Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hoodie Scoop! UPDATE

UPDATE: now this is too funny. I've had well over twice as many hits before 4PM today as I do all day long! Mario and his hoodie must be one "hot item" here!

Better get 'em while they're hot...the hoodies!

Remember this shot I took of Mario at Ranger U with the cool hoodie?

Well, I've had several of you bloggers ask, beg, and almost demand to know where they can get one! HA! Hey, we NEED these things, right?!?!?!
So here's the scoop. If you want one, they are available. They are men's sizes and I got a large. Perfect, warm, roomy, and I've worn it the last 2 days here in the Midwest July, low temperature, record breaking weather.
It's actually kind of a khaki color and VERY nice quality with raglan sleeves and heavy duty cuffs. YOU WILL LOVE IT!
So if you want one, email Mario at and he'll set you up. Tim creates and Mario ships! What a team!
Get them while they're hot....or cool....and believe me they are VERY COOL!
So for those of you who asked....get typing. The rest of you start thinking about fall and a nice gift for yourself!
Be Well!


wendy vecchi said...

I agree!!
It's just too bad we need it in JULY!

Anonymous said...

Ordered one and its on the way, I got a XL because I like them roomy, wear a 14/16 so it should fit. thank you so much and mario was wonderful and right on the ball. Love you blog, just put it on my favorite list. Also love the gals at 10 second studio. Peggy