Friday, September 12, 2008

Guest Artist - Linda Brown

It's all about Friends in ART! And here is a new friend I met at CHA after corresponding for a bit. IS SHE TALENTED OR WHAT!!!!!!! This unbelievably beautiful gift arrived at my home from Linda Brown of LB Crafts in England. She is a lover of Ten Seconds Studio metal and tools as am I.

This is how she described the process of the creation to me:

"For the little bit of copper embedded in the UTEE, it has black paint dabber on it. Then the rest is painted with those paints and wax from Terra Bella. Basically, I use their white peasant acrylic paint as a carrier, then add a drop of their pure pigments to custom mix my own colours. When it’s dry add some wax and.....hey presto!"
Her skillful talent is shown here in the wonderful detail. Remember what I told you girls in St. Louis....."it just takes a bit of practice!" And this shows in Linda's work.
STUNNING!!!! Don't you think???
Thanks so much for the gift and the permission to post it.


Nicks said...

I have had the pleasure of being taught by linda, she sure is very talented and a lovely lady

Anonymous said...

You lucky gal. This is an awesome piece. How special to travel across the ocean. Sorry about your dear granddaughter. What a scare.