Friday, July 17, 2009

An Epiphany!

You know how you get those great thoughts late at night just when you're trying to fall asleep? An Epiphany?
Well here was mine from last night. This is my worktable...see the BrrBlue metal in the background? For another day.
But I love the Tim Holtz Bookplates....have a box full of them...needed a place to put one...the back of my wallet needed something to jazz it here I am!!!
Literally, that's one of my favorite pictures of me on the front porch steps holding mom's hand. I'm a spy you see. In my undercover duds. No legs. Just shoes and a trench coat.
Have a great weekend. Be safe.
~Create ART!~


Nicholas said...
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Wanda H said...

That's an adorable picture of you and looks fabulous on the wallet!!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh my goodness! I WISH I had such great epiphanies at any time of day or night! I struggle through every effort in every piece, dragging something, some scrap of creative thought process, out of my head with great resistance! You lucky girl. Come over and rub off on me because this is brilliant and beautiful!

I've been away (again) and had a crazy first week back so I am way, way, way behind on my blog commenting. I've been peeking here and there, a bit under the radar, but tonight wanted to let you know I have not disappeared forever. I'm off to peek some more. Have a great weekend!