Monday, September 8, 2008

The Gals of St. Louis at For Keeps Sake!!!!!

We live to tell about it!!!! HA!

Forty-seven students in 2 classes. And to me, they were all worth their weight in gold! I loved them all, but my new personal hero...or heroine... is Delores. She has more tenacity in her hands and heart than I can only EVER hope to have. She made me really see things in a whole new light, and for that I will always think of her when I feel I can't do something. I gave her the "smarter than the teacher award" after she kindly brought to my attention that I wanted her to do something backwards. Yeah, I was trying to help her!

But they all take care of each other, and help one another, so that everyone can have a great time. AND WE DID!!!! We gave away all kinds of door prizes and 2 grand prizes were drawn from the many who signed up for ALL 4 CLASSES!

These are a couple pictures of Wendy teaching. She took pics of completed Sunday at 5 we were so wiped out, I didn't get pictures of the books from my class. But most proudly wore their necklaces from the Saturday class and they were ALL fabulous!!! They outdid themselves with creativity, and that's what it's all about. Thinking "out of the limits" of the instructions, and just going your own way.

They were the Best!

Thanks so much,


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missy j said...

What a sweet post. I have to agree, these gals are the BEST! I LOVED your words about Delores...she truly is inspirational and she'll DEFINITELY keep you in line :)
Sorry I missed it.
Catch you girls next time!