Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Good Day in the Neighborhood! UPDATE

After watching Tim and Ten Seconds Studio's video, I HAD to get the alcohol inks and metal together. .

So....the one on the left is using the felt pads to add color, the one on the right is using the pen with alcohol ink in it to PAINT the color on. This is what you can do at 11PM at night!!!!

I kind of dab it and put it on, then take it off. The trick is not to use too much as it removes the color already there. And it WILL remove the color of the metal, too. Way Cool! I like the mottled look of "old tin tile" that I think it created.

Then, bright and early this AM, the delivery man struck again!!! Oh, happy day!

Megan and Cheryl sent the metal and tape for Scrap St. Louis!!! AND a whole bunch of KabuKAs to play with there! How cool is that???? (Who says that in demos, can anyone guess?) Do I feel a prize pin in the offering for who is correct. hummmmmmmm........

So, if you want to use these new terrific Molds from TSS...register to come to St. Louis in April. I'll bring them to Bloomington on Sunday, too!

Have a great day...I know what I'm going to be doing!

UPDATE: And this was it! The Cabin Red is much brighter in person. (See the shot above.) See the green alcohol ink on the leaves?

And I added the bottle green to the butterfly. Wendy said to try it, I decided to sleep on it. Sometimes midnight is not a great time to add to a project. Too many times it goes in the trash, but here, I think it worked!

Create ART!


wendy vecchi said...

I KNEW you would try it...
you just needed a little...PUSH!
COOL stuff.

Sharon said...

Tim Holtz says that all the time during demos! and class!

Sharon said...

PS ....beautiful samples, BTW!

Debbi said...

Tim Holtz says that, but I believe I've heard Cheryl and/or Megan from TSS say it too. Their Tuesday Taco videos are hilarious. They seem to be quite entertaining. I would love to try to do something with their metals. Have a great weekend. Love your work.

Linda Cain said...

You were right first! Tim says it with such a great gusto. You have to believe him!
Send me your address and the pin is yours.

Kim Logan said...

Linda, these are wonderful, I think I might 'need' these inks and metal too..!!!!
Hope you are well..!!