Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Rest of the Story.....the back

Here is the back of the book....actually like it better than the front now!

The thing here is that I've used the wire brush and sander on the large blue spots. It was too bright for me. SOOOOO...out comes the wire brush.

It tones down the color and makes it look more vintage. And then, I did it to the front, so it looks entirely different now!

It's a woman's prerogative, right?????

I'll upload this later, going to a Vintage Car show uptown if it doesn't rain.

It's like October here! I'll wear my Tim/Mario hoodie to keep warm! Tim designs it, and Mario ships it out. What a team!!!

Kids came to town and we went and saw Harry Potter. Not very true to the book in spots. Liked the Quidditch match and Luna. Ron was good. Always enjoy Snape. I guess I enjoy more magical parts like the 1st ones.


KimSim said...

I want a Tim Holtz hoodie! Where can I get one?? And I love the back of the book too.

Gretz said...

Oh I am so in awe of your meatal work Linda. Whe r u coming to Australia to do a class?? ;-)

Anne said...

Linda: Just found your blog via Cheryl's TSS blog. WOW! Very, very nice. Love your work and choices of products :->.

wendy vecchi said...

You really have this metal art figured out!
AWESOME work...your projects are outstanding!!
See you nice warm Fla!

Kathy Eddy said...

Such great art as always but now tell me where I can get a hoodie! I soooo want one! Kathy Eddy

Anonymous said...

Great Work!!
Thanks for sharing..

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