Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Day in Door County

These are the goats that are on the roof of the restaurant almost daily. I always wonder how they get down at night. Still don't know.

This is one of the many carved Trolls found around Sister's Bay.

This is the famous Wilson's in Ephraim. It's a hoppin' spot for burgers and ice cream.

Don't you love these flowers on this jacket? It was in the shop at Johnson's that has many handmade things from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The light is supposed to be different and extremely wonderful for artists up here. I don't know about that but the flowers love the environment. They're all over and gorgeous.

Off to see another sunset and have dinner.


Helen said...

Looks like a really beautiful place! Goats can get down from anywhere, they'll just stroll down like you or I crossing the street, lol!

SusanK said...

Looks & sounds like you're having a fab time! Great way to recharge the batteries of life!

Lori said...

As for the goats, maybe they're a special breed that sprout wings and fly, who knows? Looks awesome, that ice cream would be right up my alley!!!

Glen said...

Love the photos Linda. LOL at the goats on the roof. I thought you were in London at first until I read on! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~