pictures outside.

On the way home we ran into some dark clouds and a bit of rain..but it cleared off pretty fast and this is what was glowing over the farms and corn fields.

You should have seen my hair after leaning out the window at 65 mph and taking at least 15 pictures!
Not a pretty sight, would have shared but the battery died on the camera. Lucky you.

I'm really getting excited about CHA! Yes, hearing from all kinds of friends I hope to meet up with there. Found out today that I get to be in 2 classes with, and finally meet, the amazing Lynne Forsythe!!!! WHOO! HOO! Can not wait Lynne! We'll be bad together.

So, I wrote this about 3 hours ago, but had some family visitors. What a hoot. My family is sooooo talented. And their sick humor never ceases to amaze even me.

Love you guys!



   Mom & NANA


misteejay said...

What a super gift - the beading looks lovely on both the bracelet and the earrings.

Have a great weekend.

Toni xx

Netty said...

Such fabulous jewellery and a terrific gift. Great picture of the rainbow, your hair must have looked Annette x

Susan said...

What a beautiful bracelet from your daughter - lucky you! Sounds like you had a fun road trip.

Debby said...

Love that bracelet! It is really a beauty. Sounds like a lot of fun on that road trip.