Friday, February 20, 2009

Heritage Page

I began this whole adventure about 8 years ago when my DIL invited me to a scrapbook party. I had a blast!!! New tools to buy, new ideas for paper...I LOVE paper.

Then a few weeks later, my dear junior high school buddy introduced me to stamps, and ink, and MORE papers. A monster was created!!!!!

BUT, I never found papers I really liked for my old vintage photos I had of life on the farm in the middle of Nebraska. I have some really wonderful photos I received a couple of years ago from my mom, so I decided with my new love of Graphic 45 papers.....get it on! I used Perfect Pearls and Distress re-inkers on the background paper for Family.

This is a combination of all kinds of "had to have" vintage things. Grandma was a one room school teacher and grandpa a Homestead land farmer. Hard times. She saw her piano go out the door during the Depression. But when she got the 2nd one with her money from teaching, she would sit and play and sing. I started piano at 5. Grandpa could play several instruments, although I never heard him. They would both be proud of teacher/band director son.

So here they are. Perhaps I'll follow with some more of children on the farm. She had my mom, the twins, and my youngest uncle within 3 yrs. The story is there was a set of triplets and 2 sets of twins. Only one set of twins survived. They put them in shoe boxes as beds since they were so tiny. And no pampers....whew!

Have a creative day!


lotsa scrap said...

Love the layout, Linda. We need to get together so that you can show me what to do with Perfect Pearls and distress reinkers ON PAPER.

ginny said...

Lovely composition, Linda. I love the Graphic 45 papers also and just ordered them for the shop.
My grandmother had 15 children with the last three a set of triplets. Only 7 of the 15 survived childhood. Twins abound in our family. Enjoyed reading your blog today, as always.

wendy vecchi said...

It's perfect for vintage photos...and lots of other STUFF.

Sanja said...

beautiful layot!:-)

Dawn said...

Fabulous family piece Linda, I love to hear about people's family history and this has come together beautifully